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Product Reviews

Find out which products win in their category according to our wellness experts. We score each product based on company ethos, formulation, dosage, value, and packaging

29 Oct 2022 CBD

13 High Strength CBD Products to Supercharge Your Wellness

Looking for high strength CBD products? Try the Vitality CBD 4800mg Spray (£49.99) or the 12 other products from our curated list. Also, explore 4 related FAQs
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3 Sep 2022 CBD

15 Healing CBD Face Creams To Get Long-Lasting Glow [2023 Reviews]

Transform your facial care routine with these 15 brilliant CBD face creams. Our detailed buyer's guide compares their prices, CBD content, ingredients, and more
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2 Sep 2022 CBD

11 Top CBD Massage Oils To Rejuvenate Your Mind & Body [2023 Reviews]

Experience a soothing and effective massage with these 11 therapeutic CBD massage oils. Find out their ingredients, prices, and answers to 5 related FAQs
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Best CBD Oil For Athletes
1 Sep 2022 CBD

Power Through With the 8 Best CBD Oils For Athletes In 2023

Explore the 8 best CBD oils for athletes that can help you bounce back with renewed vigour. Also, get answers to four important FAQs about CBD oils
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31 Aug 2022 CBD

CBD Oil For Sleep UK: 14 Exceptional Brands Reviewed For 2023

Ease yourself into a peaceful slumber with these 14 best CBD oils for sleep available in the UK. Also, discover the answers to three important FAQs about CBD oils
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Best CBD Chocolate
31 Aug 2022 CBD

10 Best CBD Chocolate Treats to Snack on in 2023 [Honest Reviews]

Craving for the best CBD chocolate? Try Love Hemp’s CBD Chocolate (£4.99) or the 9 other delicious chocolates on our curated list. Also, explore five related FAQs
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CBD Serum
30 Aug 2022 CBD

8 Best CBD Serum Products For Healthy, Nourished Skin [2023 Reviews]

Want spa-like skincare results from the comfort of your home? Try these 8 top-notch CBD serums available on the market. Read about their ingredients, price, ratings, and more
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CBD Jelly UK
28 Aug 2022 CBD

11 Delicious and Effective CBD Jelly Domes [2023 Reviews]

1Shopping for the best CBD jelly domes? Discover 10 delicious, high-quality CBD jelly domes, their prices, and value. Also, explore if CBD jellies are as effective as CBD oils
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Best CBD Tea UK
26 Aug 2022 CBD

Best CBD Tea in the UK: 10 Tasty Products Reviewed in 2023

Discover the 10 best CBD tea products in the UK, their price, CBD content, ingredients, and customer ratings. Also, find answers to 5 related FAQs
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