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CBD Muscle Balm

Cerious Muscle Relief BalmCerious Muscle Relief Balm
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Cerious Muscle Relief SerumCerious Muscle Relief Serum
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Infinity CBD Muscle SalveInfinity CBD Muscle Salve
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GreenBox – the Home of CBD Muscle Balm

The direct-to-skin application of a CBD muscle balm helps to soothe aching muscles and revitalise your body – whether you are an athlete or just working hard on your fitness.

GreenBox is your source for plant-based health and wellbeing products – and we have a range of CBD-based products that you can trust to be planet friendly, 100% Vegan, and completely legal. We know how important it is to reconnect with nature and take advantage of the healing botanicals that can be found around the world – those plant and mineral extracts that have been in use for thousands of years.

CBD is a unique plant-derived molecule that is being studied for a beneficial impact on a range of conditions and we have formed partnerships with producers and suppliers of CBD products that match our exacting quality, health, and safety standards. CBD muscle balm allows for topical application of botanicals, minerals, and CBD directly to the problem areas so that the benefits can be felt immediately.
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The Best CBD Muscle Rub in the UK

As part of our search for the most ethical, unique, and safe suppliers of CBD we work with two companies that we believe create the very best CBD muscle rubs in the UK.

Infinity CBD is a UK-based company that was started by a group of fibromyalgia sufferers, looking for ways to combat the varying symptoms they suffered with. That has developed from this is a handcrafted, small batch range of CBD products that are specifically designed with long time sufferers of fibromyalgia in mind. The Infinity CBD Nature’s Balm is a great topical CBD balm for muscles – and while it might not be named a muscle rub, the combination of high strength CBD (300mg) alongside natural ingredients like almond and coconut oil, as well as Vitamin E, offers many benefits.

Although not crafted in the UK, we have chosen to partner with CERIOUS – a CBD product company that is based in California. CERIOUS is the culmination of a partnership between Victor Casale, the founding partner and Chief Chemist at MAC Cosmetics and Starling Brands, a cannabis and hemp extraction leader.

CERIOUS Muscle Relief Balm is quite possibly the best CBD muscle rub online, thanks to the unique combination of plants and minerals that create soothing, warming, and long-lasting muscle relief. Alongside 150mg of high quality, broad spectrum CBD that has a unique time-release formulation, you will also find hemp, arnica montana flower extract and cork oat root extract in a high concentration formulation so a little goes a long way.

Buy CBD Balm for Muscle Pain with Confidence

While scientists are still studying cannabinoids to understand the full benefits, the CBD industry is hard to navigate due to a lack of clear regulation and guidance – and that is why here at GreenBox we have taken it upon ourselves to create our own high standards for quality and safety. You will never find a substandard CBD muscle balm or any other CBD balm> in our online store because we hold all our suppliers to the highest standards, and regularly test the products we sell to ensure they are formulated correctly. Choose GreenBox and experience the benefit of CBD muscle balm for yourself with confidence.
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