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Product Reviews

Find out which products win in their category according to our wellness experts. We score each product based on company ethos, formulation, dosage, value, and packaging

immunity supplements
22 Mar 2022 Lifestyle

The Top 7 Immunity Supplements in the UK

GreenBox continues with our popular ranking series, with the top 7 immunity supplements in the U.K. with a surprise number 1 pick.
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liquid iron supplement
20 Feb 2022 Lifestyle

7 Best Vegan Iron Supplements To Try

We rate the top 7 vegan iron supplements to try including the first perfect score in the history of GreenBox. Find out more here.
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hair gummies
21 Dec 2021 Lifestyle

The 5 Best Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies in the UK

You want the best? We give you the best and most effective hair, skin and nail gummies on the market. Check out our analysis of hair gummies.
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Five best CBD Gummies UK
4 Dec 2021 CBD

Five Best CBD Gummies in the UK

We review the top five CBD gummies in the UK. Discover our verdict for the top CBD gummy brand! We review five of the most popular gummies
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buy cbd muscle balm
15 Jul 2021 CBD

Choosing the Best CBD Balm

With so many bad CBD balms on the market, we show you the six tips you need to pick the best one for you %%sep%% Also read our four balm reviews!
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