Best Way to Hydrate Skin This Winter

Best Way to Hydrate Skin This Winter

During winter our skin tends to get dry, flaky and we can break out more often. Becoming conscious that you are taking steps in order to nourish and hydrate your skin is fundamental for retaining your glow throughout winter. We all know that diet and lifestyle has a huge impact on the way our skin looks, feels and ages. But it’s particularly important in the winter months. We checked in with Holly Zoccolan, health coach and skin health expert at The Health Zoc, for the best way to hydrate skin this winter and keep you looking glowy.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is a skin food. It literally feeds the skin from within.  It contains a high level of healthy fats and antioxidants which help to nourish and hydrate the skin. So, we recommend drizzling olive oil on your meals over the winter months. It will give your body an extra boost of healthy fats and some extra skin hydration.


Infused Water

Drinking water infused with cucumber is another brilliant way to get extra hydration into your body and your skin. Cut up a cucumber and put it in your water bottle/water jug and keep it in the fridge. Water infused with cucumber is a good way to ensure you are drinking enough water throughout the day. It tastes delicious and refreshing. It will keep you going back to the fridge for more! And the bonus is it also brings extra benefits to your health.


Home-made Face Mask

Home-made face masks are affordable, natural and nourishing for your skin. Blend castor oil, fresh aloe vera gel or coconut oil to give your skin some love and extra hydration during winter. Put them on your skin and either leave on overnight or rinse off after 20 minutes and you will notice how smooth and soft your skin feels.

Some of my other favourite natural skincare products include jojoba oil, CBD oil, rosewater spray and olive oil as mentioned earlier.


Drink Warm Water

When we drink cold water, our body has to work to heat the water up before it’s fully absorbed. Drinking warm water is a quick and easy way for our body to hydrate much more quickly. Luke warm water also assists with digestion as it helps your body break down food as well as accelerating the removal of toxins.


Bath Oils

Adding oils to your bath is not only a great way to add extra hydration to your skin, but it’s a great self-care ritual that will leave you feeling relaxed and luxurious. Try adding a few drops of your favourite oil into your bath for some skin and self nourishment. You could also try some self massage here too for some extra self love and to allow the oils to penetrate deeper into the skin. Infused bath salts are also a fun way to introduce natural essential oils into your soak routine.


These are just a few great tips on the best way to hydrate skin this winter. Holly, our guest writer, is a health coach and skin health expert who works with clients online to help them achieve their health and wellness goals. If you wish to find out more, read on at