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CBD Gummies

Get your daily dose of CBD in a tasty and convenient format. Try our selection of the best CBD gummies in UK.

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Get Your Daily Dose of CBD with the Best CBD Gummies in the UK

There is a wide range of CBD consumables available, and here at GreenBox, we have spent time looking for the best CBD gummies in the UK to offer our customers. GreenBox is the home of the very best CBD products available online – sourcing botanicals and minerals from around the world that offer health-boosting and rejuvenating properties that have been used for centuries. Hemp and cannabis products are among these plant-based products – different parts of the plants have been used in animal feed, to make clothing and rope, create tinctures and balms, and for other more recreational purposes. Cannabidiols – also known as CBD – is a unique molecule that offers so many benefits to health and wellbeing that we wanted to curate a range of products that could offer this. In this way, we have looked at several ways of delivering a daily dose of CBD – and we love the idea of CBD gummy bears, so we found the best tasting ones to offer you. Read More

What Are CBD Gummies?

We all want to know exactly what it is that we’re putting in our bodies, so let’s find out more about what exactly our hemp oil gummies contain. Gummies are edible sweets containing cannabidiol (or CBD) and come in all sorts of flavours, shapes and sizes.

They’re popular because of their taste – who wouldn’t want to take their CBD dose in a way that tastes great? – and the fact they can easily be taken and ingested on the go. CBD gummies are a fantastic way to get your dose of CBD, so you take advantage of all the amazing benefits.

Are CBD Gummies as Good as the Oil?

hemp oil CBD gummies will provide you with all of the benefits that CBD oil promises, it’s simply another way to take it. If the dosage of CBD in both the gummy and oil you’re comparing is the same, you will get the same effects.

The only difference is the time these effects take to absorb into the body. Oil is the fastest (usually within 30 minutes), but apart from speed, this doesn’t make any difference to the overall effects on your body.

What Are the Benefits of the CBD Gummies?

When it comes to taking CBD in any form, there are a variety of amazing benefits. The most common are:

  • Relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Improving your sleep.
  • Can help relieve pain and inflammation.

For gummies specifically, you will still get to take advantage of all of these health benefits, but will also enjoy the following:

  • Ingesting CBD via gummies is often better tasting than the sometimes bitter oil.
  • A discreet way of taking CBD so can be taken in public and on the go with ease.
  • A way of taking CBD in the form of a tasty treat.

CBD Gummies Dosage

Our collection of gummies with CBD ranges from 10mg to 50mg. If you’re new to CBD, it’s often suggested you start off on a lower dose. This way you can see whether the lower amount of CBD works for you or if you need a stronger dose, meaning you can figure out your ideal level without starting too high. You can slowly incorporate higher doses if need be.

The amount of CBD that is going to work for you will depend on a range of factors. These include your body weight, the condition you’re hoping to target through CBD, and your own body chemistry. Everyone is different, so finding your ideal dose isn’t always a perfect science, hence why we recommend starting low and gradually increasing until you feel the effects you’re hoping for.

3 of the Best Hemp Oil Gummies Available in the UK

Here at GreenBox, we always strive to provide our customers with the best, which is why we’ve found 3 of the best gummies with hemp oil to offer you.

Our lowest dose starts at 10mg, with our KannaSwiss Daily A-Zinc Gummies, packed full of important vitamins to help your immune system get the best out of your CBD gummies. Flavoured with zingy lime, these gummies are ideal for those who don’t love the classic CBD taste.

Wicked Gummy Co CBD Gummy comes in at 20mg, also flavoured with lime. They’re tasty, vegan, and guaranteed to be THC free, with every serving packed full of a host of vitamins.

Love Hemp is the UK’s number 1 CBD brand, and for good reason. Their CBD jelly domes taste amazing and contain 50mg of CBD per pack.

A Range of CBD Gummy Options

We are proud to work with leading CBD producers around the world who can match our exacting standards on quality, health, and safety. Although we have a focus on CBD, we also offer a range of vitamin gummies from Nutriburst – offering different combinations of vitamins and minerals that can support a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to CBD gummies online, the very best available are from Kannaswiss. This Swiss-based company was created by two close friends in 2014 and is now a leading international premium CBD brand, distilling the organic hemp they grow in the Swiss highlands to use in the innovative products they make. This includes hemp oil gummies. Kannaswiss Daily A-Zinc Gummies are a blend of important vitamins plus Zinc as well as 10mg of CBD. The gummies with CBD are a great option for a convenient daily dose – and with a tamper-proof cap so it is safe to have in the house even if you have smaller humans around. The benefits of vitamins, minerals and CBD is easy to take with Kannaswiss CBD gummies online – made even better with a delicious lime flavour.

The Very Best Hemp Oil Gummies Available Online

Cannabidiols are a growing market, and GreenBox is the place to find the very best CBD products available. Whether you are looking for CBD oil droppers or sprays, consumables like CBD gummies or CBD oil drinks, or even a great range of CBD skincare options, we can help you discover the right product for you. Trust GreenBox to take the guesswork out of buying CBD with our quality, reliable and safe range – all tested to meet our high standards. We are proud to be 100% Vegan and planet-friendly, taking extra steps to make sure that we always give more back to the planet than we take. We have achieved a carbon-negative status by promoting biodegradable packaging and capturing more carbon than we create. Payments are simple through our online portal, and you can pay using Mastercard, Visa or American Express. Standard shipping takes just 48 hours, and orders are dispatched the same day (if ordered before 3pm Monday – Friday). Get your CBD gummies in UK with GreenBox today. Read Less
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