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21 Jan 2021 Lifestyle

10 Herbs That Can Help With Sleep

Discover ten natural herbs can help with sleep. From Valerian Root to St John's wort, there's a natural sleep aid out there for you.
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Terpene Deconstructed
14 Jan 2021 CBD

Terpenes Deconstructed

We pride ourselves on educting our customers about the power of the plant. Learn more about how a terpene can enhance your CBD experience.
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Best Way to Hydrate Skin This Winter
7 Dec 2020 Lifestyle

Best Way to Hydrate Skin This Winter

No more dry and flaky winter skin. We check in with Holly Zoccolan for the best way to help hydrate skin this winter and keep it glowy.
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stress relief gifts
2 Dec 2020 Lifestyle

Stress Relief Gifts

Take a look at the top 10 stress relief gifts hand picked by the Founders of GreenBox. Offering a perfect range of price points from just £6.
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planet friendly
9 Nov 2020 Lifestyle

Our Planet Friendly Mission

What does it mean to be planet friendly? We showcase our carbon offset program and our drive for fully sustainable plant-based wellness.
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National Stress Awareness Day 2020
3 Nov 2020 Lifestyle

National Stress Awareness Day 2020

Discover some great ways to feel more calm and relaxed this National Stress Awareness Day with some simply stress-busting tips.
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sleep system
20 Oct 2020 Lifestyle

Find your perfect sleep system

Can't sleep? We recommend forming a potent sleep system with a dash of plant based goodness to create a reliable and restful sleep routine.
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baobab oil properties
5 Oct 2020 Lifestyle

Baobab Oil Properties & Skin Benefits

Baobab oil properties can moisturise the skin, prevent acne breakouts, revitalise tired and dull hair, and so much more!
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Five Benefits of Taking Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha has a number of science-backed health benefits, including stress relief, increased muscle mass, lower inflammation and more.
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