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Find out what real UK customers are saying after trying Floradix products. These are all genuine reviews and verified by TrustPilot, so you can trust the experiences are accurate.

It’s always a good idea to have a read about other people’s results from taking supplements before buying. The good news is customers love these products and generally find they help them with their health goals.

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Who are Floradix?

Floradix is an iconic herbal health foods company. Founded over 100 years ago in 1916 by Dr Med. Greither, his son Otto Greither still leads the business today.

Floradix grew from humble beginnings in the foothills of the Bruckmühl countryside in Germany. The team pride themselves on practical innovations and an always sustainable approach. All power is from the local hydroelectric dam, and many of the herbs needed are sustainably grown by Floradix on their farm in southern Chile.

Today, Floradix is boosting the health of consumers in over 65 countries worldwide. 400 passionate employees come to work every day to make this natural liquid supplement. It’s great to see an independent company holding its ground in the supplement category.

The Floradix product range: an overview

Floradix actually has a few product ranges, although we know and love the liquid supplement range. There is also a fantastic selection of herbal teas, tablets, candies, and plant juices.

In our reviews section below, we focus on the liquid supplements, which are the most popular.

Here is a quick overview of the top products in each range:

Product Range  Description  Top Products 
 Liquid Supplements The most popular and well-known range: herbal extracts with vitamins, minerals and proven health benefits  
 Tablets & Candies Quick and easy to take, and doesn’t require refrigeration like the liquid options do.
  • Iron Tablets
  • Herbal Candies
 Herbal Teas Delightful and all-natural herbal teas containing herbs which may bring potential health benefits. All teas are organic as they are made without pesticides or fertiliser use, and packed in unbleached, biodegradable filter bags 
  • Organic Lemon Balm
  • Organic Sage Tea
  • Organic Dandelion Tea
  • Organic Yarrow Tea
  • Organic Thyme Tea
 Fresh Plant Juices Juices from freshly harvested, 100% organic healing plants. As they are processed using gentle pressing, they contain a host of active ingredients.
  • Organic Thyme
  • Organic Artichoke 
  • Organic Black Radish
  • Organic Horsetail
  • Organic Hawthorn

Real Customer Reviews of Floradix Products

Here are the reviews of the most popular Floradix tonic products.

Floradix Iron Reviews

Floradix Floravital Liquid Iron

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Note that these reviews are for the Floradix Floravital Liquid Iron 500ml. However, the only difference it has to the regular Floradix Iron is it is vegan and yeast free. With nearly 60 5-star reviews for this liquid iron product, it is definitely one of the most effective products available on GreenBox.

Our favourite three Floradix Iron reviews are as follows, and the full list is directly below this.

  1. “I’m currently pregnant and breastfeeding so double-dosing on Floravital, I think it’s definitely making the difference between being iron-deficient and not” – A. Church, Verified Review
  2. “I suffer with anaemia and I find that taking this supplement every day as described keeps my iron levels to a healthy level with no recognisable side effects. I’ve been taken it for 20 years. When I go on holiday I take the Floravital tablets which I find do give me some side effects , so I take these infrequently during the week I am away , may be one or two if that. Sometimes I can manage without” – Elaine, Verified Review
  3. “I love Floravital. It got me out of anaemia which was debilitating on many levels. I continue to use it to ensure healthy iron levels. The taste is pleasant and it doesn’t cause me any side effects. As a vegan I also appreciate its plant-based recipe” – B. Marshall, Verified Review
Read more: Have more FAQs on Floradix? Discover everything there is to know about Floradix iron supplements today!


Floradix Neurobalance Reviews

Floradix Neuro Balance

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One of Floradix’s lesser known products, but is popular for those seeking stress support.

Floradix Vitamin B Complex Reviews

Floradix Vitamin B Complex

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People often take this to support energy levels if the cause is not iron deficiency. This is another popular and good tasting product from Floradix! Here are our top two favourite reviews:

  1. “Great vitamins” – S. Singh, Verified Review
  2. “Helps me to have more energy” – J. Jo, Verified Review


Floradix Intestcare Reviews

Floradix Intestcare with Turmeric

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Customers like this product for the support it can provide to the intestines. It contains a good dose of magnesium, apple plum extract and turmeric. Here are our favourite 3 reviews, with the full list below:

  1. “Good product working good” – S. Formisano, Verified Review
  2. “Helps me with my intestine” – J. Jo, Verified Review
  3. “Amazing product” – S. Singh, Verified Review


Floradix Kindervital Reviews

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There are a few varieties of Kids products from Floradix. But these reviews are for the Kindervital for Children Fruity. Essentially, it’s the most tasty one of the range and that’s why kids love it so! Of course, it also contains the multivitamins your child needs to stay healthy. The formula includes 30% of your child’s calcium needs too. This is ideal for children who may not consume so much dairy, and this is an ideal vegan alternative. Here are our top two reviews, with the full list below:

  1. “The Floradix Kindervital for children is an excellent product. I started giving my children last month and I can see the changes in their health and wellbeing. I would definitely recommend it” – O. Akande, Verified Review
  2. “Great items and my boy likes it a lots!” – C. Kuah, Verified Review

Floradix Reviews Which Mention Possible Side Effects

Our bodies are all different, and so what some people can tolerate may not be the same for another. Floradix generally selects nutritional ingredients which are gentle and easily absorbable. People care a lot about the potential side effects for iron supplements especially. This is because some of these products use a form of iron that is not very absorbable. The most common side effects from taking iron supplements in general are as follows:

  • Constipation
  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Heartburn
  • Loss of appetite
  • Very dark coloured poo
  • Stained teeth


The good news is, as mentioned, Floradix products are generally gentle on the stomach. For example, the Floradix Floravital contains iron in the form of ferrous gluconate. This is known to be a gentle form of iron. There are some other things to know before taking Floradix Iron Supplements, too.

Below are all the genuine reviews which mention their experience of side effects (or lack of) when taking their Floradix liquid iron products:

  1. “When I go on holiday I take the Floravital tablets which I find do give me some side effects , so I take these infrequently during the week I am away , may be one or two if that. Sometimes I can manage without”– Elaine, Verified Review
  2. “The taste is pleasant and it doesn’t cause me any side effects. As a vegan I also appreciate its plant-based recipe” – B. Marshall, Verified Review
  3. Very gentle and vegan” – J. Lopinot, Verified Review
  4. “Really helps with my iron levels without messing with my tummy (as iron supplements often can do)” – E.A., Verified Review
  5. “Has helped my digestion and energy levels straight away, great products. Floradix caused me constipation after a few days so I may be opening the prunes shortly! apricots” – J. Chronnell, Verified Review
  6. “I like the fact it is readily assimilated by the body though does take longer to achieve benefits as opposed to taking the tablet form. Gentler on the stomach and can be incorporated easily into busy lifestyles” – Cookie, Verified Review

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