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Natural Bath Products

Browse our range of natural bath products, all made with natural ingredients.

Buy Natural Bath Products Online

Self-care is important, and in a world where there is often a lot of stress, taking the time out for you can help your overall well-being. At GreenBox, we want everyone to be able to benefit from the power of plants. We believe that natural wellness products & supplements make the best ingredients, and with our all-natural bath products, you can look forward to soaking up the goodness.
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Whether you are after bath salts or a bath bomb, we have natural bath products that you will love, and they also make perfect gifts for others.

Why Choose Natural Bath Products?

Nature is full of goodness, and at GreenBox, we want to harvest that goodness in our wide range of CBD bath products. Our founders discovered the calming and restorative benefits of CBD, which is what led to the creation of GreenBox. Plants have many powerful properties that we can benefit from as humans, and whether you choose to take those as a supplement or enjoy in a relaxing bath, the choice is up to you.

If you fancy a calming bath, why not choose our Vitality CBD bath bomb? It combines chamomile and lavender with 100mg of CBD to restore your sense of well-being.

You can achieve a similar effect with our Vitality CBD bath salts. These incorporate a relaxing rose scent that will help to leave you smelling great and feeling calmer.

Bath time can leave you feeling you have had your very own mini-spa experience, and with our Wildtree Skincare Nourishing Bath Salts, you can also restore your equilibrium. They are infused with naturally occurring magnesium chloride. It creates a relaxing aroma of lavender, sweet orange and almond oil that leaves you smelling wonderful and your skin super-soft.

If you are looking to buy natural bath products, you or the lucky chosen one that you want to buy a gift for will be truly delighted by the range we stock.

Buy Your Natural Bath Products Conveniently Online Today

Our natural bath products online can all be delivered to you free of charge in UK when you spend over £30. Why not browse through the rest of our products and stock up so that you can take advantage of this great offer?

You will discover that our whole range is vegan, and they are free from artificial ingredients, such as flavours, colours, preservatives, parabens, mineral oils, palm oil, and other nasties. You will only find nature’s best in what we sell.

Your order will be sent to you in biodegradable and sustainable packaging. We love our planet, and we do not want it to come to further harm, which is why we do our part to make environmentally-friendly choices so that we can continue to benefit from its goodness.

You can buy with confidence as all the brands that we sell have to pass our quality, health and safety standards. Our customers and their well-being are important to us.

Shop with us today and find the natural products for bath that will transport you to a calmer place and restore your balance.
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