does cbd oil expire

Does CBD Oil Expire? 4 Telltale Signs to Look For

CBD (cannabidiol) oils have an expiration date. It usually has a shelf life of 1-2 years, after which it becomes unsuitable for consumption. 

The exact shelf life depends on various factors like ingredients and packaging

But how do you tell if your CBD oil has expired?

And will consuming expired CBD oils make you sick

Let’s find out! 

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Does CBD Oil Expire? Watch Out for These 4 Signs!

Similar to any other oil (like coconut oil), CBD oil goes bad eventually. 

But factors like improper storage and poor product quality sometimes accelerate the expiration date. 

So how do you know if your CBD oil product has expired? 

Check for these four things:

  • Does it seem thicker? If the oil looks thicker than before or seems to separate, it could have degraded. It would be best to discontinue that bottle of CBD oil. 
  • Has the colour turned murky? In that case, the CBD compounds have broken down and lost their potency.
  • Does it have a foul smell? CBD oil usually has a slightly earthy, pleasant scent. If that has changed to a rotten odour, it could be expired.
  • Is the taste unpleasant? Pure CBD oil will taste nutty and earthy. If it’s flavoured (peppermint, berry, citrus, etc.), you’ll only taste that particular flavour. 

However, expired oils (even flavoured ones) will have an unpleasant, rancid taste — much like any other oil that has gone bad.

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Will Consuming Expired CBD Oil Make You Sick?

It depends on how much the product has degraded.

Over time, the CBD compounds in the oil can deteriorate and lose potency. The cannabinoids may also convert to THC — a psychoactive substance that can cause adverse side effects.

So it’s best to avoid using expired CBD oils

However, accidentally consuming some amount just past the expiry date may not make you sick instantly. 

Note: If you notice any symptoms after consuming an expired CBD product, seek medical help immediately.

7 Fundamental Factors Affecting the Shelf Life of CBD Oil

Wondering how to maximise CBD oil shelf life?

Many factors affect the shelf life of your CBD products. Understanding them can help prevent the product from spoiling before its expiry date.

1. Quality of Hemp

Hemp (Cannabis sativa) grown non-organically and in poor soil may contain harmful chemicals like heavy metals. 

This can speed up the degradation of the hemp extract in your CBD oil. 

Usually, CBD oils with a long shelf life come from organic hemp grown in nutrient-rich soil. 

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2. Extraction Method

Most companies use the CO2 extraction method for producing pure CBD oil. 

It delivers higher quality oil with a better shelf life.

Some companies may use alcohol-based extraction processes since they’re cheaper. But these methods can leave behind traces that shorten your product’s lifespan.  

3. Type Of CBD

Different types of CBD (full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate) have varying shelf lives.

Broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD oil contain other plant matter like essential oils and terpenes. So they may have a lower CBD shelf life. 

On the other hand, CBD isolate is just pure CBD and tends to have a longer shelf life.

4. Other Ingredients

Some CBD formulations contain flavourings, essential oils, carrier oil (olive oil, MCT oil, hemp seed oil), etc. 

If components like flavourings start degrading before the CBD extract, it can lower the product’s shelf life.

5. Vendor

Different vendors may follow different production and quality control methods for their CBD oil. 

How does that affect shelf life?

The more reliable the vendor is, the longer your CBD oil will probably last! 

Go for trusted companies like Love Hemp and Vitality CBD

They ensure the highest standards to produce the best CBD oil. Moreover, they won’t hesitate to provide the latest Certificate of Analysis (COA).

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6. Packaging 

Does your CBD oil come in dark-coloured, airtight containers or glass bottles? 

Such packaging can make your CBD oil last longer. It protects the product from light, heat, and oxidation and prevents it from degrading quickly. 

7. Storage

Exposing CBD oil to direct sunlight or high temperature can speed up its decay and reduce potency. 

For proper storage, keep the product in a dark place at room temperature. 

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Steer Clear of Expired CBD Oils

Expired CBD oil won’t have the same viscosity, taste, smell, and colour as unexpired oil. 

Use the tips we mentioned to judge the useability of your CBD oil. 

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