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Wicked Gummy Co

Vegan and all natural vitamin gummy range from Wicked Gummy Co will help you feel your healthiest. These gummies taste so good, you’ll never forget to take your vitamins again.

What is Wicked Gummy?

Wicked Gummy Co is a gummy vitamins brand that we’re proud to stock here at GreenBox. Their vegan gummy vitamins and sleep gummies are second to none and they make taking your daily supplements a breeze! The Wicked Gummy Co collection covers everything you’ll need to maximize your health. From vegan iron gummies, sleep gummies to hair, skin, and nails gummies, they’ve got it all.Read More
If you’ve been looking for vegan gummy vitamins or capsules to boost your nutrient intake, look no further! You’re going to love the amazing Wicked Gummy Co range. It consists of:
  • Iron Gummy – perfect to combat tiredness and fatigue, and great for pregnancy
  • Kidz Multivitamin Gummy – ideal for those of you with kids who refuse to eat their veggies!
  • Happy Tummy Probiotic Gummy – yoghurt flavoured gummies that feed the healthy bacteria in your gut
  • Peaceful ZZZZZ Sleep Gummy – with natural plant extracts, such as 5-HTPm lemon balm, and chamomile, these gummies will help you drift off to sleep at night
  • CBD Gummy – with a delicious lime flavour, these CBD gummies will also provide you with the many health benefits, plus CBD
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy – for a delicious way to take apple cider vinegar, these vegan gummy vitamins can boost your weight loss and energy levels

Do Vegan Gummy Vitamins Work?

You may be thinking ‘do gummy vitamins work?’ Well, the short answer is yes! They actually work just as well as traditional supplements. The long answer depends on your specific needs. Wicked Gummy has gummy vitamins for all kinds of needs. For example, gummy vitamins provide the body with a range of essential vitamins or minerals to boost your nutrition. If you’re lacking any specific macronutrients or micronutrients, gummies can prevent you from getting any deficiencies. Vitamins A, B6, B7, C, E, zinc, and iron are just some of the common ingredients you’ll find in gummy vitamins we stock. Wicked Gummy's range covers them all, too. All of these essential nutrients are required for your body to function optimally. If you’re experiencing hair thinning or hair loss, then gummy hair vitamins will provide you with the amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins to boost hair growth and strength. Hair, skin, and nails gummies are some of the most popular gummy vitamin products for this reason. When you’re pregnant, you may benefit from taking pregnancy vitamin gummies too. They will bump up your levels of folic acid, which is a key nutrient that promotes the healthy development of your growing baby.

Are There Gummies That Help You Sleep?

The benefits of vegan gummy vitamins don’t stop there! You can also get sleep gummies in the UK, such as the Wicked Gummy Co Peaceful ZZZZZ Sleep Gummies. Gummies that help you sleep contain melatonin, which is produced naturally in the body and is responsible for making you feel tired in the evenings. Taking sleep gummies can boost your melatonin and help you drift off into a deep sleep. Better yet, the Wicked Gummy Co sleep gummies taste amazing, while being vegan and completely sugar-free. No more taking bland and boring supplements when you can’t sleep!

Wicked Gummy 15% Off Discount Code: WICKED15

If you’ve been looking for gummy vitamins or sleep gummies in the UK, GreenBox has everything you need with the Wicked Gummy Co range. Also try them with 15% using the Wicked Gummy discount code above. We want to thank all of our incredible customers for their support. That’s why we’re offering a 15% off Wicked Gummy Co discount code, so you can enjoy optimising your health with our vitamin gummies while also saving some money.Read Less
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