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green sustainability
14 Aug 2021 Sustainability

Green Sustainability

What does it mean to be sustainable? Why is the term carbon positive confusing? Your green sustainability questions answered.
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4 Jun 2021 Sustainability

More plant. Less carbon

A simple slogan and a complex mission.  Learn more about how to spot greenwashing and why at GreenBox we believe in a carbon negative future.
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13 May 2021 Lifestyle

Get Back To Nature

How connecting with nature can help with your well-being. An interview with our founder and some tips for enjoying life.
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earth day
12 Apr 2021 Lifestyle

What is Earth Day?

What is Earth Day and how does GreenBox support helping the planet. Find out more here on tips for reducing your impact on the planet.
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planet friendly
9 Nov 2020 Lifestyle

Our Planet Friendly Mission

What does it mean to be planet friendly? We showcase our carbon offset program and our drive for fully sustainable plant-based wellness.
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