CBD for skin

Adding CBD to Your Wellness Routine

Thinking about adding CBD products to you wellness routine? There are so many choices, so it can seem a bit daunting. Today, we recommend the top four ways to start making CBD a part of your routine today.


#1 The CBD Kickstart

It can take 1-2 months of taking CBD consistently for the longer term effects like restoring balance to the body to kick in.  Much like any change in your wellness routine, such as drinking more water or eating more fruit and veg, little steps add up to big positive changes overtime.

One of the best sellers at GreenBox are the KannaSwiss Booster Shots.   These booster shots lead with powerful plant-based extracts including 20mg of CBD, curcumin and crocus. It packs a real punch and is a highly effective addition to the wellness routine. Try dropping a shot into a superfood smoothie to bring it a next-level health boost. Or, take a shot every Monday to kick-start your health for the week ahead. At 20 mg per dose, this allows you to start with a small dose and build up to overtime.  It is also a fun way to make something different for friends or family members who have never tried CBD oil before and are wondering what all the fuss is about.

#2 Skin

Is anybody happy with their skin? For reducing redness and helping to improve signs of wear and tear why not try CBD skincare product? We would recommend adding the CERIOUS Skin Soothing Serum to your preferred daily lotion or cream. CERIOUS incorporates 300mg of high-quality broad-spectrum CBD extract for an especially high strength effect. This pure extract contains skin-loving antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals providing cooling and calming effects for upset, irritated skin.

The product was designed by Vic Casale, co-founder of MAC cosmetics to blend with almost any skincare product on the market. Many companies infuse skincare products with CBD, but why change your current regime? Vic knows from his over 30 years in the beauty business not to mess with routine, and he created this CBD booster to enhance your existing skincare regime. Adding a few drops from the serum to any of your skincare products introduces the benefits of CBD while other amazing botanicals help soothe the skin.


#3 CBD for Calm

After you get comfortable adding CBD into a smoothie, it is time to consider adding CBD as a daily supplement. Beginners sometimes find CBD oils hard to dose or administer, so we recommend starting with capsules or gummies. The added benefit of the Love Hemp capsules is they come in high strength, so there are fewer CBD pills to pop.

The KannasSwiss Daily A-Zinc Gummies are packed with additional vitamins and minerals for the day. These vitamin gummies are formulated for an immunity boost too containing a blend of important vitamins to promote health and provide immune system support.

Starting with a dose of 20mg a day and ramping it up from there over 1-2 months is often the best approach. You should notice increased feelings of calm within a few weeks. And the less stressed out your brain is the better sleep you will likely have!


#4 Workouts

Any doubters about the powerful benefits of CBD need to introduce this plant-based dynamo into their workout routine. The Cerious Muscle Relief Balm fits easily into a gym bag and is sleekly designed to be the envy of those around you with its dark green glass container and bamboo top. Cerious incorporates 150 mg of high-quality broad-spectrum CBD extract with a unique time release formulation. This pure extract contains skin-loving antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

The CBD balm has a silky powder finish, mild scent, and a high concentration formula. This makes it practical to use day or night without the worry of feeling greasy or strong scented. Applying the balm to sore muscles post workout can help fight inflammation and improve recovery times. Supporting botanicals help fight bruising and provide a warming sensation when applied to affected areas.  Along with a CBD oil drink post workout, you will be all set to give it 100% for your next workout.