CBD Isolate Explained (Health Benefits, Top Products, FAQs)

Want all the benefits of CBD… without any of the THC high?

Then, you need CBD isolate products!

CBD Isolate is  100% THC-free, unlike its cousin — full spectrum CBD. 

What are the benefits of CBD isolate

And how does it compare to full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD?

Read on to explore everything you need to know about CBD isolate.

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What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is 99.9% pure CBD (cannabidiol) naturally extracted from the cannabis plant. 

CBD isolate DOES NOT include THC, plant oils, waxes, flavonoids, chlorophyll, and other plant compounds.

It might contain a small number of terpenes (the aromatic compounds in plants).  

However, these are negligible, making CBD isolate the purest form of CBD!

What does CBD isolate look like?

It’s a white crystalline CBD powder with no distinctive taste or smell. 

Mix the powder into edibles, carrier oil (MCT oil or coconut oil), or vaping liquids to enjoy CBD’s therapeutic effects.

Even better?

Isolates are the only CBD type you can manufacture synthetically! 

The synthetic version is an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) identical to the natural CBD isolate extract. (More on this later.

The GreenBox Top 5 CBD Isolate Picks 

  1. Vitality CBD 2400mg Berry Spray & Dropper (£29.99)
  2. Vitality CBD 1200mg Calm Support (£24.99)
  3. Love Hemp 300mg CBD Capsules (£14.99) 
  4. Gibson’s Goodology CBD Drinks Taster 3-Pack (£14.99)
  5. fourfive CBD Muscle Rub (£30)

(Discover why they are our hot favourites!)

CBD Isolate: Pros & Cons

CBD isolates offer various health benefits like other CBD types (full and broad spectrum). 

Use it to treat anxiety, stress, poor sleep, body pain, skin inflammation, and more. 

But here’s where pure CBD isolate has an edge on its counterparts:

  • If you’re worried about ingesting THC, CBD isolate is the safest form of CBD you can take. It’s 100% THC-free
  • CBD isolate is least likely to show up on a drug test since it’s 99% pure CBD.
  • Not a fan of the natural hempy taste of CBD? Go for CBD isolate! It doesn’t contain the hemp plant compounds that lend the natural bitter taste.   

Do isolates have any disadvantages?


Unlike full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD, isolates don’t provide the entourage effect — where various cannabinoids interact synergistically for more profound results. 

This makes CBD isolates weaker. 

You’ll need a higher dose to experience the same effect as a full spectrum or broad spectrum product.

Important: CBD is a safe substance. But at extremely high doses (above 100mg/day), you may experience fatigue, irritability, changes in appetite/weight, etc.

CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD

Here’s how CBD isolate differs from full spectrum CBD and broad spectrum CBD:

  CBD Isolate  Broad Spectrum CBD  Full Spectrum CBD 
 CBD Content 99%-99.9%   75%-90%  55%-70% 
 Contains Pure CBD extract  CBD and other cannabinoid compounds (CBDa, CBC, CBN, CBG), terpene, essential oils  CBD, CBDa, CBC, CBN, CBG, THC, THCA, THCV, terpene, lipids, fatty acids, chlorophyll 
 Entourage Effect While they are the purest form of CBD, isolates don’t have the entourage effect  It has the entourage effect (but not as strong as that of full spectrum CBD) It offers the best entourage effect due to the presence of THC 
Read More: Did you know there’s also CBD distillate? Check our comprehensive CBD distillate guide to learn more.

How is CBD Isolate Made?

CBD isolates are manufactured naturally (from the cannabis plant) as well as synthetically

Let’s dive into each process:

1. Natural CBD Isolate

Here’s how the natural hemp plant extraction process goes:

  • Extraction: Once the plant material is collected, CBD is extracted through CO2 or ethanol extraction.
  • Winterisation: The hemp extract is soaked in alcohol and frozen. This separates the oil from unwanted plant fats and waxes.
  • Filtration: Filter plates are used to remove plant solids from the CBD distillate.
  • Decarboxylation: The carboxylic acid and CO2 are removed from the product, converting the acidic cannabinoid (CBDa) into CBD.  
  • Distillation: The CBD oil is distilled under a vacuum to isolate the pure CBD extract from the terpenes and volatiles.
  • Crystallization: Most manufacturers do this to give the CBD isolate oil a crystalline structure. 

The water soluble CBD liquid is heated, stirred, cooled down, and stirred again, converting the isolated CBD oil into the CBD crystal form.  

Popular CBD isolate brands include Love Hemp, Vitality CBD, and fourfive.

