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Hemp Oil 500mg

Infinity CBD 500mgInfinity CBD 500mg
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Hemp Oil 500mg Available at GreenBox

At GreenBox, we are committed to bringing our customers quality natural plant-based supplements to help promote their overall well-being, and our 500mg hemp oil is no exception. We believe that plants are powerful, and by extracting their powerful properties, it can give us that boost that we need. Hemp oil can help your body find its balance, and it may help with a range of conditions from stress to skin conditions and lots of others.
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What is CBD Hemp Oil 500mg?

The use of CBD products has grown massively in recent years, and more and more people have been hearing about the benefits. However, if you are still feeling confused about what CBD hemp oil is, we are here to answer your questions.

While hemp seed oil and CBD oil are often used interchangeably, they are different. Hemp seed oil is taken from the Cannabis sativa plant, and it is found in the seeds, which do not contain any CBD. On the other hand, CBD oil is extracted from the flowers, leaves and stalks of the hemp plant because these contain CBD.

Hemp oil is taken from the naturally occurring plant cannabinoid. The oil that we sell at GreenBox has terpenes, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, along with 500mg of CBD hemp oil.

Could You Benefit from Taking 500mg Hemp Oil?

Our CBD multi-complex hemp oil concentrate in 500mg is easy to take. You can place the oil under your tongue, add it to food or drop your dosage into a smoothie. With its oil-based form, it is easier to give yourself the correct dosage.

To find your dosage, begin by trialling your 500mg help oil slowly with a low dose. Typically, the recommended dose is 50mg a day, and if you are purchasing our Ayucana 500mg CBD oil, this would be 1.0ml of CBD oil a day for this product’s strength. If you are in any doubt, you can use our dosage calculator on our website and always read the instructions.

Ayucana is a high-quality CBD product, and our Ayucana 500mg CBD oil is free from THC and therefore completely legal in the UK. It is also free of heavy metals and pesticides.

There is ongoing research into the benefits of hemp oil, although the research that has been done is promising, so watch this space!

When you buy Ayucana 500mg multi-complex hemp oil, you can be assured that it has been produced adhering to the highest German pharmaceutical standards.

While it is available in 500mg, you can try our other great products, such as the 1000mg strength or 1500mg strength, which gives you a lower cost per dose, as well as lasting longer.

Order Yours Today

At GreenBox, we want to look after the planet as well as your health. That is why we always use sustainable packaging options, and we are carbon positive. Order your hemp oil 500mg or any of our hemp oil options today from GreenBox and look after your well-being.
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