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Revitalise sore joints and muscles with plant extracts such as CBD, turmeric, camphor, MSM and others. Make an active lifestyle a breeze.

Cerious Muscle Relief BalmCerious Muscle Relief Balm
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Cerious Muscle Relief SerumCerious Muscle Relief Serum
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Vitality CBD Muscle & Joint GelVitality CBD Muscle & Joint Gel
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Infinity CBD Muscle SalveInfinity CBD Muscle Salve
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Vitality CBD Active Orange Ashwagandha TinctureVitality CBD Active Orange Ashwagandha Tincture
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The Natural Approach to Achieving Muscle Pain Relief

Here at GreenBox, we strongly believe in the natural healing properties of plants. Plants have long been used to treat and manage all kinds of conditions, as well as improving the overall health and wellbeing of people of all ages. One such use of natural remedies is providing relief for muscle pain and joint pain. Our products may provide relief from these conditions by way of herbal remedies, without the need for pharmaceutical drugs. Read More

Effective Natural Muscle Pain Relievers

Whether it be sport-related, genetic, or an injury from an accident, there are many types of muscular and joint pains ranging in severity. No matter the type, it can be remedied and managed using natural treatments. There are four main types of muscular pain that can be experienced: 1.Inflammatory pain: This type of pain is caused by an abnormal response of inflammation within the body; an example would be rheumatoid arthritis. 2. Functional pain: This type of pain does not have an obvious cause; an example of functional pain would be irritable bowel syndrome. 3. Nociceptive pain: Nociceptive pain is generally the result of injured tissue; examples of this would be arthritis or the pain felt in damaged tissue after surgery. 4. Neuropathic pain: This type of pain is the result of nerve irritation; an example of this would be neuropathy. The longevity of pain can also differ, as pain can be acute or chronic. Repeated exposure to acute pain can also develop into chronic long-lasting pain if the exposure is frequent. However, chronic pain can also be as a result of genetic predispositions such as arthritis that runs in the family.

Why Shop Products to Relieve Your Sore Muscles with GreenBox?

At GreenBox, we offer the best when it comes to high-quality natural wellness products & supplements. Our goal is to help people live happier and healthier lives through the healing properties of 100% vegan plant extracts. As a plant based wellness store, we believe in improving the health of people and our planet. We are a carbon negative company that uses sustainable packaging materials – maximising the benefits towards people whilst minimising our impact to the planet in the process.

Sore Muscles? Get Muscle Pain Relief

We offer a wide selection of natural muscle pain relievers that are vegan. All brands you see on our site are tested for quality, safety, and purity so you know you’re getting the best products on the market. The relievers for muscle pain we stock include: Feel free to browse our entire range of muscle relief products, such as the CBD muscle balm, and try the natural approach to living healthier. We offer free shipping on all orders over £30 and our GreenPoints Loyalty programme will help your money go further so don’t forget to check that out. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us via our contact page.

GreenBox Helps Improve Your Joint and Muscle Health

A sore knee, a tired muscle, the ache in the back that just won’t go away, all of these impacts our quality of life.  The more active we can be the happier and healthier we feel about ourselves.  Some of the pain is self-inflected from a tough workout or injury.  While joints can more be a symptom of aging, but there are many practical things we can do to help with muscle relief and better movement in our joints.

Here are five tips to help improve your joint and muscle health

1. Stay Moving

It’s easy to now want to do anything when our body is stiff or sore, but not moving makes the issue worse not better.  Often just taking a short walk around the block can help loosen up a knee or promote healing in a tired quad.  Looking for relief for muscle pain? There are many over-the-counter medications muscle pain relievers, such as ibuprofen.  However, there can be side-effects to these medications, and they really shouldn’t be apart of a daily regime.  We prefer incorporating CBD capsules into our daily life, as CBD can help promote lower inflammation rates overall, and reduce soreness.   Our recommend would be the Love Hemp 300mg CBD Capsules , this is around a month’s supply, which is the minimum you need to start dosing to see if this works for you.

2. Shed some Weight

Every pound you lose takes 4 pounds of pressure off your knees.  Even a little weigh loss can help.  So, more walks, and perhaps switching to a more plant-based diet has a multiplier effect on your wellbeing

3. Know your Limits

If you have pushed yourself too hard, the body does need time to recover and for the inflammation to die down.  While this may seem counter to the stay moving mantra, the critical part is helping your body to recover quicker from workouts and eliminating inflations.  Our preferred remedy is CBD,  and in particular a muscle relief balm, infused with CBD and other botanicals.  The CBD can help wipe out the inflammation, and get you back up on your feet quick, so you can push hard at the next workout.

4. Take Omega-3

Typically, the recommendation is to eat fish, as oily fish are a key source of omega-three fatty acids, which keep our joints fluid and healthy.  However, as we are a vegan site, we promote taking plant-based forms of Omega-3's to achieve the same result.

5. Keep your Bones Strong

Calcium and Vitamin D are recommended to help promote strong bone health.  While calcium is found in milk, for vegan’s an additional supplement is likely needed as well.  Other sources are leafy vegetables like kale and broccoli.  We get Vitamin D from the sun, which makes it even more important to supplement Vitamin D in the winter months.   As the National Health Service (NHS) points out, we do not get enough Vitamin D between October and March in the UK.   So you need to supplement your Vitamin D over the winter.  Our preferred pick are these gummies, which also including calcium. These are just some of the relievers for muscle pain and joint issues.  It can be a bit daunting where to start, but the best bit is to try one of these recommends at a time.  And we are always happy to answer your questions. Read Less
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