Best High Strength CBD Oil Brands in London

When it comes to choosing a CBD product for you, the choice can seem endless, making the entire process overwhelming. As with everything, there are CBD products and brands that are going to be better than the rest but sorting the good from the bad can feel like a lost cause.

This is why we’ve done it for you! If you’ve been searching for the best high strength CBD London has to offer, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite high strength CBD brands to make your life a little easier so you can buy CBD high strength online UK with ease.

Vitality CBD

When it comes to looking for a range of CBD products, Vitality CBD is your best bet. Our Vitality range includes well-loved classics including CBD oil droppers and sprays. If you’re looking to target specific issues, Vitality offers focus, relax, recovery, or boost CBD drops depending on your needs.

Self-care is also at the top of Vitality’s priority list, offering products that will boost your routine. Their bath bomb and bath salts will elevate your bath time experience to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, relieving stress and washing off the day. They also have a CBD skin cream infused with essential oils to hydrate and soothe your skin.

Infinity CBD

Infinity CBD is a great brand that offers a variety of products. Their CBD oil ranges from 500mg to 3,000mg, so you can find the CBD dosage that best works for your needs and daily routine.

Their range also includes a calm stick and muscle salve, great for targeting specific areas that might be in pain and could benefit from the advantages of CBD. Along the lines of muscle relaxation, Infinity also offers a massage bar and oil, so you can indulge in luxurious experiences from the comfort of your own home.


Offering some of the strongest CBD products, we stock Ayucana’s 1000mg and 1500mg CBD oil. Ayucana is a German brand that produces some of the highest quality CBD oil you can find on the market.

This nutrient-rich hemp oil is processed in a way that creates a CBD oil that is packed full of terpenes, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, to help you maintain a healthy balance.

Love Hemp

Love Hemp is the UK’s number 1 trusted brand when it comes to CBD products. If you’re looking for high strength CBD oil in London that you can rely on, Love Hemp is for you.

We offer a variety of Love Hemp products to suit all needs and tastes. Not everyone is a fan of the natural taste of CBD, which can often be bitter. To combat this, Love Hemp’s CBD oils and sprays come in natural, peppermint, and orange flavourings so you can choose a CBD product that suits your tastes.

They also offer CBD jelly domes, chocolate balls, and capsules, if you prefer ingesting your high strength CBD via other methods.

Choose Your Highest Strength CBD Oil in London

All that’s left to do is pick your favourite high strength CBD product and enjoy all of the wonderful benefits that CBD has to offer! Pick from a range of CBD applications, flavours, and dosages to find your perfect match.