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Vegan Omega 3

Try vegan omega 3 which comes from algae, not wild-caught fish! It’s more sustainable and just as effective.

Swap your fish oils for algae omega 3

There are many benefits from omega 3 fatty acids when added to the daily diet, either from eating fish or from taking fish oil capsules. In particular, it helps to keep the heart healthy as we age. It supports brain function, and even helps with mood. But, fish oil tablets are not sustainable for the planet. Just watch Seaspiracy on Netflix to find out more!
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As part of our mission here at GreenBox, we have searched out the very best vegan omega 3 supplement UK. By sourcing omega 3 from algae, we can bypass the fish entirely. This is better for the planet, and comes with other benefits too! For example, because these omega 3 capsules are fish free, there is no unpleasant aftertaste or burping. These sustainable fish free supplements offer all the benefits but none of the negatives.

Why vegan omega 3 supplements?

Taking omega 3 capsules is a must-have component of a balanced plant based wellness lifestyle. After all, in countries where people eat more oily fish, like in Norway, Japan, or the Mediterranean, there are fewer instances of heart disease. And today we can source our omega 3 from algae, instead of fish.

Omega 3 capsules are a popular supplement in the UK. If taking a tablet isn't your thing, there are other vegan omega 3 sources too. For example adding walnuts, hemp seeds, chia seeds, or flax seeds to the diet can all help. Each are omega 3 foods vegan too.

Try Hello Day Brain & Heart Maintain

These capsules are rich in vegan omega 3 DHA and EPA. These are the types of fatty acids we need to keep the heart and brain healthy. DHA in particular may help with inflammation and reduce the risk of chronic diseases, like heart disease. It also helps support brain function and eye health.

Do vegans need omega 3?

The short answer is, yes! Vegans just like anyone else can benefit from the heart and brain protection omega 3 offers. But because vegans can't eat fish, so it can be hard to find other omega 3 rich foods. Those foods which do contain omega 3 often don't taste good so are hard to add to the diet. That's why a vegan algae omega 3 tablet can be ideal.

Is vegan omega 3 as good as fish oil?

In many ways it is better. Some fish contains traces of dangerous heavy metals such as mercury. This can build up in the fish from the food they eat and end up in fish oil capsules at very low levels. For algae based omega 3 there is no risk of this. Sourced purely from plants, these supplements are free from any nasties.

Trust GreenBox For Your Omega 3 Needs & Try Our Brain & Heart Maintain Today

The developing market around algae based omega 3 and the many advantages over fish based mean that there are several places that you could buy an omega 3 vegan supplement – but here at GreenBox we have carefully and rigorously tested every product that we sell to ensure it meets our strict quality standards – so you can trust us to help you find the right products for you.
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