CBD Oil for Dogs UK: 5 Puptastic Products for 2023 (+ FAQs)

Love CBD oil for its therapeutic benefits and wondering if it may be equally valuable for your beloved dog?

As a pet owner, you may have heard (or read) that CBD products can help your fur baby deal with separation anxiety, epilepsy, and other health conditions. 

But before buying the best CBD oil or pet treat for dogs, you must understand its legal nuances.

To help you, we’ll discuss the VMD’s take on pet CBD products and highlight five CBD products you could get for your dogs.  

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CBD Oil for Dogs UK: Understanding the Nuances

CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical compound found in the hemp plant or cannabis plant. 

It acts on our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) receptors, exerting multiple health benefits on the immune system and nervous system, such as:

  • Improving physical and mental wellbeing
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Alleviating chronic pain
  • Boosting appetite 

Interestingly, dogs and other animals also have this cannabinoid receptor system. So you may be able to see the beneficial effects of CBD in them as well.

But you must be careful about the CBD products you use for your doggo.

The safe CBD dosage for animals hasn’t yet been determined, unlike for humans.  

Let’s explore this in detail… 

A. What does the VMD Say?

In the UK, veterinary products containing CBD are regarded as veterinary medicine by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD). 

As a result, all CBD products (pet treat, pet CBD oil, CBD spray, etc.) for animal use require a marketing authorisation before being sold in the UK. 

However, as of August 2022, no CBD oil products are authorised for veterinary use in the UK. 

Yet, many pet CBD oils and treats are available on the market

But since these aren’t authorised for veterinary use, you should be careful. 

Moreover, some products may contain THC — which has psychoactive effects and can worsen your dog’s health.  

B. What does the VMD permit?

While it’s illegal to use an unauthorised veterinary CBD product in the UK (Regulation 8 of the VMR), you may still be able to reap the benefits of CBD for your furry friend.


The veterinary medicines directorate’s prescribing cascade allows your vet to prescribe a legally obtained human CBD oil.

If they believe that a human CBD oil or CBD oil tincture can be an effective treatment for your dog, they can:

Note: Full spectrum CBD oils contain trace amounts of THC, which can have adverse side effects on your dog. So it’s best to stay away from such products.

  • Tell you the recommended CBD dosage based on your dog’s health condition, body weight, etc.
  • Emphasise special precautions you must take while using CBD oil.
  • Explain the potential side effects (like vomiting, dry mouth, etc.) and the measures to take in those situations. 

Following these recommendations can help you choose the best human CBD oil for dogs that offers pain relief, increased relaxation, and much more.

3 Paw-some CBD Oils for Humans that may be Safe for Dogs

Let’s look at the three best CBD oil brands (for humans) that you may be able to use for dogs:

1. Infinity CBD 500mg Hemp Oil Drops (£29.99) — 4.8/5

Infinity CBD 500mg CBD Oil

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Did the vet recommend a broad spectrum CBD oil?

Try the Infinity CBD hemp oil drops with high-quality broad spectrum CBD extract! 

Vegan and THC-free, it comes in a low concentration formula that may be ideal for your pupper.

  • Branding: Infinity CBD uses the best lab-tested CBD and ingredients to create natural products like CBD edibles, CBD cream, etc. CBD and carrier oil are the only ingredients in their CBD oil drops (no additives).
  • CBD content: 500mg in 10ml
  • Ingredients: Cannabis sativa extract, Olea europaea fruit oil (olive oil) as the carrier oil 
  • Value (per 5mg dose): £0.29 — a reasonably priced high-quality CBD oil.

2. Love Hemp 1200mg Natural CBD Oil (£49.99) — 4.8/5

Love Hemp Natural 1200mg CBD Oil

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Another great pick in the broad spectrum category is the THC-free, broad spectrum CBD oil from Love Hemp!

As a dog owner, you’ll love this vegan food supplement for its easy and accurate dosing.

  • Branding: Love Hemp uses organic hemp grown in the USA under strict standards. The brand extracts CBD employing the cleanest methods to preserve the flavonoids and terpenes while keeping it free from THC and harmful chemicals. 
  • CBD content: 1200mg in 30ml
  • Ingredients: CBD hemp extract, coconut oil (MCT oil), natural organic flavourings
  • Value (per 5mg dose): £0.20 — a mid-range CBD oil with additional MCT oil benefits. It also offers more strength than the Infinity CBD oil drops.

