10 Herbs That Can Help With Sleep

When you are tired, all you need is a few hours’ sleep to start the next day afresh. Though work from home is the new normal, catching up with the business pace is also cutting back on sleep hours. Insomnia and anxiety are affecting many people, mainly working professionals. Seeking a doctor’s consultation for sleep aids is a sound decision, but human-made drugs can have downsides in the long run. Could their be natural herbs that can help with sleep?

Indeed, natural herbs are experiencing a rise in popularity. There are many that people believe help insomnia. In addition, others believe in herbs which reduce their anxiety and help normalize the sleep-wake schedule. Here are ten hand-picked herbs to help you tackle your sleeplessness problems.


These is Our Selection of the Best 10 Herbs to Fight Sleep Deprivation

1.   Cannabis

Getting a peaceful sleep is becoming more challenging because of work stress and emotional disturbances. Cannabis is an effective sleeping aid with little to no side effects. Cannabis strains like Indica weed can help restore a natural sleep cycle in today’s modern lifestyles. The herb’s analgesic properties can provide relief from chronic pain, and its anti-anxiety properties help soothe a stressed mind.

Cannabis of course is only legal in a few places around the world. So, for the rest of us there is CBD derived from hemp.


2.   Chamomile

Chamomile is a popular sleep-inducing herb and a mild tranquilizer, which can help free your mind from mental stress. It has a calming disposition just right to help you lie down. This time-honored herb suits all ages in fighting sleep deficiency. Adding some drops of chamomile essential oil in your bathwater helps soothe your stressed nerves. Chamomile tea contains apigenin antioxidants that promote sleep by binding to specific brain receptors.


3.   Lavender

When you enter a lavender garden, do not appreciate it for its floral beauty and mind-calming and relaxing effects. Lavender is a widely used herb for deep slumber that helps you get improved sleep throughout the night. Diffuse lavender oil in your bedroom half an hour before sleep, or drink it as tea. Its appealing scent makes it a widespread component in perfumes and bath and body nourishment. Some people with anxiety disorder can take lavender in supplement form to get better sleep.


4.   Magnolia

If you prefer a natural sleep promoter, Magnolia Bark is your go-to herb. The sleep-promoting applications of Magnolia Bark have a place of pride in wellness practices. Apart from turning off your brain, it helps manage stress and anxiety and protects brain health. A capsule a day is enough to correct your insomnia problem. While it has promising sleep results, consult your physician before taking this herbal supplement.


5.   Valerian

While the attractive fragrance of the Valerian flower finds use in perfumes, bath, and body care products, Valerian root proves its efficacy in promoting relaxation. If your mind gets occupied by racing thoughts at night, Valerian root taken in pills, tinctures, capsules, and tea promotes better sleep. Valerian is not a new herb in enhancing sleep. Its root has been in use in ancient Greek and Roman eras.

California Poppy
California Poppy

6.   California Poppy

The orange and red flowers of this Californian plant are not just to enjoy nature’s bounty but also help you have a good night’s sleep. Apart from mental calmness, it also reduces restlessness and anxiety. Take 30-40 drops of California Poppy in tincture form at night to feel its marvelous results against insomnia.


7.   Hops

Beer drinkers may feel puzzled about the connection between hops and insomnia. However, hops are often used to combat sleeplessness and edginess. According to studies published in the PLOS ONE journal, women who drank non-alcoholic beer with hops at dinner experienced sound sleep. The aroma of hop-filled pillows may also be useful in inducing sleep.


8.   Wild Lettuce

Wild lettuce is a natural sleep remedy that soothes and relaxes your mind. Its calming effect helps keep restlessness at bay. Nicknamed “lettuce opium” (and yet the plant has no opiates), wild lettuce taken in supplement form has a mild sedating effect for you to relax your body physically and mentally.

St john's Wort
St john's Wort

9.   St. John’s Wort

This perennial flowering plant plays a significant role as a sleep aid. By stimulating the GABA receptor, it induces sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain. Drink St. John’s Wort tea or take supplements like capsules and tinctures to restore your sleeping hours.


10.   Passion Flower

Also known by the name Maypop, the Purple Passion Flower helps relieve insomnia and anxiety by boosting the GABA level in your brain. GABA compound lessens brain activity, which aids in bringing mind relaxation and better sleep. Sip a cup of passionflower tea before bedtime to see its positive benefits on your sleep quality.


Alternative Remedies

Practice good sleep habits in the following ways.

  • Keep electronic items and digital devices away from your bedroom. Laptops and cell phones are necessary evils that will make it harder for you to get sleep.
  • Set a sleep timetable for weekdays and holidays and try and stick to it.
  • Take a warm bath or put your ears to soothing music at night time. These activities will help your brain relax and induce sleep.
  • Drink herbal tea before slipping under your bed covers. Avoid caffeine and alcohol stimulants as they can keep you awake.


The natural sleep helpers shared above condition your body for bedtime. These herbs that can help with sleep may work for some, but not others. It is always worthwhile to experiment, and find what works for your body. We are all unique, after all! If you can, try to cut back on working long hours at a stretch. Also, promise yourself to spend more quality time in daily walks and diet. In the long run, it will all be worth it.

Looking for Natural Sleeping Remedies That Really Work? Try Herbs for Sleep!

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential in setting you up for the day ahead. However, this doesn’t always go as planned. A busy life, stressful job, and small worries can all get in the way of a good night’s sleep. This is where we come in. Here at GreenBox, we believe in taking the natural approach to achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellbeing. Going down the route of drugs as treatment isn’t always the answer. Take some time to check out our full collection of herbs to help you sleep better.

What are The Negative Effects of Sleep Deprivation?

Losing sleep on a regular basis can be caused by many things. However, the outcome from a lack of sleep can always lead to the same results – a series of symptoms that further negatively affect your quality of life.

The symptoms of sleep deprivation can include:

  • Memory problems – Your brain uses sleep to process what you have learnt during the day. It achieves this by forming new connections that you can recall from. A lack of sleep can negatively affect this process, leading to impaired short and long-term memory.
  • Trouble thinking and concentrating – As lack of sleep increases, your cognitive ability decreases making it harder to concentrate and think methodically.
  • Changes in mood – Insomnia can have an affect on your mood. Symptoms include irritability, short-temper and even anxiety or depression.
  • Higher risk of diabetes – Lack of sleep negatively affects your body’s release of insulin which results in higher blood sugar levels.
  • Increased blood pressure – Significant reductions in sleep increase blood pressure.
  • A gain in weight – It often leads to overindulging due to disruptions in the signals warning you you’re full.
  • A weakening of your immune system – Your body’s ability to fight off infections is reduced when it’s sleep deprived, making you more susceptible to sickness.
  • Decrease in your ability to balance – Your balance may be off, making you more prone to falls.
  • Increased risk of heart disease – Increases in blood pressure from sleep deprivation can play a role in the development of heart disease.

Wind Down With Herbs for Better Sleep

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