CBD dosage calculator UK

Free UK CBD Oil Dosage Calculator


How do I calculate my CBD dosage? What is a low dose compared to a high dose? How much oil should I measure out to deliver my desired CBD dose? These are some very good questions that we frequently field from our customers when it comes to taking CBD. So, we have built a very simple CBD dosage calculator perfect for UK brands. And, it’s free for anyone to use.

Just follow the simple quiz above and have your CBD oil handy. It takes less than a minute and this handy CBD dosage calculator gives it in ml (millilitres) so you can then easily measure it out with a pipette.

Some brands provide the amount of CBD mg in a single drop. This makes it easy to calculate the CBD dose you want to take. Infinity CBD and Ayucana do this, for example. However, many brands don’t do this. Furthermore, many brands also match a product strength to a recommended daily dose like Vitality CBD. The drawback to this is it doesn’t provide the consumer with the information to experiment with the dose. This is important to find the dose that works for you. Hence, a CBD dosage calculator is ideal to help you experiment with the product and find the sweet spot.


Using this CBD oil dosage calculator

Remember, CBD is considered safe and not addictive by the World Health Organisation. That’s even at very high doses. So, if you’re starting out using CBD for the first time, and you don’t know what dose to start with, we recommend beginning at 50mg per day. This appears to work for many customers. But if you’re not feeling the desired effects, simply return to the dosage calculator and select a higher dose. Try that for 5 to 10 days and see how you get on.


If you’re still having trouble figuring out the right dosage for you, then all you need to do is speak to a GreenBox expert. We are always on hand for our customers. Just reach out on the Contact Us page. Or, just chat to us on the app in the bottom right of the page.