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Energy & Focus

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Joint & Muscle

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Cerious Muscle Relief Balm

15% off CERIOUS


For the month of June, the CERIOUS skin and body range is 15% off!

CERIOUS is active plant based therapy. Recover faster with the Muscle Relief Balm, or ease skin redness and irritation with the Soothing Skin Balm. These products offer slow release botanicals technology for multi-hour relief, fine powder finish, and pack multiple powerful plant extracts.


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GreenBox – The Place to Buy High-Quality Plant Based Supplements Online

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If you are looking for a reputable supplier of plant-based supplements, look no further than GreenBox. We’re a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in plant-based wellness who wants to embrace the amazing power of botanicals.

Leading the Way with Natural Wellness Products & Supplements

Our online shop offers a wide range of supplements to help you to achieve optimum health. Whether you are looking for a supplement to boost your immunity, ease your aches and pains, give you better focus or simply help reduce the stress of everyday living, you’ll find it here at GreenBox.

Improve Your Immunity

Many of our natural wellness products and supplements are formulated in line with ancient ayurvedic practices and harness the power of potent herbs and plants such as turmeric and ginkgo Biloba which provide support to the immune system. Choose from products such as KannaSwiss Daily A-Zinc Gummies and a good dose of hemp oil to give you an anti-inflammatory boost or our popular vitamin gummies – which deliver a tasty way to add more vitamins into your diet.

Ease Joint & Muscle Pain

CBD Muscle Balm is a great option if you want to soothe and revitalise sore joints and muscles. Formulated with 300mg of CBD oil together with coconut and almond oils to ensure that it glides on easily, this popular balm will not only eases tired muscles but could improve the condition of your skin.

Enjoy Extra Energy & Focus

Boost vitality and focus with high-quality products formulated from plant powerhouses such as ashwagandha, guarana and caffeine to give you extra energy to tackle whatever the day may hold together with improved focus. At GreenBox you can buy ashwagandha products with confidence as we only ever offer products from the very best suppliers.

Sleep More Soundly

When sleep eludes, it’s easy to reach for the sleeping pills. But why not soothe yourself into slumber with more natural products? At GreenBox, you can choose from our selection of sleep supplements which utilise the power of herbs for better sleep.

GreenBox – The Place for Your Plant Based Wellness

Whether you want to buy cannabis oil products for yourself or you are looking for stress-relieving gifts for family or friends, you’ll love the selection here at GreenBox. With free UK shipping on orders over £30 and a quick 48-hour turnaround on all orders, we’re a great choice for anyone looking for high-quality plant-based supplements.
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