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Buy CBD Capsules: Top 10 Supplements in the UK (2023 Reviews)

Looking to buy CBD capsules?

CBD capsules are ideal if you’re unsure how to dose your CBD intake (since the pills are already pre-dosed). All you have to do is add them to your supplement routine to reap all the health benefits!

But which capsules should you buy?

We have reviewed the 10 best CBD capsules in the UK to help you make the right choice. 

We have also answered three related questions, covering everything you need to know about CBD capsules.  

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Disclaimer: Some of these products may contain up to 0.2% THC (considered legal in the UK). However, no UK government reference clarifies that it’s permitted. 

10 Best CBD Capsules to Buy in 2023

Check out these CBD capsule best sellers:

1. Love Hemp CBD Capsules 1200mg (£49.99) — 4.8/5

Love Hemp 1200mg CBD Capsules

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Created by the UK’s #1 CBD brand, this vegan CBD product is perfect for a feel-good CBD experience.

Each capsule contains top-notch organic hemp extract. 

It’s also free from THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), heavy metals, and pesticides, so you get only the highest-quality ingredients. 

  • Branding: Love Hemp is a leading CBD brand in the UK, providing a wide range of CBD products with consistently high quality.
  • CBD content: 1200mg (20mg each)
  • Ingredients: hemp plant CBD extract, dextrin, acacia gum, sunflower lecithin, microcrystalline cellulose (filler), hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (capsule)
  • Value: £2.08 for a 50mg dose — one of the best value for money CBD capsule supplements, in our view.

2. Provacan Premium Gold CBD Capsules 2100mg (£89.99) — 4.6/5

Provacan CBD Gold 2100mg Capsules

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Great for pain relief, the Provacan Premium Gold CBD pills are stronger than most other capsules on our list — one 70mg capsule will cover your maximum daily intake.  

So this vegan-friendly product may be suitable for experienced rather than first-time CBD users.

What’s more?

This supplement features a tried and tested award-winning formula, so you can not go wrong with it.

  • Branding: Founded in 2017, Provacan is the flagship brand of the reputed cannabis research company CiiTECH.
  • CBD content: 2100mg (70mg per CBD pill), which is possibly the highest strength CBD capsules in the UK!
  • Ingredients: organic coconut oil, Cannabis Sativa L, HPMC capsule
  • Value: At £2.14 for a 50mg dose, you get good value for money considering its top-notch quality and ultra-strength formula. 

3. Cibdol CBD Softgels 1500mg (£63) — 4.6/5

Cibdol CBD Capsules

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Just starting your CBD journey?

Try the Cibdol CBD oil capsules made from organically grown hemp plant extracts! 

The CBD is extracted through advanced CO2 methods and is tested and verified by a third-party lab to ensure high quality.

  • Branding: The Cibdol brand was created in 2017 and is the favourite of many sports athletes.
  • CBD content: 1500mg (25mg per capsule)
  • Ingredients: olive oil, hemp extract, gelatine, glycerine, water
  • Value: £2 for a 50mg dose — the capsules have mid-range pricing and offer good value for money. However, they are not vegan. 

4. Orange County CBD Soft gel Capsules 1800mg (£70) — 4.8/5

Orange County CBD Soft Gel Capsules

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Each Orange County CBD softgel is packed with organically sourced full spectrum CBD oil. This type of CBD can provide a gradual entourage effect for a relaxing experience. 

  • Branding: Orange County is an award-winning US-based CBD brand that offers innovative CBD products.
  • CBD content: 1800mg (60mg per CBD oil capsule)
  • Ingredients: MCT oil, full spectrum CBD (from hemp oil), gelatine capsule shell
  • Value:  At £1.94 for a 50mg dose, this CBD supplement is quite affordable. But the downside is that it’s non-vegan and contains trace amounts of THC.  

5. Blessed CBD Capsules 900mg (£59.95) — 4.8/5

Blessed CBD 900mg Capsules

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The Blessed CBD softgel capsules contain high-quality CBD oil produced using a meticulous CO2 extraction process. 

  • Branding: Blessed is a family-owned UK company founded in 2018. Since then, the brand has established itself as a leader in the CBD industry.
  • CBD content: 900mg (30mg per CBD oil capsule)
  • Ingredients: pure CBD isolate, fractionated coconut oil, glycerin, caramel, modified food starch, and more
  • Value: This vegan supplement is on the pricey side — at £3.33 for a 50mg dose. But you’re guaranteed a precise dosage of high-potency CBD extract in every capsule.
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6. Love CBD Entourage Capsules 600mg (£34.99) — 4.8/5 

Love CBD Entourage Capsules

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In addition to CBD, these vegan capsules contain other healthy cannabinoids like CBG and CBA to deliver the entourage effect. 

The result?

Once you find your perfect dose, you may start feeling more energetic, relaxed, and balanced. 


