novel foods

CBD & Novel Foods Regulation

Novel foods has arrived and the CBD industry is taking it in its stride. Every GreenBox brand that sells ingestible CBD has already submitted an application to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) before the March 31/2021 deadline. This is a great reassurance to consumers that CBD products on the shelf are safe, reliable and high quality.

But what is novel foods, is it a good thing, and what does it mean for the industry? We unveil the facts about it all.


What are novel foods?

Novel foods are foods which were not widely consumed by people before May 1997. There is an authorisation process to launch a novel food product into the market safely. The UK’s FSA is responsible for the process. This process exists to protect consumers from toxic or unsafe food products.

There are plenty of products on the market today that you’d never know were novel foods. For example, chia seeds, or baobab oil. The FSA considers them novel because they were uncommon in the UK. There are less obvious examples, too. E.g. bread treated with ultraviolet light to boost its vitamin D levels.


CBD & novel foods

CBD is another such ingredient that the FSA decided should be treated as novel. So, in January 2019 they made this ruling, and it sent the CBD industry into a flurry of preparation. As a result, CBD oil suppliers in UK and brands would now have to submit a detailed report to the FSA by 31st March 2021. This deadline has now just passed.

The FSA must now review all the applications, inform the industry which companies have filed, and provide responses.

This novel foods report is exhaustive and must show that the product can be produced consistently, is totally safe for consumption, and is stable. It means that only CBD suppliers who have approved FSA applications can continue to supply the emerging CBD industry.


What we’ve done at GreenBox

We think this is a very good step for the CBD industry. It gives consumers comfort that CBD products on the shelves are safe, reliable, and trusted.

We have been working hard in the background with our CBD brands to monitor their approval progress. We can now confirm that all ingestible CBD brands on GreenBox have submitted novel foods applications. From here, each CBD brand will work with the FSA to secure approval.

The few low quality CBD brands that were freely selling potentially unsafe CBD are now out of the picture. This will allow the brands that we already partner with to further thrive and help more consumers than ever feel the benefits of CBD.