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Top Five UK CBD Muscle Balm Reviews and Buyer Guide

The CERIOUS Muscle Relief CBD Balm with time-release technology wins the top spot in our in-depth UK review. In close second place, Vitality CBD’s Muscle & Joint Gel still offers great results and at a lower price.

Read on to find the best CBD balm for you!

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The CBD muscle balm range in the UK is now wildly popular. More and more people are searching out natural solutions to ease aches and pains, or workout induced inflammation.

However, there are so many balms on the market today. Some are very cheap, while others can have price tags of over £50! How each topical muscle balm is made also varies widely, and this can impact the absorption and efficacy. So, how should you choose?

Daisy Kim, the resident wellness expert at GreenBox, has tried and tested five of the top CBD muscle balms available in the UK today. Her thorough reviews give you the first hand experiences of what these products are really like to use.

Let’s go!

Top Five CBD Muscle Balm Reviews

#1 (23.5/30) – CERIOUS Muscle Relief Balm

Cerious Muscle Relief Balm

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Overall: The CERIOUS muscle balm just makes it ahead of Vitality CBD and clinches the #1 spot in our review. We just love this balm! Yes, it’s expensive, but it works. And as we only needed a small amount each time, we suspect in the long run it works out as affordable as an average priced balm. Plus, it gave us real relief for multiple hours longer than other options. If you can stomach the £43 price point, this is the balm to go for.

Finally, we get huge reassurance from the fact that it was formulated by Victor Casale. He founded MAC Cosmetics, one of the most iconic cosmetics brands in the world, and he led the formulation for this muscle balm. Casale managed to pack this 30 ml formula with multiple botanical goodies while adding time release technology to enhance CBD usage. This is a premium product worth the money.

Branding: The team at CERIOUS have put care and effort into creating a lifestyle brand promoting the power of the plant. The slogan “active plant-based therapy” is an appropriate mantra. The green leaves on the packaging represent the different botanical ingredients in the product.  An opaque green glass jar adds prestige, while the bamboo and child-proof top add further class. (4/5)

Scent: A pleasant and mild scent versus other medicinal smelling products on the market. what we noticed here is the scent falls away fairly quickly, which we liked. For this reason it appeals nicely to both sexes and won’t overwhelm any perfume or cologne. (5/5)

Application: The product has something called a “powder finish”. This makes it much less greasy than other products on the market, so it has a huge advantage. It absorbs beautifully and we found you really need to apply a minimal amount to get some muscle relief versus other balms. Again, the formulation puts it a cut above the rest, here. (5/5)

CBD content: Optically it looks to be at the low end with just 150 mg in a 30 ml jar. However, as it is a slightly smaller jar, it still works out at an average 0.5% CBD strength, which is fine. The party trick we loved about this product is it’s time-release technology: half the CBD is able to take effect quickly, while the other half releases slowly over multiple hours. This meant it was the only balm we found that delivered multiple hour relief form muscle and joint aches. It’s the only muscle balm on the market with this novel technology. Yes, it’s not super high strength, but what it does have really makes the difference. 4/5)

Ingredients: Arnica Mountain Flower is the main botanical and helps with inflammation.  The vanillyl butyl ether provides the warming sensation and increased micro circulation on the skin. There are some unique ingredients here, and it’s 99% plant based which we loved. (4/5)

Value: We think this is probably the most effective CBD muscle balm on the UK market that we have come across. Its robust formulation and technical features make it stand out from competitors. But, it does come at a higher price point of £43.00. We think it’s worth the price. Still, we must dock points for this as it’s likely out of reach for those on a tighter budget. (1.5/5)


#2 (23/30) – Vitality CBD Muscle & Joint Gel

Vitality CBD Muscle & Joint Gel

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Overall: Vitality CBD’s Gel scores well on all the major points. It’s a great value option, has a lovely variety of plant extracts, a good dose of CBD, and is a joy to use. For these reasons the Vitality CBD Muscle Gel makes it to the top of our reviews list. It’s also reassuring to know that Vitality CBD is one of the leaders in the industry, so you know you’re buying a reputable brand.

