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Solgar is the Gold Standard in supplements. It’s been helping people feel healthier for over 75 years. 98% of Solgar consumers would recommend to a friend (2017 Global Praxis VMS survey)

Trust in Solgar UK Gold Standard, Going Strong for Over 75 Years

You might be wondering, is Solgar a good vitamin brand? Who owns them? Can I trust their vitamins? Well, you absolutely can because it is one of the most reputable vitamin brands in the world. It’s sold in over 60 countries, too! 98% of Solgar consumers would recommend it to a friend (2017 Global Praxis VMS survey).

Back in 1947, pharmacists Nat Colby, Mike Goldfarb and their physician friend Carl Zoll came together to create Solgar. Their belief was that it was better to prevent disease with natural vitamins and minerals, rather than to treat with pharmaceutical drugs. They set out to create the Gold Standard in supplements, and it’s been the mission ever since.

In fact, Solgar was one of the first brands to pioneer sugar, salt and starch free supplements. This was back in 1968! It was one of the first brands to remove artificial preservatives, colours and flavours from its supplements.

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Five innovative vegan supplements from Solgar

At its heart, Solgar is an innovative brand. There are a great number of pioneering creations from this brand. Each have moved the supplements industry forward in terms of effectiveness and trust. Here are five great examples of the innovations developed over the decades:

  • VM-75 Multivitamins: Launched in 1975, VM-75 was the first multivitamin to contain chelated minerals. These are minerals which have been combined with amino acids. They were thought to improve the bioavailability of the minerals, and so improved absorption
  • Vegan and vegetarian capsules: This brand has also been a pioneer in vegan supplements, too. In 1993 they were the first to launch vegicaps, the world’s first vegetarian capsules
  • Potent herbal extracts: Herbal remedies have been around for generations. One of their drawbacks (particularly low quality products) can be they lack much effect. In 1995, they launched Standardised Full Potency herbs. This was the first herbal remedy range of its kind to offer scientifically proven scientific actives
  • Omnium: In another first, in 1996, Solgar launched a multivitamin containing a phytonutrient blend. Once again, it was a world first. ‘Phyto’ means plant in Greek, and refer to the huge range of natural plant chemicals in plants. These are thought to help keep us healthy and fight off disease. They’re a complementary addition next to essential vitamins and minerals
  • Probiotics: Better gut health is a popular topic in the last few years. But as far back as 2001, this brand launched Advanced Acidophilus. These good bacteria strains are resistant to stomach acid and don’t need to be kept in the fridge. Solgar holds a variety of patents for this.

Eight most popular Solgar vitamins

  1. Solgar Vitamin D3 4000 IU: The very most popular supplement in the range, Solgar vitamin D supports immune health. Most of us don’t get enough vitamin D from sunlight, so it’s very common to top it up
  2. Solgar Biotin 5000: Coming in second is high strength Biotin, which supports healthy nails, skin and hair growth. If you’re going to take one vegan beauty vitamin, this is it
  3. Solgar Magnesium Citrate: Popular because it’s highly absorbable, this supplement helps support muscle and nervous function. It’s also a great addition if you’re trying to improve energy levels in the body
  4. Solgar Vitamin C: No wellness routine is complete without vitamin C, known to support immunity. It’s also a powerful antioxidant, too. Solgar’s Vitamin C is special thanks to Ester-C technology, which materially improves the bioavailability.
  5. Solgar Gentle Iron: Vegan iron supplements are very popular to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. However, some stomachs struggle to handle iron. Solgar Gentle Iron is highly absorbable and easier on the stomach. Perfect if you’ve had trouble with other iron supplements in the past
  6. Solgar Skin Nails and Hair: Boost beauty from the inside, with this blend of beauty vitamins. Enjoy stronger nails, glowy skin and thicker hair. Blend includes zinc, copper, vitamin C and more
  7. Solgar Probiotics: Containing two strains of friendly bacteria which are approved by EFSA for safety. Take Solgar Probiotics such as the Acidophilus Plus to ward off bloating and stomach aches
  8. Solgar Milk ThistleTake this for a detox pick-me-up. If you’re feeling bloated or over-indulged the night before, a milk thistle supplement could help you settle your stomach. It’s also a rich source of natural antioxidants

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