Why CBD Step 4

4. How do I buy CBD online?

This is the final post in this CBD Guide which explores the most important information about CBD. We hope you feel better equipped to now know what to look for on the shelves, both in-store and online. If you would like to buy CBD today, check out the GreenBox store.


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GreenBox is all about bettering customer’s health, wellness and fulfilment. CBD is a part of this, and adopting a plant-based wellness lifestyle can do even more for health and wellbeing. Stay tuned for more posts on our Blog, GreenBox Life, about plant-based wellness in general. If you have any further questions about CBD or anything else, we encourage our customers to get in touch! We are always happy to help.

There is a lot of foreign terminology when it comes to CBD. For those that wish to explore further, Healthline provides a great summary on CBD terminology.


Quality and purposeful CBD brands:

The CBD market is still very young and so GreenBox has taken a stance on safety and quality to protect its customers. For example, the GreenBox brand approval process involves a sample from each brand range to be sent to an independent laboratory to verify quality and safety. We also request lab reports for every batch we purchase and confirm products are THC-free. This is the GreenBox Guarantee. We pride ourselves in bringing customers only the best in the market, so you can buy CBD stress free.

If you would like to see a lab report for a specific product, we are happy to send this to you upon request.


Buy CBD with GreenBox:

We invite you to explore the GreenBox range of CBD brands. Progress your wellness journey and find the ideal CBD products for you. Stay tuned as we build out the range of products across the entire holistic plant-based wellness range.


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