Branding: What you see is what you get with Vitality CBD. It’s a fairly neutral and slightly medicinal branding. It fits well on the pharmacy shelf and wouldn’t look out of place. (3/5)

Scent: The scent is a pleasant one thanks to the blend of cooling camphor and peppermint. It’s also not over-powering, which can be a real turn-off with other balms. You can apply this after a run, or in the morning as part of our routine. And you can rest assured it’s not going to linger with you for the entire day. Mild, but not intrusive. (3/5)

Application: It’s a somewhat different consistency to the other balms as it’s technically a Gel. This was a deliberate move by Vitality CBD, however. You can apply this product a little more liberally on the problem area and it’ll absorb rapidly. It won’t leave you feeling greasy as many other balms do. And because you can apply more, it’s a delight to massage with. We liked using this one for these reasons. (4/5)

CBD content: Again, this product scores well here at 500mg of CBD. The CBD is also sourced only from organic hemp from US farms to produce the CBD that goes into these products. We did note that the jar is larger than others, so at 500mg of CBD, this gives it an overall CBD strength of 0.5%. This is a little lower than average. However, as it’s a gel format we found we naturally applied more on each occasion, so it probably washes out versus other more concentrated balms out there. (3.5/5)

Ingredients: If you’ve got sore or inflamed joints, this can be a really soothing option to apply. Alongside the CBD there is also cooling peppermint and camphor. Both these ingredients are anti-inflammatories and bring rapid cooling relief, and gives time for the CBD to do its work. We always prefer CBD muscle balms that choose to complement the CBD with other natural plant extracts. This product does it very well here, too. (4/5)

Value: In what is becoming a hallmark for Vitality CBD, you can enjoy this quality without breaking the bank. This product comes in at a pleasing £21.99, among the best price points available. And this is what helps the Vitality CBD Muscle & Joint Gel win the #2 spot in our review. (5/5)

#3 (20.5/30) – Infinity CBD Muscle Salve

Infinity CBD Muscle Salve

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Overall: The Infinity CBD Muscle Salve is such a great option for the casual user who has the occasional gripe. It’s slightly more expensive at £34.99, but this reflects the pure and effective ingredient in the tin, and the good CBD strength. We also adore the fact it’s made in rural Wales. The Infinity team really delivers on this muscle balm, in our opinion. It’s one of the best ones we have tried at this price point.

Branding: A chic tin with a screw lid gives this brand strong credentials as the king of the value brands. We actually found it to be a very enjoyable experience handling the tin and unscrewing it to reveal what is a lovely and all natural balm. (4/5)

Scent: The addition of peppermint provides a fresh and crisp scent although the product still smells somewhat medicinal due to the addition of camphor. It’s not as strong-smelling as the Fourfive Rub, however. (3.5/5)

Application: A little less greasy but the product still takes a bit of time to dry on the skin. (3/5)

CBD content: High at 500mg, but like the Vitality CBD Gel, it’s a larger container at 100ml. The overall CBD strength comes out at an average 0.5%. This is fine and it’s enough to make an impact. (3/5)

Ingredients: The main ingredient Camphor is a terpene commonly used in creams, ointments, and lotions.  It is used for its anti-inflammatory properties and to relieve skin irritation. (4/5)

Value: At £34.99, this is priced slightly above the mid point of the CBD muscle balms that we tried. However, you do get a great quality product for the price. (3/5)


#4 (19.5/30) – Fourfive CBD Muscle Rub

Fourfive CBD Muscle Rub

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Overall: This is a good all-rounder for the active gym-goer. It works well, it was fine to apply, and there’s enough CBD in there to make a difference to your achey joints. The scent is a bit of a put-off though, and so it might put off some of the ladies. It is reassuring though that the product is designed by former rugby players George Kruis and Dominic Day after dealing with a litany of rugby related injuries in 2018.

Branding: The branding is is crisp and allows for Fourfive to highlight its Informed Sport certification for athletes.  This is important as many questions have cropped up about failed drug tests for athletes due to cannabinoid use.  Athletes who see these logos on a product can be assured it has undergone a rigorous screening programme for banned substances in sport and is safer to use.  The pot is easy to stuff in a gym bag or even a coat pocket, but is all plastic, which Fourfive is looking to replace with a more sustainable option. (4/5)

Scent: The menthol in this product overwhelms the other ingredients and makes it smell much more medicinal. This might put off some women who don’t want competition with their perfume scent. However, this product is geared towards the male population, who may care less about this issue. Still, we knock a few points off for this as it’s not for everyone. (2/5)

