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CBD Bath Products

Indulge and enjoy a CBD bath experience. It’s the perfect addition to a calm and relaxing evening.

Relax & Unwind in a CBD Bath from GreenBox

The benefits of a CBD bath include relaxation, moisturisation and mental peace – and thanks to GreenBox you can take advantage of our botanical and mineral knowledge to unwind. GreenBox stands for planet-friendly plant-based health and wellbeing products, focused on the reconnection of our customers with the restorative and healing properties of botanicals and minerals from around the world. Our dedication to finding the ultimate CBD products from the best suppliers can be seen in our high standards of quality and safety, as well as our drive to not only be 100% Vegan but also so good for the planet that we qualify as kinder to the planet. You will find no artificial ingredients in any of our products, no preservatives or parabens, no mineral or palm oil. Whether you are buying CBD oil for consumption or for skin and body, every single product has been tried, tested, and verified for effectiveness, adhering to our strict protocols for health, safety, and quality. Read More
The topical application of CBD is one way to get benefit from this unique plant-derived molecule, but thanks to our partners at Vitality CBD we can offer you the best relaxation – from a CBD bath.

How Can CBD Bath Products Help?

A good bath is always made better with the right combination of ingredients – and you can take your Epsom salts bath to the next level with the addition of CBD bath products. Vitality CBD is an emerging market leader in CBD products. Established in the UK back in 2018, Vitality CBD has developed a wide range of innovative health and wellbeing products that are now featured in high street stores and supermarkets as well as through online providers like us at GreenBox. We love the Vitality CBD Bath Salts, which are a heady mixture of rose essential oil infused Epsom salts with 100mg of CBD. Created to aid deep relaxation, great for moisturising skin and relieving tension. If you are looking for a gorgeous gift for a loved one (or yourself) then why not try the Vitality CBD Bath Bomb? A concentrated ball of high-quality Epsom salt infused with lavender and chamomile essential oils and 100mg of highest quality CBD to offer a relaxing bath experience. There is no better way to harness the relaxing properties of CBD bath products than through the blends created by Vitality CBD.

So, What Exactly Do CBD Bath Products Do?

The science behind cannabinoids is being developed even now – and although cannabis and hemp plants have been used for millennia across the world for everything from producing materials for clothing and rope to feeding animals, the knowledge of the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) is relatively new. The World Health Organisation has confirmed that CBD is safe to consume and non-addictive, and studies have shown that it may have many health benefits. In CBD bath products online, the relaxation properties are the focus. You can wind away in a bath that is designed to offer complete peace, clarity, and relaxation with the right blend of fragrance, magnesium salts and CBD. If you are looking for more information on the benefits of CBD and why we consider it to be such an amazing plant-based molecule, you can read our Ultimate Guide to CBD or check out our amazing Trustpilot reviews to see what our customers think of us. You can buy CBD bath products with confidence when you use GreenBox – your partner in plant-based health and wellness. For more info about these products you can read about the best 4 CBD bath products of 2021. Read Less
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