2. Synthetic CBD Isolate

Usually, synthetic CBD isolate is manufactured through:

  • Biological synthesis with yeast and other bacteria, or 
  • Chemical synthesis with limonene (a terpene) and other similar ingredients

The final result? 

A crystalline powder you can mix with different products (carrier oils and others).

But how does it compare to natural isolates?

Natural CBD might have 0.1%-1% plant terpenes after extraction. But synthetic CBD has no plant leftovers — it’s 100% pure CBD.

Some brands with synthetic CBD products include Pureis and Biosportart.

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CBD Isolate Product Types

Isolated CBD comes in different forms, such as:

  • CBD isolate powder: A CBD isolate powder is a concentrated product. A CBD user can either take it on its own or mix the CBD isolate crystal powder in carrier oil (MCT oil or coconut oil), topicals, or beverages.
  • CBD isolate liquid: You can take CBD isolate liquids orally or add a few drops into your favourite drinks and snacks. 
  • CBD isolate slab: You can add it to vape liquids or crush it into CBD isolate powder.
  • Terpsolate: Some manufacturers add healthy hemp terpenes back into the CBD isolate. But this gives the final product a distinct hempy aroma and taste.
  • Other products: CBD isolate is available as CBD patch products, sprays, tinctures, capsules, topicals, and CBD edibles.

How to Choose the Best CBD Isolate Product

To buy high-quality CBD isolate products, check the product’s:

  • Certificate of Analysis (COA): A trustworthy brand will have an up-to-date Certificate of Analysis (COA) from a third-party lab. 
  • CBD source: Choose brands that are transparent about their sources. Ideally, look for products sourced from organically grown hemp.
  • CBD type: Buy CBD isolates If you prefer a 100% THC free product. But if you want the entourage effect, consider a broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD product (trace amounts of THC).
  • CBD strength: Decide whether you want a low, medium, or high-strength product.  
  • Ingredients: Always check the ingredients. Many CBD products are marketed misleadingly and may contain only hemp oil (AKA hempseed oil — which has almost no CBD.) 

If the ingredient list doesn’t mention CBD extract/hemp extract, it most likely doesn’t contain CBD!

  • Contaminants: Check if the product is free of heavy metals and other contaminants.

At GreenBox, we only offer the best CBD products from trusted brands like Love Hemp, 

Provacan, and Vitality CBD. 

Each product is THC-free and contains no pesticides, heavy metals, or other contaminants. They also pass strict quality and safety checks for your peace of mind. 

Top 5 CBD Isolate Products for 2022 

Not sure what CBD product to purchase? 

Try our favourite isolate products:

The taster pack offers three refreshing flavours — green tea & passion fruit, jasmine tea & rhubarb, and shiso tea & blueberry. 

  • fourfive CBD Muscle Rub (£30)

    This pure CBD isolate balm is ideal for athletes and gym goers. Apply it to your sore and tired muscles and experience its magic.

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4 CBD Isolate FAQs

Some common CBD isolate-related questions are:

1. How to Use CBD Isolate?

Depending on the product type, you can take CBD isolate:

  • Orally: Ingest water soluble CBD isolate products like CBD edibles, beverages, and capsules.
  • Sublingually: CBD oil and spray products are best taken under the tongue for faster absorption.
  • Topically: Gently apply CBD isolate muscle balms, face creams, serums, and massage oils directly to your skin. You can also use a CBD bath bomb or bath salts for a relaxing bath experience.
  • Inhaling: CBD e liquids are used for vaping.

2. Is CBD Isolate Legal in the UK?

The UK Parliament legalised CBD (and other cannabinoids like CBDa) in 2018. 

All CBD products that are 100% THC free are legal in the UK, including isolates.  

However, THC is a controlled substance in the UK. CBD products with even trace amounts of THC are illegal in the country.

Read More: Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the CBD Law in the UK in 2022.

3. Will CBD Isolate Get You High?

CBD isolate WILL NOT make you high! 

It contains no THC (the cannabis compound that gives you the “high” feeling).

4. Will CBD Isolate Show up on a Drug Test?

CBD isolate doesn’t have THC, so it’s less likely to test positive. 

To be safe, only buy CBD products from trusted brands like Love Hemp or Vitality CBD.  

Some less reputable companies may market their products as 100% THC-free. But it may still contain trace amounts (which can give you a positive drug test).

Enjoy a Relaxing THC-free Experience with CBD Isolates!

CBD isolates are perfect if you prefer the purest form of CBD, with no THC or other cannabinoids.  

Ready to try CBD isolate?

Head to GreenBox and pick 100% safe, high-quality CBD products. We offer a range of CBD isolate products sourced exclusively from trustworthy brands!