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MGC Derma

MGC Derma is beauty and science combined, harnessing the restorative qualities of CBD. Renew, restore and rejuvenate.

MGC Derma skincare is science and CBD combined

Combining today's best skincare ingredients with the power of CBD is this brand's specialty. The experts at MGC Derma proudly select pure and effective ingredients and enhance them with a special form of CBD called Aquiol. Aquiol is a CBD form that is both water-based and pure. This means the skin absorbs much more of the CBD for maximum effect.

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The MGC Derma UK story

It is an exciting time when a brand like MGC Derma launches in the UK. It actually all began when MGC Pharma, who eventually created this skincare brand, discovered a way to make CBD more soluble in the skin. This special formulation is Aquiol. The founders took this amazing ingredient and launched the MGC Derma skincare range. Each product contains the finest natural cosmetic ingredients, each with proven benefits to the skin.

What is Aquiol CBD?

Unique to this CBD skincare range, Aquiol is what makes this brand stand out from the masses.

The body is over 50% water. Skincare focuses on applying various oils to the skin to help maintain moisture. However, water absorbs far more quickly and deeply. CBD in its normal state is oil based, and so doesn't always absorb well into the skin. This is what makes Aquiol special, because it is a unique formulation of CBD that is water based. The result is a superior delivery of CBD into the skin.

Discover this high quality skincare range

GreenBox has teamed up with this brand so you can high quality skincare among the plant based wellness range we have. The range is among the more expensive out there, but for good reason. Each product contains the very best ingredients money can buy. The leading brand manufactures the products in small batches in Switzerland, where they are held to the highest industry standards.

Each product contains amazing ingredients, all enhanced by the power of water based CBD:

  • MGC Derma Hand Cream is the one we recommend to anyone thinking about trying this skincare range. It will revitalise your skin and is perfect to combat anti-bac related dry hands
  • MGC Derma Eye Serum brightens and plumps the area around the eyes. It will leave you looking well rested and refreshed
  • MGC Derma CBD Moisturising Day Cream protects the skin from the Sun as well as free radicals. It has natural SPF 30 too, for the best protection
  • MGC Derma Night Cream, aka the Sleeping Facial, combines swiss apple stem cells and red algae ingredients. It repairs the skin while you rest

Start your skincare journey now

If you're seeking a high quality way to add CBD to your skincare regime, this brand could be the solution. GreenBox offers 48-hour  delivery within the UK for all our plant based wellness products. Just spend over £30! Continue to browse our site for more CBD creams and our other plant extracts. These are the perfect addition to an indulgent skincare routine that is crying out for a burst of CBD.
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