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Vegan, carbon negative and delicious tasting vitamin gummies. Founded by two pharmacists to complement a vegan and plant based diet.

Why we love Vegums, the vegan vitamin gummies

Vegums is a brand created by vegans, for vegans. And for that reason, they created each of their delicious vegan vitamin gummies to fill in the nutritional gaps of a vegan diet. When you’re on a restricted diet, it is often hard to get all the vitamins and minerals you would naturally. And of course, this is where supplements come in. But former Pharmacists Abdul and John struggled with the whole pill regime. Surely there could be a better way? Well there wasn’t really, so they decided to solve the problem themselves. And so Vegums was born!Read More

Why take adult vitamin gummies?

There are lots of reasons why you might benefit from supplementing with vegan gummy vitamins. John and Abdul knew that if you lack certain nutrients, you can suffer from a number of health concerns. Whether that’s tiredness, iron deficient anemia, low mood or poor metabolism. One of the most common deficiencies for vegans is iron. On a regular diet, we’d get plenty of iron from red meat, liver (but who eats that), but also beans and dried fruit. However, in the UK beans and dried fruit isn’t that popular and it’s not common in most British recipes. So, one way to ensure you are getting enough iron is to take a natural supplement. The NHS recommends we get 14mg of iron a day, and that’s exactly what you get in the super tasty Vegums Iron Gummies. Many people wonder ‘do gummy vitamins work?’ And if they do work, are they as effective as traditional tablets and capsules? If you’re deficient in a specific nutrient, whether this nutrient is protein, or one of the essential vitamins or minerals, you can definitely benefit from taking gummy vitamins. Vitamin gummies work in just the same way as taking capsules or pills. However, because they’re super tasty and don’t require water to take, they’re much more convenient. They can give your body that much-needed nutrient on the go, wherever you are! Many vegan gummy vitamins contain every single vitamin and a range of minerals, so no matter what micronutrient you’re lacking, you can overcome any deficiencies.

Vegums product packaging is the most sustainable we have seen

The team at Vegums blew us away with the efforts they’ve gone into to ensure their packaging is totally sustainable. To start with, the 30 day supply (which GreenBox regularly stocks) comes in a delightful cardboard tube. Of course, it’s 100% recyclable and from a renewable source. Open up your gummy vitamin tube and inside you find what seems like two plastic bags of gummies. But you’d be wrong to conclude that it is made from plastic! The geniuses at Vegums use cellulose made from corn starch to make the bags. So once again, it’s plant based, renewable, and can simply biodegrade. Throw them in your compost bin with your potato peelings. 100% guilt free. This is the most advanced sustainability packaging we’ve seen so far. And to top it off, Vegums is also proudly carbon negative, like us! We couldn’t be more impressed with their sustainability initiatives and it is among best in class across all our brands.

Explore the vegan gummy bear vitamin range from Vegums

Each type of gummy from Vegums tastes really very good. The only problem you will have is compelling yourself not to gorge! Just stick to the recommended two a day, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of these natural vegan supplements. At GreenBox we stock all the Vegums vitamin gummies. Find the one that fits your health needs:
  • Vegums Fish-Free Omega 3 Gummies: One of the most obvious deficiencies from a vegan diet is lack of omega 3. Most of the omega 3 we get is from fish, which of course vegans can’t consume. So, what to do? Well, fish get their omega 3 from algae, so Vegums go straight to the source, too. These delightful omega 3 gummies are among the best in the UK. They’re a zingy orange flavour, and totally suitable for kids (just halve the dose). Every two of these vegan gummies contains 80mg of DHA fatty acids. DHA contributes to brain, heart and eye health
  • Vegums Iron Gummies: BlackBerry flavoured and packing 14mg of iron in every dose, just what the NHS ordered. Iron contributes to the reduction of fatigue. It also helps lift energy levels. So if you’re feeling tired, this natural energy supplement is the right one for you! However, these are the ideal pregnancy vitamin gummies, too. When expecting, doctors recommend you take as much as 27mg of iron daily. So that’s permission for essentially double the dose when you’re pregnant
  • Vegums A-Z Multivitamins Gummies: This is the first in the Vegums range to also be sugar free. These sugar free gummies contain maltitol syrup instead. This has up to 90% of the sweetness of sucrose. However, it has a smaller effect on your blood glucose levels, and doesn’t contribute to tooth decay. These adult and vegan multivitamin gummies have the whole alphabet of vitamins and minerals in there. You have Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D3, and K1. And you have other B vitamins Biotin,  Niacin, Folic Acid, and Zinc. If you’re looking for an all-rounder, these are the natural gummies for you
This is the wonderful range at Vegums, and already a popular product at GreenBox. Give them a try today!Read Less
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