Best CBD Oil For Athletes

Power Through With the 8 Best CBD Oils For Athletes In 2023

Professional athletes often incorporate CBD oil into their daily routine for pain relief, speedy muscle recovery, lower inflammation, and better sleep. 

However, there’s a catch. Athletes need to look for CBD oils that are THC-free or certified by boards like the BSCG. 

But what’s the best CBD oil for athletes?

Keep scrolling down to discover eight high-quality CBD oils that can reduce your ache and help you ace every game!

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8 Best CBD Oil For Athletes In 2023

According to the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG), the THC levels in any CBD product should not exceed 0.3%.

So professional athletes should keep this in mind while shopping for CBD oil.

To help you out, we have selected eight THC-free CBD oils that can reduce muscle pain and boost your athletic performance: 

1. Vitality CBD Recover Drops 1000mg (£24.99) — 5/5

Vitality CBD Recover Drops 1000mg

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Muscle soreness slowing you down?

A quick dose of Vitality CBD Recover drops is all you need post workout or an active game. 

Enriched with powerful ingredients like vitamin D3 and turmeric, this vegan CBD oil works wonders for sports recovery! 

And here’s even better newsit’s 100% THC-free, meeting the standards of BSCG certification. 

  • Branding: Vitality CBD is a UK-based CBD brand offering a premium range of Active Sport CBD products to help athletes step up their game. 
  • CBD Content: 1000mg in 30ml
  • Ingredients: Coconut oil (MCT), propylene glycol, natural lemon flavours, turmeric, curcumin, broad spectrum CBD hemp extract, vitamin D3
  • Value: £1.25 for a standard 50mg broad spectrum CBD dose — a pocket-friendly option that packs superb value, given its high CBD concentration and delicious lemon flavour.

2. Puresport 1500mg CBD Oil (£75) — NA

Puresport 1500mg CBD Oil

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A great product for athletes, this CBD oil contains only the finest natural ingredients. 

It has anti-inflammatory properties and is effectively absorbed by the CB2 receptor (cannabinoid type 2 receptor) in your body to reduce muscle soreness. 

Besides helping you take the edge off the pain and giving you a competitive advantage, this vegan product is BSCG certified with 0% THC. 

  • Branding: Puresport is among the UK’s leading wellness brands that many world-class athletes swear by. Their range of triple lab-tested products includes high-quality CBD tincture and CBD topicals. 
  • CBD Content: 1500mg in 30ml
  • Ingredients: CBD oil, MCT oil 
  • Value: £2.50 for a standard 50mg broad spectrum CBD dose — considering its high CBD concentration, the product comes at a throwaway price!

3. Love Hemp 1200mg CBD Oil – Natural CBD Flavour (£49.99) — 4.1/5

Love Hemp 1200mg Natural CBD Oil

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Going for broad spectrum CBD?

Then Love Hemp CBD oil is the one for you!

Any professional athlete can get help with pain management and stay on top of their game with this THC-free, BSCG-certified product. 

Treat your taste buds by trying out its other delightful flavours like peppermint and orange

  • Branding: Love Hemp bagged the title of Leading CBD Brand Of The Year 2021 by Global Health and Pharma (a UK-based online publishing house). It has been producing exceptional natural products (CBD edibles, CBD salve, CBD gummies, etc.) since 2015.
  • CBD Content: 1200mg in 30ml
  • Ingredients: Broad spectrum CBD (derived from hemp extract), coconut oil (MCT), natural organic flavours
  • Value: £2.08 for a standard 50mg broad spectrum CBD dose — a great vegan CBD supplement for those who want affordable yet quality products to boost their athletic performance. 
Read more: Wondering how much CBD an athlete should take for pain management? Here are the Six Crucial Factors to Consider. 

4. fourfive CBD 2000mg Oil Spray Orange (£90) — 4.1/5

Fourfive CBD 2000mg CBD Oil

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Made by international rugby players for athletes like you, this orange-flavoured CBD oil is the perfect remedy for inflammation after an intense practice session! 


It interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system to provide quick pain relief. Additionally, it’s suitable for precise dosing — perfect for any athlete always on the move.

Moreover, this vegan oil has natural ingredients and is devoid of THC and any WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) prohibited substance. 

  • Branding: fourfive is a renowned CBD brand founded by rugby players Dominic Day and George Kruis, with headquarters in St. Albans. Besides high-quality CBD oils, the brand has a premium selection of CBD balms, roll-on, and topical CBD cream. 
  • CBD Content: 2000mg in 30ml
  • Ingredients: MCT oil, natural orange flavours, broad spectrum industrial hemp 
  • Value: £2.25 for a standard 50mg broad spectrum CBD dose — the product is a steal and an unmissable deal, given its high CBD dose and pleasant citrusy taste!

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5. Golfers CBD 1000mg Oil (£39.99) — NA

Golfers CBD 1000mg Oil

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You cannot go wrong with this vegan-friendly oil infused with the freshness of peppermint in every drop!

This THC-free and BSCG-certified product can be the perfect accompaniment to your mental wellness and physical restoration journey.  

  • Branding: This UK-based brand uses state-of-the-art High Performance Liquid Chromatography technology. The result? A pure CBD oil that helps combat fatigue and provides immediate pain relief. 
  • CBD Content: 1000mg in 10ml
  • Ingredients: Industrial hemp extract, peppermint oil
  • Value: £2 for a standard 50mg CBD dose — doesn’t have any specific advantage over other brands due to the comparatively low CBD dosage. But most customer reviews indicate it’s pretty effective for pain management and muscle recovery. 

6. Green Stem 1000mg Natural CBD Oil Oral Drops (£29.99) — NA

Green Stem CBD 1000mg Natural

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Green Stem’s CBD oil packs a punch by combining the goodness of cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes in every bottle. 

