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Wildtree Skincare

Wildtree expertly crafts organic and vegan beauty products infused with incredible superfoods. Each plant based ingredient is carefully selected for their therapeutic benefits for the skin.

Upgrade Your Skincare Routine with Wildtree Skincare

Here at GreenBox, we only stock the highest quality products that fit into our tight criteria. All of our products are vegan and plant-based, powered completely by plant extracts, helping our customers feel healthier and happier. So many products nowadays are not focused on the actual ingredients that go into products and how these products can help to improve your daily routine. That’s why we have curated a collection of products that follow our values while adding therapeutic benefit to your wellness routine.

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Our Wildtree Skincare Products Collection

We know how tough finding great skincare can be; everyone’s skin is different and benefits from different ingredients. Whether your skin is oily, dry, sensitive or a mix of everything, we are sure you can find something from our Wildtree collection to suit you. We offer products for both your face and body, and there is something for everyone. Our organic Wildtree Baobab oil is amazing for dry and tired skin and can even be used on your delicate under eyes, as well as your hair, leaving you with silky locks. If you are someone who has oily or acne-prone skin, the Wildtree organic cleansing face mask might be the one for you. With natural green clay to help draw out impurities, your skin will feel refreshed and balanced after using.

By choosing Wildtree products for skincare, you are choosing guilt-free products: cruelty-free, vegan and 100% organic. Using plant-based ingredients with a focus on creating products that add to a holistic lifestyle, they fit right into any wellness routine. GreenBox is passionate about helping you create a skincare routine incorporating plant extracts and superfood ingredients that really help you and your skin and give you a wellness boost when you need it.

The Benefits of Shopping Wildtree Products for Skin Care with Us

GreenBox is dedicated to providing products that make our customers feel healthier and happier while adhering to a holistic, plant-based lifestyle. Here are just some of the benefits our customers will receive by choosing GreenBox:

  • Planet-friendly and carbon negative, so you know you are shopping sustainably.
  • We only sell natural solutions.
  • All our products are vegan and plant-based, so no more scouring every detail of each ingredients list.
  • Fast and exceptional customer service.

Finding plant based products that work for you and allow you to shop more sustainably should not be difficult. At GreenBox, you know that every single product adheres to this, so you can trust that any skincare product you buy from us follows these values.

Get Your Skincare Products from Wildtree Today

Are you still wondering if there’s a skincare product for you in our Wildtree collection? Take a look at our product descriptions! Each contains comprehensive information on each product, including an ingredients list as well as the different benefits for different skin types.

If you have any further queries, please get in touch. We pride ourselves on our customer service and will be sure to answer any questions.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade to Wildtree skincare routine today!

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