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Fourfive CBD

Professional rugby players Dominic Day and George Kruis founded Fourfive CBD after both players discovered its recovery benefits. Explore their Informed Sports and BSCG certified range below.

Fourfive CBD 2000mg Spray Orange
(£2.25 per dose)
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fourfive CBD Effervescent Multivitaminsfourfive CBD Effervescent Multivitamins
(£0.50 per dose)
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Fourfive CBD Muscle RubFourfive CBD Muscle Rub
(£0.10 per dose)
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Is Fourfive CBD good?

It is a high quality CBD brand that will leave athletes assured they won't be putting THC in their body by accident. The price point also compares well to other brands out there, too. What really makes it special is the fact it is led by sportsmen. They design products that work for active people. Our favourite product of theirs though is the Fourfive CBD Muscle Rub. It makes for an effective sports massage with CBD. After all, it's created by athletes... for athletes! So it should be good. Read More

Meet Dominic Day and George Kruis, Fourfive CBD Founders

So, what is Fourfive CBD? Let's go back to when it began. Fourfive was founded by two professional rugby players Dominic Day and George Kruis in 2019. The brand was born after both players began using CBD to help with recovery post match. Rugby is an intense sport and both Dominic and George were fighting inflammation every day. Many players resort to taking painkillers and pharma pills to fight pain and inflammation. The Fourfive CBD founders wanted to find something natural that could help. And so, they decided to launch their own CBD brand. This brand aims to provide premium wellness products. Each is expertly formulated and certified by Informed Sports and BSCG to give professional athletes the confidence to incorporate Four five CBD products into their training regimes. We love the passion of the founders and their goal to provide the best bioavailable supplements and topicals to support an active life-style.

Is it safe to take CBD in sport?

CBD in sport is relatively new. Up until October 2018, CBD was included on the World Anti-Doping Agency list of banned substances. Since then CBD in UK sport is growing in popularity. And in particular, CBD in rugby. Not all CBD is safe to take in sport. Some products are low quality and still contain some level of THC. This can show up on a drug test even if you feel none of the effects of THC. That's why it's so important to consider THC-free CBD that is BSCG certified drug free. The 4 5 CBD oil George Kruis and Dominic Day are famous for is proudly BSCG certified. There are just six CBD brands that can make this claim. Interestingly, Love Hemp is also on the list and available at GreenBox.

Fourfive CBD coupon

If you'd like to give this sports CBD brand a go, try it with 15% off today. This is one of the better Fourfive CBD offers out there. Add 'FOUR15' at the checkout for your money off. We are also offering free Multivitamin Effervescents with every Fourfive CBD Muscle Rub! It's normally £10 so this is a steal. This is a fantastic new product which combines vitamins and CBD, in one fizzy tablet. Read Less
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