Best CBD Oils of 2021

When it comes to CBD, the benefits are unmatched. But, with so many products out there, you may be wondering which application method is best for you.

Taking CBD in oil form allows the CBD to work more quickly, by absorbing into your central nervous system via an oral application where you use a dropper to place the CBD under your tongue. CBD oil is loved by many, so we’ve compiled a list of our favourite CBD oils for you to try.

Love Hemp 6000mg CBD Oil

love hemp 6000mg oil

An ultimate, high-strength CBD oil, this product is ideal for helping to rebalance your mind and body. You can enjoy this oil in its natural flavour – if you prefer the earthy notes of CBD, we suggest this one – but it also comes in other flavours, including peppermint.

Love Hemp is one of the most reputable CBD brands and is highly trusted by many, making this one of the best CBD oils out there. 

Vitality CBD Relax Drops

Vitality CBD Active Cherry

If you want a CBD oil product that will help with relaxing and unwinding after a long day, this is the oil for you. Many of us struggle with not being able to fall asleep, what with our minds buzzing, seemingly unable to turn off after an active day.

The Vitality Relax Drops combine CBD with plant extracts which promote calmness and help ease stress. In today’s world, who wouldn’t benefit from that?

Vitality CBD 1200mg Spray

Vitality CBD 1200mg Spray

Are you somewhat of a newbie when it comes to CBD? If so, this is the perfect product for you! This berry flavoured spray is a great entry-level product for people wanting to take advantage of the benefits of CBD but who aren’t sure how they like the oil dropper application.

Many people – beginner or not – find the spray application easier to use, making this a great alternative to the classic oil dropper method.

Love Hemp 1200mg Peppermint CBD

Love Hemp 1200mg Peppermint

If you’re not the biggest fan of the earthy tones of natural CBD oil, try one with an added flavour that offsets the natural hemp flavour. Love Hemp’s peppermint CBD oil adds a minty freshness to lift the natural taste, which some might find bitter.

This premium oil also comes in a spray form, perfect for those who prefer the spraying application to the usual dropper method. In our opinion, this is a staple product for any CBD consumer and one of the best CBD oils UK’s market has to offer.

Ayucana 1000mg CBD Oil

Ayucana 500mg CBD Oil

A premium, pharma product engineered straight from Germany to a very high standard, this is high-quality CBD.

Ayucana’s CBD products are manufactured to high pharmaceutical standards, making this one of the highest quality CBD products on the entire European market!

Find Your Favourite

There are lots of CBD oils to buy in UK out there waiting for you to try. Figuring out what you want from your oil (flavour, application method, benefits, etc.) will help you narrow your search down to find the best CBD oil for you.

We’ve gone through what we think are some of the best CBD oils UK has to offer, so pick your favourite!