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11 Jan 2023 CBD

Can You Give CBD to a Child in the UK? (Laws, Studies & Tips)

CBD is generally safe for children but there are few things to consider. Learn everything about giving CBD to children in the UK.
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30 Dec 2022 CBD

Can You Take CBD Oil on a Plane in the UK? (+ Other Regions)

Taking CBD on a plane is legal in the UK, but the laws vary in other parts of the world. Discover which countries allow flying with CBD and some handy tips.
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29 Dec 2022 CBD

Can You Overdose on CBD? How Much Is Too Much?

Taking too much CBD may not be lethal, but it may cause adverse side effects like drowsiness. Learn about safe CBD dosage and what to do if you take too much.
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9 Dec 2022 CBD

Can You Use CBD for Period Cramps? (Studies, Products, FAQs)

CBD may help relieve the pain and inflammation associated with period cramps. Learn what studies say and discover potentially beneficial CBD products.
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can you drive on cbd
8 Dec 2022 CBD

Can You Drive On CBD? The Ultimate Guide To A Blissful Trip

Driving after using CBD is legal and generally safe. But there are a few things to consider. Discover everything you should know for a safe driving experience.
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7 Dec 2022 CBD

Can I Use CBD for Restless Legs Syndrome?

CBD may ease pain and anxiety, so it has the potential for managing RLS. Find out what scientific literature says, what products you can use, and more.
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3 Dec 2022 CBD

Are CBD & Cannabis Edibles Legal in The UK? (Laws, Pros & Cons)

Are edibles legal in the UK? Find the answer and discover the types of edibles, their benefits, side effects, and other related FAQs.
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1 Dec 2022 CBD

How Much CBD To Relax? A Guide To Finding The Right Dosage

Learn how CBD can help you calm down and the optimal CBD dosage for relaxation. Also, discover some useful tips, 4 calming CBD products, and more.
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28 Nov 2022 CBD

Using CBD Oil for Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

Avoid CBD oil during pregnancy as it might do more harm than good to your and your baby. Keep reading to learn everything about CBD oil for pregnancy.
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