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Floradix is an iconic herbal health brand born in Germany in 1916. Explore this all natural range of liquid supplements, carefully crafted over more than a century.

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GreenBox is an online store selling plant-based wellness products. We offer a large selection of brands, from the emerging brands like Innermost or Love Hemp to leaders like Floradix. This is a well loved brand which helps families feel healthier all around the world. In fact, it sells in over 65 countries across the globe! The Floradix tonics in particular are very popular. If you don't like taking tablets to stay healthy, then this range is for you.
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What is the Floradix story?

Floradix is an iconic herbal health foods company. Founded over 100 years ago in 1916 by Dr Med. Greither, his son Otto Greither still leads the business today.

Floradix grew from humble beginnings in the foothills of the Bruckmühl countryside in Germany. The team pride themselves on practical innovations and an always sustainable approach. All power is from the local hydroelectric dam, and many of the herbs needed are sustainably grown by Floradix on their farm in southern Chile.

Today, Floradix is boosting the health of consumers in over 65 countries worldwide. The Floradix ingredients are also totally natural and plant based. They take the greatest care to craft formulas with beneficial herbs from across the world.

Can you take Floradix while pregnant?

Floradix and pregnancy is an important topic. A mother's need for iron increases a great deal during pregnancy. It's so important that your doctor will monitor iron levels on a regular basis.

Iron helps transport oxygen between the mother and foetus. As your pregnancy progresses, the body needs to produce 50% more blood, and so needs more iron than usual.

Also, it helps ensure the baby has enough iron stores for those important first weeks after birth. Iron supports your baby's brain development, for example.

Taking Floradix Floravital liquid iron during pregnancy is an effective way to improve iron in the body. The good news is, it is fine to have a Floradix pregnancy, whether it's the tonics or tablets. Women have taken the product worldwide for more than 40 years.

Floradix vs Floravital - what's the difference?

Floradix Floravital offers the highest strength of iron in the entire range. It contains 19.2mg of iron per 20ml dose. This is almost 30% greater than the Floradix iron supplement.

Not only this, the Floravital version is also vegan, yeast free, wheat free and gluten free! So the Floradix vs Floravital choice is clear: buy Floravital as it is vegan and gluten free and has more iron.

When is the best time to take Floradix?

To maximise the absorption of things like iron and the other plant extracts, it is best to take it on an empty stomach and 30 minutes before a meal. Or, if you prefer, take it 2 hours after a meal.

If you are very sensitive to iron supplements, then you can take it with food. See if this helps.

Can I take 20 ml of Floradix at once?

It is recommended to take two doses of 10ml of Floradix or Floravital at separate times. This gives the body more opportunity to absorb the iron from this supplement.

In addition, to help absorb the iron, drink a fruit juice straight before or after which is rich in vitamin C. You can even dilute the Floradix into the juice.

How long does it take for Floradix to work?

The body usually takes 20-30 minutes to absorb things like iron. That is why it's best to take it at least 30 minutes before a meal. Also, keep taking your Floradix for at least 4-6 weeks. Every body is different, but this is usually how long it takes for supplements to take effect. This one is no different. The key is to make it a habit!

What foods should I avoid when taking Floradix or Floravital?

Some foods stop the body from absorbing iron. We recommend avoiding things like coffee, eggs, tea, fibre and dairy around the times you take your liquid iron supplement. Try to find a time in the day when you don't consume these foods. For example, take your Floradix liquid iron and vitamin formula the moment you get up. Then wait at least thirty minutes before having your morning coffee and breakfast.

Floradix teeth staining - what should I do?

Although many people don't experience this issue, if you do, there is a simple solution. Simply dilute your Floravital in a fruit juice or water. You can also drink it with a straw!

You can remove stains like this using baking soda. Many non-fluoride toothpastes include this ingredient as standard.

Is Floradix liquid or tablets better?

This is mostly down to personal preference. The great benefit of Floradix tonic is that it's easy and quick to take. Some people don't like taking a tablet, so it's a great alternative. However, it's worth noting the tablets also contain less iron. So if you are pregnant or anaemic and looking to boost your iron, the liquid could be the better option.

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