Application: Unlike other muscle balms which can be goopy, this comes in a more solidified format, which makes it easier to apply a smaller amount of the skin. It does suffer from being a bit greasy though. It did absorb well into the skin within ten minutes, and that redeems it. (3.5/5)

CBD content: About average with 300 mg for a 45 ml jar. In terms of CBD strength, it works out at a respectable 0.7% CBD concentration. (4.0/5)

Ingredients: Menthol does most of the heavy lifting in this formulation, providing the cooling sensation but also comes with a medicinal like smell. Lavender oil is great for calming inflammation while Calendula oil also serves this purpose. It’s good but no truly unique ingredients here. (3/5)

Value: At £30, this product sits firmly in the middle of the range for muscle balms. The application is much better than the value muscle balms on the market,  but it still is held back somewhat by the medicinal smell of the product. This shouldn’t be an issue for an athlete, but makes it less likely you can apply this product before heading into an office or meeting. (3/5)


#5 (12/30) – Holland & Barrett CBD Muscle Balm Extra

Holland & Barrett CBD Muscle Balm Extra

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Overall: The first muscle balm we purchased to review was this product from Holland & Barrett.  Its effectiveness on a knee tired from running was the impetus for us exploring CBD in our daily regime. We originally bought the H&B CBD Muscle Balm.  This is an entry level product from Holland & Barrett and the price seems attractive at first, but then you realize there is n0t much CBD in this product. H&B does offer a large 100ml size for a higher price, but the CBD content remains the same at 50mg, which means this is a more expensive option on a per CBD mg basis. For those looking for higher strength, H&B does offer the CBD Muscle Balm Ultra range, which comes with a respectable amount of CBD at 300mg. Overall, there are much better products out there and it’s worth spending a little more for those, in our opinion.

Branding: Basic with a yellow label and glass jar, appears to be going for the apothecary look. (1/5)

Scent: Medicinal and strong. No mention of a commitment to sustainability, although the products are vegan friendly. (2/5)

Application: It is quite greasy going on with a strong odour.  It takes quite a long-time to dry (15+ minutes) and there is a slight warming/burning feel after you apply, likely due to the other active ingredients. (1/5)

CBD content: Low at 50mg. And as it’s a 50ml jar, the strength is a meagre 0.1%. Hardly anything..! (1/5)

Ingredients: The active ingredient is capsicum.   The fruit of most species of pepper contains capsaicin, a lipophilic chemical that can product a strong burning sensation. (3/5)

Value: At £19.99, this is an entry level balm, but does not have much CBD content and thus higher prices brands provide better options. (4/5)


Your Guide to Buying a CBD Muscle Balm

#1 CBD strength – Does it Matter?

The muscle balms on the market range from 50 mg of CBD to 600 mg of CBD. On some level, it is important to have enough CBD in the product to take advantage of the relevant features. Anything around 150mg is useful and a great entry level product for those new to CBD while 300mg and higher would be considered high strength. Be careful of product size, as the cheaper products sell in large 100 ml sizes, while the best products on the market sell in 30 and 60 ml sizes.

#2 Storage – Room Temperature or Cooler

Most muscle balms have one thing in common: they become unstable under a higher than room temperature. Above 25 degrees Celsius, the product will likely turn to goop. At higher temperatures it can completely liquify! The product when cooled will often reconstitute and can still be used but of course the chemistry of the formulation will have changed plus the distribution of the CBD in the product. So, do not leave it in your car or in a non-air conditioned room as next time you go to use it you will be in for a surprise. It is best to keep it in a cool cabinet or drawer away from natural sunlight.

#3 Pricing – Formulation is Worth Paying For

The products range in price from £15-£45. At the cheaper end, the formulations are basic with CBD likely an isolate and not the broad-spectrum CBD we would recommend.  At the high-end, products formulations are enhanced with differentiated technology.

#4 Effectiveness – How Long Does it Last?

This will depend on the amount of CBD and each individual endocannabinoid system. However, for a topical application over a few days, you could expect to see some improvement. There are products on the market with encapsulation and time release technology which slowly release CBD over four to five hours as opposed to immediately. These products trade at a premium to others on the market, but we feel the premium is justified as it extends the potential effectiveness of the product.

#5  Application – How Much to Apply?

