Cerious is an all natural, vegan and expertly formulated product range of active plant based therapies designed to help everyday people with everyday problems.

Cerious Muscle Relief SerumCerious Muscle Relief Serum
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Cerious Soothing Skin BalmCerious Soothing Skin Balm
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CERIOUS and active plant based therapy

There are so many CBD brands out there, so what sets CERIOUS CBD apart? In short, it's three things. It's totally vegan and always will be. The ingredients are also 99% plant based and completely natural. And finally, the co-Founder of MAC Cosmetics himself created the products. This range is among the highest quality out there. It will give you the results you're looking for.
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This range offers CERIOUS performance

Each product contains not just CBD but an elite collection of powerful plant extracts. Ingredients like balloon vine, arnica flower extract, and cork root all work with the CBD. Together each product offers an effective, all plant powered recovery solution. Whether you need recovery support after a sports or gym session, or a cerious skin condition, there could be a product for you:

  • CERIOUS Muscle Relief Balm - a recovery balm with warming botanicals. It's perfect for targeting aches and pains in the body. Time-release CBD technology released the CBD over many hours, offering long lasting relief. This is tomorrow's leading sports balm
  • CERIOUS Soothing Skin Balm - CBD and cooling botanicals can ease and calm skin irritations. Also with time-release technology, this balm can offer long lasting effects. If you have a cerious skin condition, this natural skin balm is the answer
  • High strength Serum format - each product also comes in serum format, with double the CBD strength. It's ideal to add to your favourite skin creams or lotions for convenience

Victor Casale, Co-Creator of MAC Cosmetics & CERIOUS

CERIOUS is a collaboration effort involving industry legend Victor Casale, Founding Partner and Chief Chemist of MAC Cosmetics. He worked with emerging hemp extraction leader, Starling Brands to create this exciting brand.

Victor Casale was instrumental in this brand's creation and its leading formulations. He helped shape the concept from ideation to the range of products you see today. He remains an advisor and brand ambassador today.

His story began in 1984 in Toronto, Canada when MAC Cosmetics was born. He was a co-founder and Chief Chemist for MAC, and the brainchild behind that brand's leading formulas. Today MAC is sold in over 100 countries round the world and is a global best selling brand.


Buy the CERIOUS CBD range today

If you're looking for natural and CERIOUS performance in CBD, look no further. Whether it's a sport balm or a skin balm, these natural products are top quality and effective. Also, this unique range receives very strong reviews, so try a product today with free 48hr delivery. Read Less

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