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Anthony Joshua CBD King

We were thrilled at GreenBox to learn Love Hemp has signed none other than Anthony Joshua to be their brand ambassador. As a result, Love Hemp joins a growing list of Anthony Joshua sponsors including Under Armour, Jaguar Land Rover, Beats, Sky Sports and Hugo Boss. So why has he added CBD to the list? Well check out this Anthony Joshua CBD quote “Love Hemp is a great brand with an amazing vision. The ability of CBD to improve people’s everyday lives is undeniable “

Love Hemp is one of leading brands on the GreenBox platform. We are excited to be supporting a brand backed by an Olympian and Heavyweight boxing champion. So, he will be developing his own line of wellness inspired CBD products. He joins an expanding stable of athletes like David Beckham in recognizing the power of the plant.

Why is Anthony Joshua supporting CBD now?

From rugby to football to basketball, CBD has been a secret amongst hardcore athletes for years.  While Love Hemp is the exclusive sponsor for the UFC, the premier mixed martial combat circuit in the world. It is not that CBD oil is some magic elixir, that can make a mere mortal do inhumane things. But what it can do is help athletes recover faster. The harder you can train, the closer you can get your body to peak performance.  For a boxer, who can spend months training for a fight that can last minutes, this is crucial.  For a rugby player, or an athlete in a contact sport, the ability for the body to heal quicker after a match is crucial.

Is CBD only for elite athletes?

Not at all.  Whether you do Barry’s bootcamp or run a few times a week, staying injury free and reducing inflammation are key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The fact more elite athletes are supporting CBD, should be a sign to the masses that CBD is an acceptable part of a wellness regime.

The Anthony Joshua CBD Bundle

At GreenBox, to honour this decorated athlete, we have created the Anthony Joshua bundle with three products to get you started to train to be your best.

Love Hemp 1200mg CBD Capsules

Each capsule is 20mg. So, take up to two per day to start getting the wellness benefits of CBD including better rest and less stress.

CERIOUS Muscle Relief Balm

This 150mg muscle balm is perfect to rub onto sore joints and muscles post a workout.    The warming botanicals will help ease inflammation, while the added CBD helps supercharge the therapy.  This sustainable brand out of California is our favourite.

Innermost Tone Capsules

Gently raise metabolism and encourage fat loss with Innermost’s popular vegan Tone capsules.  The secret ingredient is L-Theanine L-Theanine, which can help enhance the mental effects of caffeine without the jitteriness.