  • Branding: Love CBD is a UK-based company that delivers a wide range of CBD products made from organically-grown cannabis plant extract.
  • CBD content: 600mg (10mg per CBD tablet)
  • Ingredients: cannabis extract (CBD and other cannabinoids like CBDA), coconut oil, Arabic gum, terpenes
  • Value: £2.91 for a 50mg dose — these CBD tablets are a bit more expensive, but the price is justified since they offer the benefits of the entourage effect.

7. Fourfive CBD Capsules 600mg (£45) — 4.6/5

Fourfive CBD Capsules 600mg

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Perfect for first-timers, each fourfive capsule contains 10mg CBD for precise and controlled dosing. 

In addition to broad spectrum CBD, the capsules also contain inulin — a natural fibre that helps keep your gut healthy. So if you struggle with digestive issues, these capsules could be for you. 

Moreover, this vegan supplement is tested by a third-party lab and guarantees the purest ingredients. 

  • Branding: The fourfive brand was founded by professional rugby players George Kruis and Dom Day in 2019. 
  • CBD content: 600mg (10mg per CBD tablet)
  • Ingredients: CBD (cannabidiol), inulin, cellulose capsule
  • Value: At £3.75 for a 50mg dose, this supplement may be slightly expensive. But since you’ll get the amazing benefits of CBD and inulin, we think it’s worth it.  

8. Vibes CBD Capsules 1200mg (£67.99) — 3.8/5

Vibes 1200mg CBD Capsules

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These fantastic CBD pills are ideal for both beginners and experienced CBD users. 

The broad spectrum CBD supplement also contains vitamin D3 and comes with a small booklet to help you determine the right dose of CBD. Sounds like a win-win! 

  • Branding: Vibes is a pioneering UK-based company that offers pure, GMO-free products.
  • CBD content: 1200mg (20mg per CBD pill)
  • Ingredients: CBD hemp extract, hemp seed oil, vitamin D3, modified food starch, carrageenan, pullulan, and more
  • Value: £2.83 for a 50mg dose — while this vegan supplement is priced in the upper-midrange, it guarantees premium quality and optimal results.

9. Cannaray Bright Days CBD 600mg (£36) — 3.1/5

Cannaray 200mg CBD Bright Capsules

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These vegan CBD tablets are enhanced with additional vitamins to support your overall wellness. 

What’s more?

All Cannaray CBD supplements are triple-lab tested and made with pure, natural ingredients. 

So you can’t go wrong with this one, especially if you want a daily vitamin boost.

  • Branding: The UK-based Cannaray brand was created by a team of doctors in 2018.
  • CBD content: 600mg (10mg per capsule)
  • Ingredients: rice fibre, elderberry, vitamin C, zinc glycinate, vitamin D3, CBD, capsule shell
  • Value: £3 for a 50mg dose  — it has mid-range pricing, but the positive effects of CBD and vitamins and the guaranteed high quality make it a great steal.

10. Medterra CBD Capsules 1500mg (£62.99) — 3/5

medterra CBD Capsules

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The Medterra CBD oil capsules contain pure CBD isolate and organic coconut oil. 

Why do we love it?

They offer superb quality at an extremely affordable price! 

  • Branding: Medterra is a leading US-based CBD company founded in 2017.
  • CBD content: 1500mg (50mg per capsule)
  • Ingredients: CBD isolate, MCT oil, gelatine
  • Value: £2.09 for a 50mg dose  — this product is much more affordable than the average CBD capsule supplements. However, it’s not vegan. 

Note: To avoid any side effects, consult your healthcare professional before starting any CBD treatment — especially if you take other medications. 

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3 CBD Capsules FAQs

Here are three commonly asked questions about CBD capsules:

1. How to Take CBD Capsules?

Follow the instructions provided on the food supplement package to determine the right amount for you. We recommend starting with a lower dose and gradually increasing it. 

To make CBD absorption easier for your body, take the supplement with a glass of water after a meal.

2. How do CBD Capsules Work?

CBD capsules may contain full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate (the CBD dosage varies depending on these types).

Once you take your CBD supplement, the softgel (capsule) is broken down by your digestive system, and the contents are passed to your bloodstream. 

3. CBD Oil vs. Capsules: What is the Difference?

The main differences between CBD oil and capsules are:

  • Absorption time: CBD capsules can take about 1.5-4 hours to get processed by your digestive system. But CBD oil (and CBD oil tincture products) have faster absorption — about 15-20 minutes.
  • Format: Capsules are more convenient to take (no chances of spilling or leaving greasy spots). They also provide precise dosage, so you get the same amount of CBD every time. 
  • Taste: Some CBD oils have a hempy, bitter taste which can be offputting to some people. So, if you’re not a fan of this flavour, it’s best to opt for capsules. 

Buy CBD Capsules for Easy CBD Dosage 

Ready to try some of the best CBD capsules? 

Just choose the right product from our curated list to enjoy all the benefits of CBD.

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