Feeling indulgent?

It is one of the best CBD oils available in exotic flavours of peppermint, lemon, black cherry, and wild strawberry. 

This vegan and THC-free product is easily absorbed by the endocannabinoid receptors in your body. This can eliminate any nagging pain, so you never have to skip training!

  • Branding: Green Stem is an award-winning CBD brand in the UK that uses only the finest essential oils and natural extracts to manufacture its products (CBD oil tincture, CBD balm, etc.).
  • CBD Content: 1000mg in 30ml
  • Ingredients: MCT (coconut oil), broad spectrum CBD
  • Value: £1.50 for a standard 50mg broad spectrum CBD dose — this one won’t burn a hole in your pocket while helping your body reap the benefits of CBD. 

7. Kannaway Pure Gold 2000mg CBD Oil (£194.99) — N/A

Kannaway Pure Gold 2000mg CBD Oil

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Kannaway Pure Gold CBD Oil has every beneficial cannabinoid that nourishes your exhausted body to get you alive and kicking the very next day!

Add this vegan-friendly oil to your protein shake, blend it in your smoothies, or consume it as it is. 

Being a BSCG-certified brand, it doesn’t contain any prohibited substance that the World Anti Doping Agency penalises. 

  • Branding: This California-based wellness brand has done immense research to highlight the CBD benefits and the value of the cannabis plant in modern times. 
  • CBD Content: 2000mg in 120ml
  • Ingredients: Broad spectrum CBD hemp oil, MCT oil
  • Value: £4.85 for a standard 50mg CBD dose — despite the hefty price tag, we feel this is one of the best CBD products. It’s a reliable CBD supplement highly sought after by athletes and comes with a certificate of analysis.

8. Purity Hemp Company 1500mg CBD Oil (£69) — NA

Purity Hemp 1500mg CBD Oil

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Prefer to steer clear of sugar?

You’re in luck because this BSCG-certified CBD product is sugar-free! 

Grab this bottle of vegan-friendly, pure CBD oil loaded with the benefits of cannabinoid, fibre, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. 

You can even go for higher concentrations (20% and 40%) of this broad spectrum CBD oil to ease inflammation. 

  • Branding: Purity Hemp Company is an eco-friendly brand based in the UK that manufactures 100% traceable, non-GMO products that are THC-free. 
  • CBD Content: 1500mg in 15ml
  • Ingredients: Hemp extract, hemp oil (from organic cannabis plant) or organic coconut MCT oil
  • Value: £2.30 for a standard 50mg CBD dose — yet another budget-friendly option, especially for any professional athlete who follows a sugar-free diet. 

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Note: Consult your healthcare professional before using any CBD product, and take note of its side effects — especially if you take other medical supplements. 


4 FAQs About CBD Oil For Athletes

Let’s look at some common questions concerning athletes who want to use CBD oil for sports recovery and pain relief:

1. Is CBD Legal For Athletes?

The World Anti Doping Agency considers CBD legal for athletes but explicitly bans the use of natural and synthetic cannabinoids that mimic the effects of THC. 

The UK Anti Doping Agency follows the same standard for using CBD.

The BSCG also states that the permissible THC level in any CBD product is 0.3%. So athletes should opt for brands that strictly abide by this standard. 

For some peace of mind, we recommend avoiding full spectrum CBD products (even those containing up to 0.3% THC).

But as long as you stick to BSCG-certified products that don’t surpass the 0.3% THC levels, they will not appear on your drug test. 

2. How to Choose the Best CBD Oil?

Any professional athlete looking to add the best CBD products to their daily routine should prioritise the product’s quality and certifications. 

The best CBD oil should ideally:

  • Be developed by a company having legitimate proof of third-party lab testing. 
  • Be THC-free or certified by prestigious boards like the BSCG or Informed Sport.
  • Have a certificate of analysis (COA) indicating zero pesticides, heavy metals, etc.
  • Either be a CBD isolate (pure cannabidiol compound) or a broad spectrum CBD (containing beneficial cannabinoids and 0% THC) product. 
  • Have excellent reviews from customers and product-based test results online. 
  • Should be from a company that offers flexible return policies. This is helpful if you aren’t satisfied and want to switch products. 
Read more: Worried about your product’s shelf life? Check out some great tips on How To Store CBD Oil. 

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3. What Other CBD Products Athletes Can Use?

Athletes can choose from a variety of CBD products for pain relief and inflammation, such as CBD gummy, CBD oil tincture, CBD salve, CBD edibles, CBD cream, and more. 

You can even try out products with delicate aromas and flavours like menthol and eucalyptus. 

4. Why is CBD Oil a Good Alternative to Anti-inflammatory Drugs?

The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) is common among athletes to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. 

However, taking high doses of these anti-inflammatory drugs (readily available as over-the-counter drugs) like ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac, or even high-dose aspirin can have serious side effects. 

These may include stomach ulcers, headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, etc. In extreme cases, it can even result in cardiovascular and renal side effects! 

On the other hand, CBD oils are derived from natural cannabis extracts. They contain health-boosting nutrients and phytonutrients, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. 

Consequently, it’s a powerful yet safer alternative for many athletes. 

Supercharge Your Strength With the Best CBD Oil!

The best CBD oil enables any professional athlete to bounce back in no time and unleash their best version in the next game!

Go through the ones we covered here to find the best CBD oil that can help you with pain management while improving your wellness. 

For more CBD products, explore GreenBox’s extensive range of lab-tested supplements, devoid of even trace amounts of THC. Whether you’re seeking a powerful CBD oil, a soothing CBD balm, or the best CBD cream, we’ve got it all!