CBD Gummies vs CBD Oil: 5 Key Differences (+ Best Products)

CBD gummies vs oil: what’s the difference?

CBD gummies take longer to kick in, but they offer pre-measured and convenient dosing. 

On the other hand, CBD oils act faster but are trickier to dose

What’s more?

CBD gummies and oils also differ based on their ingredients, method of intake, and taste 

Let’s discuss these differences in detail. We’ll also highlight the best CBD gummy and CBD oil products and answer three FAQs

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CBD Gummies vs Oil: 5 Key Differences 

Here’s a quick overview of the main differences between CBD gummies and CBD oil:

  CBD Gummies CBD Oil 
Ingredients  CBD extract (usually in powdered form) and additional ingredients like vitamins and minerals  CBD extract and a carrier oil like MCT oil (coconut oil). 

Some CBD oils may contain other ingredients, like herb extracts, for added benefits.  

Method of Intake Orally (chew and swallow)  Sublingually (under the tongue) 
Time to Action  1.5-4 hours  15-30 minutes  
Dosage  Pre-measured, consistent dosage  Ability to adjust dosage  
Taste   Candy-like, sweet taste   Natural hemp taste (unless flavoured)  

Let’s dig a little deeper into these differences. 

Difference #1: Ingredients

Let’s look at what CBD gummies and oils are made of. 

A. CBD Gummies

These CBD edibles are fruit-flavoured candies containing cannabidiol (CBD) from the cannabis plant (specifically Cannabis sativa). 

The other main ingredients of CBD gummies are: 

  • Sugar (a lot!)
  • A thickener (such as gelatin) 
  • Flavouring 
Did you know: Most CBD gummies contain pork gelatin. If you prefer vegan-friendly options, try GreenBox’s CBD gummies

B. CBD Oils

CBD oils (aka hemp derived CBD oils) contain the CBD extract from the cannabis plant in a carrier oil like MCT oil, hemp seed oil, or olive oil. 

They may also contain other ingredients, like lemon balm, peppermint, etc., for added benefits and flavour. 

The good news? 

Unlike CBD gummies, almost all CBD oils are vegan and don’t have high sugar content. 

Moreover, CBD oils are generally available in two forms — CBD oil droppers and sprays. 

(More on this in a bit.)

Read More: Uncover everything you need to know about CBD Law in the UK. 

Difference #2: Method of Intake 

How you take CBD gummies and CBD oil differs greatly. 

Let’s explore these methods and how they affect the absorption of CBD.

A. CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are ingested orally. 

Pop a CBD gummy whenever you want to experience the desired benefits. 

The gummies pass through your digestive system before the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream. (Skip ahead to find out how long this takes.) 

The result?

CBD gummies have a lower bioavailability (about 6%). Bioavailability is the amount of CBD that finally reaches your bloodstream.

B. CBD Oils 

CBD oils are typically taken sublingually.


Place a few CBD oil drops below your tongue and wait 30-60 seconds before swallowing. 

Alternatively, spritz a few drops under the tongue or inside the cheeks if you’re using a CBD spray.

The benefit?

The sublingual method allows for faster CBD absorption

This happens because many capillaries (tiny blood vessels) are present under the tongue and in the cheek area. 

As a result, CBD oils have a greater bioavailability rate (about 13-20%) than CBD gummies. A higher bioavailability also means you’ll experience the effects of CBD quicker. 

Side Note: CBD oils and CBD oil tinctures may also be used in topical CBD products — meant to be used externally (on the skin).

But you might be wondering… 

What happens when CBD is absorbed?

Once absorbed (whether you use CBD gummies or oils), the cannabinoids interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

The ECS then regulates bodily functions responsible for pain, inflammation, anxiety, etc.   

Difference #3: Time to Action

Another significant difference between CBD gummy bears and oils is how long they take to show their effects. 

Let’s take a look:  

A. CBD Gummies 

A CBD infused gummy can take anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours to kick in as it needs to pass through the digestive system. 

This is the case for most CBD edibles, including a CBD capsule.

B. CBD Oils

It takes only about 15-30 minutes to experience the effects of CBD oil drops or sprays when taken sublingually.

Difference #4: Ease of Dosing 

Here’s how CBD gummy bears compare to CBD oils in terms of dosing: 

A. CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are sold in packs containing a pre-measured amount of CBD per gummy. 

This makes CBD gummies perfect for someone looking for a consistent dosage every time! 

B. CBD Oils 

CBD oils (droppers and sprays) offer flexible dosages, so you can decide how many drops you take. 

This ability to adjust the dose of CBD makes CBD oils an attractive choice for those who wish to experiment or regulate their intake frequently. 

Read more: Want to calculate the correct dose for you?  Use this Ultimate CBD Dosage Chart to get started!

Difference #5: Taste 

Sweet and candy-like or natural and earthy?

The two CBD products offer different tastes. 

