how to use cbd oil for pain under the tongue

How to Use CBD Oil Under the Tongue for Pain Relief (Steps, Tips)

Taking CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue) can work wonders for pain management.

But as effective as this method is, it could be quite tricky for a beginner.

Let’s explore the sublingual technique and its benefits in detail.

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How to Use CBD Oil For Pain Under Tongue?

Follow these simple steps to take CBD (cannabidiol) oil under your tongue:

  • Measure your required CBD dosage in a dropper or spoon. If you’re using a CBD spray, determine the total sprays you’ll need.
  • Open your mouth, roll your tongue up, and carefully spray or drop the oil in the cavity between your tongue and the mouth floor. But don’t swallow yet!
  • Let the oil sit under the tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. With practice, you can wait up to two minutes for even better absorption.

Note: Like CBD oil (CBD extract with a carrier oil), you can also sublingually take CBD tincture (CBD extract with alcohol).

How Does Sublingual CBD Oil Work?

When you take CBD oil or tincture sublingually, your body absorbs it via the mucous membranes — instead of the digestive system.

Once absorbed, it stimulates the CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors in your body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). 

The CB (cannabinoid) receptors signal the body to activate its inflammation and pain control mechanism.

3 Smart Tips to Perfect the Sublingual CBD Method

When taken sublingually, cannabidiol can be highly effective for pain relief.

But not sure if you can pull off the sublingual CBD method correctly?

Here are three tips to take your cannabis plant or hemp extract under the tongue like a pro:

1. Do the Prep Work

Taking CBD oil under the tongue can get messy (read drooly), especially if you don’t enjoy the pure CBD flavour.

Doing some prep work could enhance your sublingual CBD experience:

  • Avoid eating right before taking your cannabis oil drops, as it can interfere with CBD absorption.
  • Use a mirror to position the dropper correctly and count your drops.
  • Keep some tissues handy to clean up.
  • Have some water or honey to mask the flavour after you swallow the oil.
Prefer a flavoured CBD oil for a more enjoyable experience? Try Vitality CBD’s lemon-flavoured CBD oil! In addition to all its CBD goodness, this CBD product provides the benefits of coconut oil (MCT oil), turmeric, and vitamin D.

2. Avoid Low-Quality Oils

A cheap CBD oil drop may contain low-grade and unsafe ingredients that irritate the sensitive skin under your tongue. 

It may lead to an extremely dry mouth, cause a burning sensation or an allergic reaction, spoiling your CBD experience. 

This also applies to other CBD products, like a CBD tincture or CBD gummy and CBD topicals (balms and creams). 

So ensure you purchase from the best CBD oil brands like Love Hemp and Vitality CBD.

Note: Seek immediate medical advice if you experience any side effects when taking CBD products.

3. Use CBD Spray for a No-Fuss Experience

Want to ditch the dropper altogether? 

Go for CBD sprays!

It’s a convenient way to take the correct amount of CBD without any guesswork or messy spills.

If you’re searching for the best CBD spray, try this Vitality CBD spray with a tantalising berry flavour! It uses natural flavouring and is free from THC and heavy metals.

How to use CBD spray

Why You Should Take CBD Oil Sublingually

Under the tongue administration is one of the most effective ways to take CBD oils. 

Here’s why:

  • It’s a relatively quick and easy way to take a cannabis oil product. You don’t need to use complicated vapes or inhale any smoke to feel the desired effects of CBD. 
  • It has better bioavailability than edibles (CBD capsule, gummy) or topicals (CBD balm, cream).
  • You’ll experience faster pain relief with the sublingual method (within 15-30 min) than oral (30-120 min) or topical (25-45 min) administration.

Ease Your Pain With Sublingual CBD! 

Taking a CBD product under your tongue provides chronic pain relief and other health benefits.

Use the steps and tips we mentioned to master the technique and maximise the benefits of CBD.

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