The cheaper formulations on the market bulk up their formulation with extra base to make it seem like you are purchasing a lot of CBD. For example, a 100ml size for these products is standard, but really it just dilutes the effectiveness of the CBD.  We are fans of smaller sizes, with similar or higher CBD content. For these formulations, you can get away with applying much smaller amounts, which dry quicker and are less odorous than the larger sized products which encourage a consumer to slather on the product. Therefore, although the product is smaller in size, they can last a number of months.

#6 Ingredients – Other Plants Matter

The plant ingredients work together, so it is important to know what other ingredients are in the product. They can work together to help ease inflammation as the plant world is filled with natural remedies. A common ingredient across products is capsicum, which is found in red peppers and turmeric and is known to help relieve inflammation. There are more expensive botanical options like Arnica Montana Flower extract, found in premium products.


Experience the Benefits of CBD Balms

CBD has many different uses, and whether you wish to use it orally or as a topical application, GreenBox has a range of plant-based products that use the power of nature to bring you many benefits. Our CBD balm forms part of this range, and gets to work quickly so that you soon start feeling the benefits.
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What is a CBD Balm?

CBD balm includes the ingredient CBD, which is also known as cannabidiol. These are naturally found cannabinoids that are found in both the hemp plant and cannabis plant. By extracting CBD from the hemp plant, it means that it does not contain THC. At GreenBox, our CBD balm for pain is completely legal in the UK.

CBD is often known for its pain-relieving properties, and while we cannot make health claims, we urge you to do your own research into the clinical studies that have already been undertaken.

Whether you are suffering from muscle aches or joint pain, many people have found that pain-relieving CBD balm brings them the relief they need.

It can usually be applied directly to the area that needs pain relief. Our CBD balms are also available with other natural ingredients, such as oils and butter, to leave your skin feeling fantastic.

CBD balm does not just need to be saved for when you are in pain. It can also be used for healthy skin and as a great way to remove your day’s make-up.

The Best CBD Muscle Rub in the UK

As part of our search for the most ethical, unique, and safe suppliers of CBD we work with two companies that we believe create the very best CBD muscle rubs in the UK.

Infinity CBD is a UK-based company that was started by a group of fibromyalgia sufferers, looking for ways to combat the varying symptoms they suffered with. That has developed from this is a handcrafted, small batch range of CBD products that are specifically designed with long time sufferers of fibromyalgia in mind. The Infinity CBD Nature’s Balm is a great topical CBD balm for muscles – and while it might not be named a muscle rub, the combination of high strength CBD (300mg) alongside natural ingredients like almond and coconut oil, as well as Vitamin E, offers many benefits.

Although not crafted in the UK, we have chosen to partner with CERIOUS – a CBD product company that is based in California. CERIOUS is the culmination of a partnership between Victor Casale, the founding partner and Chief Chemist at MAC Cosmetics and Starling Brands, a cannabis and hemp extraction leader.

CERIOUS Muscle Relief Balm is quite possibly the best CBD muscle rub online, thanks to the unique combination of plants and minerals that create soothing, warming, and long-lasting muscle relief. Alongside 150mg of high quality, broad spectrum CBD that has a unique time-release formulation, you will also find hemp, arnica montana flower extract and cork oat root extract in a high concentration formulation so a little goes a long way.

Get Your CBD Balm from GreenBox

You can get your CBD balm online directly from GreenBox. If you spend more than £30, you can enjoy free UK delivery within 48 hours. With many different products available, browse through our site and see what attracts you.

When you shop at GreenBox, you can be assured that you are getting products that are of the highest quality. We have strict quality, health and safety standards that our all brands must adhere to. We independently test products in our lab, and we often retest regularly too. This all forms part of our GreenBox Guarantee.

Our products are also all vegan-friendly, and we make sure they never contain any animal matter. As they are also free from artificial ingredients such as flavours, colours, preservatives, parabens, mineral oils, palm oil, and other nasties, you can shop with confidence.

The planet and all that nature provides is of the utmost importance to us at GreenBox, which is why we make sure we do our part to protect the earth. We are proud to be carbon negative, so we offset more carbon emissions than we create. We also make sure all items are sent in sustainable and 100% biodegradable packaging.

If you are looking to buy a CBD balm, make sure GreenBox is your first choice. We value your loyalty, and you can start collecting Green Points with us today to spend at our store. We look forward to you shopping with us soon.
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