Let’s look in detail.

A. CBD Gummies

Like regular gummy bears, CBD gummies tend to be fruit-flavoured — from tangy lime to yummy mixed-flavoured fruits. Perfect if you have a sweet tooth!

And thanks to their high sugar content, they taste like candy too!

Side Note: Sugar-free varieties of CBD gummies are also available. They usually contain artificial sweeteners to retain their sweet taste.

B. CBD Oils 

Unflavored CBD oils offer a natural, hemp-like, earthy taste. 


Since the natural taste is relatively neutral, CBD oil is the perfect ingredient for some DIY CBD edibles (think: CBD brownies, CBD gummies, and more).

Not a fan of the earthy taste? 

Here’s the good news: 

Most companies offer flavoured CBD oils to help mask the natural taste. Choose from irresistible flavours, like peppermint, orange, berry, etc.   

Now that we’ve covered the differences between CBD gummies and oils, you may be wondering…

CBD Oil vs CBD Gummies: Which Should You Try?

Here’s a quick checklist to consider before deciding which product is right for you:

A. Buy CBD Gummies if:

  • You want to fit your CBD supplements into your wellness routine discreetly. 
  • You want a pre-measured dosage every time.

B. Buy CBD Oils if:

  • You want to feel the effects of CBD in a quicker time frame. 
  • You would like to enjoy flexible dosing.
  • You want a versatile product (to play around with various recipes). 

But look:

Whichever product you prefer, seek medical advice from a healthcare professional before you invest in a CBD supplement. 

This helps you rule out potential side effects — especially if you take prescription medication.   

Top 3 CBD Gummies and Oils

Ready to give CBD a go?

Here are some fantastic vegan, THC-free CBD hemp oil products and gummies worth trying: 

A. CBD Gummies

  • Love Hemp 50mg CBD Jelly Domes (£4.99): These low-strength, vegan CBD jelly domes make for a perfect treat for beginners! Each jelly dome contains organic hemp extract and offers 5mg of CBD. Plus, you get a range of flavours like strawberry, blackcurrant, and orange.  
  • Mission C CBD + Multivitamin Gummies 300mg (£14.99): Looking for CBD edibles infused with multivitamins? Made with pure isolate CBD, Mission C’s gummies provide a CBD dosage of 10mg per gummy bear and contain vitamins like zinc and vitamin D to help you feel your best. 
  • Wicked Gummy Co 600mg CBD Gummy (£29.99): These vegan, lime-flavoured CBD edibles offer 20mg of CBD per gummy. They contain a unique blend of vitamins and minerals to support your immune system. Plus, GreenBox’s wellness experts have rated them the best CBD gummy in the UK!

B. CBD Oils  

Did you know: CBD can treat rare forms of epilepsy

Epidiolex is a form of medical cannabis approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that uses pure CBD extract to relieve epileptic symptoms.

Still got some questions? 

We’ve got you covered.

3 FAQs about CBD Products 

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding CBD products: 

1. Do CBD Gummies or Oils Get You High? 

No. You won’t get high from legal, THC-free CBD products.

Here’s the thing: 

While CBD may affect your mood, reduce stress, etc., it doesn’t have any intoxicating effects like THC. 

THC is the hemp or marijuana compound that makes you feel high. So it’s illegal in the UK. 

2. What to Look for When Buying CBD Products?

Here are a few things to remember when shopping around for CBD products: 

  • The type of CBD (CBD isolate , broad spectrum CBD, full spectrum CBD): Avoid full spectrum CBD oils or gummies as they contain trace amounts of THC and are illegal in the UK. Go for CBD isolate or broad spectrum CBD oils and gummies instead. 
  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA): The CoA provides the complete layout of ingredients, including the form of CBD used and their potency levels in a specific CBD product.  
  • Brand reputation: Look for reputable sellers who provide CoAs for their products and have good reviews, so you know exactly what you’re buying. 

3. Are Hemp Gummies the Same as CBD Gummies?

No. Unlike a CBD infused gummy, a hemp gummy contains almost no CBD.

Instead, a hemp gummy contains hemp extract (hemp seed oil), which offers benefits like improved skin and lower blood pressure.  

Did you know: CBD oil and hemp oil differ in their extraction? 

Hemp oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa), whereas CBD oil comes from the leaf, stalks, and flowers of the hemp plant.

CBD Gummies vs Oil: The Decision is Yours!

CBD gummies and oils are excellent ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD. 

But which of the two you decide to use is up to you. 

Prefer a consistent dosage and a discreet way to fit CBD into your wellness routine?

CBD gummies are a perfect fit. 

However, if the idea of a flexible dosage and a versatile product sound more like what you’re looking for, then go for CBD oils.

Wondering where you can find a variety of exceptional CBD products in the UK? 

Visit GreenBox and discover a wide range of CBD gummies, CBD oils, CBD topical products, CBD capsules, and more.