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Sports Massage Balms

Perform at your best and speed the recovery process with a natural and vegan sports massage balm.

Cerious Muscle Relief BalmCerious Muscle Relief Balm
(£0.86 per dose)
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Cerious Muscle Relief SerumCerious Muscle Relief Serum
(£0.90 per dose)
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Infinity CBD Nature's BalmInfinity CBD Nature's Balm
(£0.50 per dose)
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Infinity CBD Muscle SalveInfinity CBD Muscle Salve
(£0.70 per dose)
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Infinity CBD Massage OilInfinity CBD Massage Oil
(£0.40 per dose)
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Fourfive CBD Muscle RubFourfive CBD Muscle Rub
(£0.10 per dose)
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Sport massage balms with GreenBox UK

To perform at your best in sport, we need everything working for in our favour. It's about good nutrition, regular training, quality sleep, but also aiding recovery. This is where a sports massage balm comes into play. These natural products can soothe aching muscles after a hard workout. It can get you back on the field quicker and in better form. Read More

What is the science in sport recovery?

Whenever we make our body work hard, muscles and joints feel strain. They get damaged and it also builds up stress. It causes the body to fall out of balance. How to handle the recovery process from this drives overall performance. This is why the recovery process in sport is now becoming a big topic. So, what does it take to recover after a sports session? First, it's key to know that intense sessions of physical stress need a recovery period after. If not, that physiological stress will throw the body out of homeostasis. It can impact immune function and risk illness or injury. Of course, progress will grind to a halt.

Types of sports recovery

This is where the five 'R's of recovery come into play. Also, it's where we intro the importance of reducing inflammation as a critical component of recovery.
  • Rest - sleep is when the mind and body heals fastest. Make sure you allow yourself the sleep you need
  • Refuel - getting the right nutrition means the body has the raw materials to replenish
  • Rehydrate - drinking plenty of water is a staple and aids recovery. Never forget it
  • Reduction of inflammation - joint and muscles inflame after workouts, and this can lead to stresses in the body. Use a sport massage balm to speed the process
  • Regeneration - all of the above help the body to regenerate, ready for the next session

Bringing Sports Massage Balms and Others to You

GreenBox collects the best natural sport balms and alternatives. Each one is totally vegan and packed with natural botanicals. Select a sport balm from the range and help speed inflammation recovery. Just keep it in your gym bag and apply in the locker room after a session.
  • CERIOUS Muscle Relief Balm - this is the best selling balm on GreenBox. It contains time release CBD so the relief lasts longer than any other balm out there. This arnica massage balm also contains other powerful warming botanicals to encourage blood flow. Finally, the formula is especially designed for low scent and non-oily finish. This sports massage balm is a GreenBox key recommendation if you're not sure which to pick
  • Infinity CBD Muscle Salve - a lower price point but it still packs a punch as a sports balm with CBD. If you're seeking CBD to fight inflammation then this product will do the job
  • Infinity CBD Massage Oil - For those who regularly take massages after a gym session. You can consider this CBD-infused oil to add to the routine
  • CERIOUS Muscle Relief Serum - containing the same powerful botanicals as the CERIOUS balm, but in an oil format. You can drop it on to the massage area or simply add it to your preferred lotion or oil

Buy a Natural Massage Balm at GreenBox

Speed recovery after the gym and feel ready for the next session. We've got you covered with free 48 hour delivery when you spend over £30. Select a massage balm today and start boosting your recovery regime. Read Less
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