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Terpene Deconstructed
14 Jan 2021 CBD

Terpenes Deconstructed

We pride ourselves on educting our customers about the power of the plant. Learn more about how a terpene can enhance your CBD experience.
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cbd oil pros and cons
4 Jan 2021 CBD

CBD Oil Pros and Cons

Learn more about CBD oil pros and cons with this easy to read overview of the category from our experts and what might work best for you
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CBD massage
1 Jan 2021 CBD

Your New CBD Massage Home Ritual

Follow these 4 steps for an indulgent and mindful CBD massage experience. Feel renewed and relaxed with this easy home ritual.
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CBD benefits for skin
21 Dec 2020 CBD

Four Science-Backed CBD Benefits For Skin

Dsicover the four science-backed CBD benefits for skin as officially recorded by the European Commission's Cosmetic Ingredients directory.
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The Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis
26 Nov 2020 CBD

The Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis

Discover the difference between hemp and cannabis according to the variations in their chemical makeups, or their chemotypes.
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cbd and sleep
16 Nov 2020 CBD

The facts about CBD and sleep

Early scientific and anecdotal evidence shows that CBD can help the body deal with stress, and in turn pave the way for better sleep.
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simply CBD
13 Oct 2020 CBD

Simply CBD Guarantee

Embrace the power of botanicals at GreenBox. Learn about the Simply CBD guarantee and how GreenBox makes buying CBD easy.
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CBD for skin
23 Sep 2020 CBD

Adding CBD to Your Wellness Routine

How to get started with CBD in your wellness routine? We answer your questions with appropriate recommends to help you get started today
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21 Sep 2020 CBD

What are Terpenes?

The mystery of terpenes is revealed by the GreenBox scientific expert Drew Ford. Learn the importance of these plant-based dynamos.
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