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Amazing Grass

Superfood greens to support immune health and energy levels. Totally natural and packed with nutrient dense plant extracts.

Improve your diet with Amazing Grass Super Greens Powders

The best way to make sure you get enough greens in your diet is to add it to your routine. But with a busy lifestyle and never enough time, getting enough greens on the plate can be tricky. Some might say, impossible! But there’s a way to make sure your diet doesn’t go short on those critical plant nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

You should try adding superfood greens powders to your morning routine. And Amazing Grass has one of the best green superfood powders available in the UK. Think greens smoothies, adding to your daily porridge, making a greens protein powder shake, or just making a superfood greens drink!
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What is the Amazing Grass story?

Amazing Grass has such a special heritage, and it all goes back to a rolling and sleepy farm in Kansas, USA. On this farm a family grew a huge variety of native and organic grasses. Why? Because these grasses are some of the most nutrient dense plants on the planet. It took three generations to perfect the loving process of allowing the grasses to grow slow and develop deep roots. Then, picking the right time to harvest to lock in the incredible nutrition levels in the leaves.

Brandon Bert came from this family farm in Kansas. It was his grandfather who began growing these grasses. He used to send Brandon a ziplock bag of greens so he could take it daily at his desk job! By 2002, his friend Todd Habermehl started taking his daily greens powder, too. And so the both of them took the leap and co-founded Amazing Grass to bring these super greens powders to the masses, even the UK!

How are super greens powders made?

Now, after the seven varieties of grasses are lovingly slow grown outdoors, harvest begins. Once these superfood greens are cut, Founders Brandon and Todd developed a way to press them into pellets. To then maintain all those amazing nutrients, the pellets are frozen and held in a natural limestone cave on the farm. All this happens within 2 hours of harvest. This ensures all that plant goodness reaches the consumer.

Finally, the pellets are put through a fine grinding process. This is important because it means the superfoods are highly bioavailable and easy to digest. And there we have it! Seven amazing grasses in fine powder form and ready to go into the variety of healthy powder supplements in the Amazing Grass range.

What makes up one of the best greens powders in the uk?

In every Amazing Grass product there are seven alkalising and nutrient dense superfood greens. Each one brings their own health benefits.

  • Wheatgrass: A member of the cereal family, wheatgrass is one of the most potent and nutritious dark leafy vegetables on the planet. We know that eating more dark leafy green veg is incredibly good for our health and energy levels thanks to a number of health studies. They show that consistently consuming dark leafy green veg leads to fewer health problems and reduces the chance of cancer or disease. It can also lift energy levels by reducing certain nutrient deficiencies
  • Alfalfa: Amazing Grass only use 100% organic whole cut alfalfa, and only the leaf too as this is the most nutrient dense. Alfalfa is highly nutrient-dense and very high in protein. Because its roots are allowed to run deep, and in some cases 20 feet deep, alfalfa can pick up trace minerals. This includes calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.
  • Barley Grass: Another grass that contains similar nutrients to that found in dark green leafy vegetables. People now take barley grass for a host of health concerns, including skin problems, anemia, obesity and more. It is special thanks to its high content of two phytochemicals, chlorophyll and caratenoids
  • Broccoli: One of the tastier veggies, but also very nutrient dense. Regular consumption can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, for example. Plus, it’s one of the superfoods that has anti-cancer properties.
  • Spirulina: A blue-green algae which, gram for gram, is the most nutritious food on the planet. It’s packed with vitamin B1, B2, B3, copper, iron and others. Once again it offers anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities
  • Chlorella: Another nutrient dense green algae. It has shown promising evidence in improving cholesterol levels and combating toxins in the body. It’s also been found to enhance immunity
  • Spinach: Popeye ate his spinach for strength, but don’t let that fool you. Spinach is a superfood thanks to the host of vitamins and minerals it contains, not just protein. It contains high levels of calcium, iron and magnesium. All of these bring a number of healthy and vitality benefits to the body

How to add green superfood powders to your diet

So by now you should be convinced having a daily dose of super greens is a fabulous way to stay healthy. Now you need to decide what the best way is to take your greens powders every day. These are the popular options to try:

  • Greens drink: Simply add a scoop of your greens powder to a glass of water and stir. You may want to flavour your drink by adding a touch of berry squash in there. We like to add an effervescent vitamin tablet in for a burst of flavour
  • Greens protein: Add a scoop to your preferred protein shake. This can be super convenient as you are likely already taking a protein powder multiple times a week. However, Amazing Grass Chocolate Protein combines plant protein and the super greens blend and this is a great option to switch to for an all-in-one solution
  • Greens porridge: Make your porridge as you would usually. Then, add a scoop of greens powder and mix it in. Again, you might like to add a burst of flavour by adding berries to the mix. This is best if you choose the Original Amazing Grass flavour
  • Green smoothie: This is another easy one. If you’re a regular lover of fruit and veg smoothies, add a scoop of your greens powder or even the superfood protein powder to your smoothie, for an added health boost

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