3. Vitality CBD 1200mg Natural CBD Oil (£19.99) — 4.8/5 

Vitality CBD 1200mg Natural Drops

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Experience the amazing benefits of CBD with these Vitality CBD natural CBD drops. 

With pure CBD extract (0.0% THC levels), these vegan drops can help your dog maintain an overall healthy balance and be their usual self again! 

  • Branding: Vitality CBD aims to provide a superior experience by offering the best CBD oils, clear dosing instructions, and an extensive knowledge base. The brand also sells products like CBD spray, CBD skincare cream, and CBD gel for human use.
  • CBD content: 1200mg in 30ml
  • Ingredients: CBD, raw organic hemp seed oil (carrier oil)
  • Value (per 5mg dose): £0.08 — a pocket-friendly, safe way to start your dog’s CBD journey.
Looking for another beginner-friendly CBD oil?
Check out the vegan Blessed CBD 500mg CBD Oil Drops (£39.95).

With zero THC levels, this non-GMO product only contains broad spectrum CBD extract and hemp seed oil (no other additives). However, it’s slightly more expensive at £0.39 per 5mg CBD dosage.

All these CBD oils have been specifically designed for humans. 

But since they don’t contain THC or other harmful additives, your vet may consider them safe for your furry friends too.

2 CBD Oils Specially Formulated for Dogs

Let’s now look at two CBD products that are specifically for dogs:  

1. Incr-edibles CBD Oil for Dogs 600mg (£25.00) — 4.9/5

Incr-edibles CBD for Dogs

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Incr-edibles CBD Oil for Dogs is a vegan-friendly pet CBD product. It contains 0.0% THC to protect your dog from the harmful psychoactive effects of the cannabinoid. 

What’s so special about this CBD product?

It comes with a strength of 1 mg CBD per drop.

So as a dog owner, you can easily calculate the exact doses of CBD to add to your dog’s food.

  • Branding: Based in Scotland, the brand offers innovative CBD products like truffles, honey, and CBD dog treats, to make the CBD experience a pleasurable one.  
  • CBD content: 600mg in 30ml 
  • Ingredients: CBD isolate, pure MCT oil
  • Value (per 5mg dose): £0.21 — a mid-range product with the best ratings.

2. Just CBD CBD Oil For Dogs 500mg (£42.60) — 3.8/5

Just CBD for Pets Chicken 100mg

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Just CBD’s chicken-flavoured pet CBD oil can provide numerous health benefits to your canine pals, like joint support and increased relaxation.

The product may be safe for your dog as it’s free of pesticides, herbicides, and THC.

  • Branding: The brand focuses on the honest representation of the ingredients and creating industry-leading quality products like CBD pet treats topicals, full spectrum CBD oil, and more.
  • CBD contents: 500mg in 30ml
  • Ingredients: Medium chain triglyceride oil, industrial hemp derived cannabidiol (CBD), chicken flavour
  • Value (per 5mg dose): £0.43 — considerably higher price point, but the chicken flavour may make it worthwhile (more loving licks)!
Searching for a product specifically for your dog’s osteoarthritis?
Try the Honest Paws 125 mg CBD Oil for Dogs – Mobility (£32.70)!

It’s enriched with turmeric extract (anti-inflammatory properties) and may offer pain relief and joint support. You can also opt for their Relief CBD treats (£20.50) if you prefer CBD edibles.

But remember:

While these CBD oils are created specifically for dogs, they aren’t authorised to be marketed for pets in the UK.

Additionally, some brands may wrongfully market hemp oil as CBD oil. 

How are they different?

Hemp oil is essentially hemp seed oil and doesn’t contain any hemp plant cannabinoids. 

To avoid falling for hemp oils, check the product’s:

  • Price: If it’s £12 or less, it could just be hemp seed oil.
  • Ingredients: If it doesn’t mention ‘CBD extract’ or ‘hemp extract’, it’s best to avoid it.

Thoroughly research and consult your vet before buying CBD treats or oils for your furry friend. It can help you avoid unnecessary legal and medical complications.

Safe CBD Oil = Happy and Healthy Doggo!

CBD oil can ease your dog’s health woes like anxiety, pain, and more by interacting with their endocannabinoid system. 

However, not all CBD oil products are created equal.

Refer to this guide and consult your vet before trying out any CBD product for your pet. 

To purchase high-quality, dog-friendly CBD oils from reputed brands like Love Hemp, visit GreenBox! We only offer what’s best for you and your fur babies’ wellness.