CBD Benefits

What are the potential health and wellbeing benefits of taking CBD? Explore this range of expert articles and find out how CBD could help you

how does cbd oil make you feel
25 Jul 2022 CBD

How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel? 4 Science-Backed Benefits & FAQs

How does CBD oil make you feel? How long does it take to feel the effects? Find the answers to these questions and more in this informative article
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15 Sep 2021 CBD

Hemp Seed Oil Benefits for the Skin

It's claimed that hemp seed oil has numerous benefits in relation to the skin, thanks to its combination of vitamins & moisturising qualities.
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13 Sep 2021 CBD

Hemp Seed Oil Benefits for Hair

Did you know that hemp oil could help you to moisturise and strengthen your hair and stimulate hair growth? Read all about it in this post!
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11 Sep 2021 CBD

6 Benefits of Hemp Oil

Embrace the power of botanicals at GreenBox. In this post, we'll delve into 6 main benefits some people may experience when using hemp oil.
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10 Sep 2021 CBD

How to Improve Focus by Using CBD

It seems like no matter how hard you try to focus, nothing can keep you on track? We'll explain how CBD could be your concentration elixir
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3 Sep 2021 CBD

Why CBD Could Be the Key to Your Most Relaxing Bath Ever

What if we told you that CBD could be the secret ingredient to the most relaxing bath ever? Read on to learn why!
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how CBD oil changed my life
16 Apr 2021 CBD

How CBD oil changed my life

How CBD oil changed my life. A personal story with discussion of recent science-backed conclusions on the effectiveness of CBD.
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cbd oil pros and cons
4 Jan 2021 CBD

CBD Oil Pros and Cons

Learn more about CBD oil pros and cons with this easy to read overview of the category from our experts and what might work best for you
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CBD benefits for skin
21 Dec 2020 CBD

Four Science-Backed CBD Benefits For Skin

Dsicover the four science-backed CBD benefits for skin as officially recorded by the European Commission's Cosmetic Ingredients directory.
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