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Find your perfect sleep system

There are so many sleep hacks out there, but what actually works? We think a good Sleep System is the best approach, rather than any single hack. Assemble a collection of tried and tested approaches, including some effective plant based remedies, and bring them together for potent results. This is the Sleep System approach, and we’ve some great ideas for you to adopt for a more restful sleep.


What is a sleep system?

Call it a system. Call it a routine. Essentially, it’s the regime before, leading up to, and after bed time. This can train the brain it’s time to wind down, and stay that way through the night. It’s about creating a routine around sleep. The beauty of building a regime like this is that it supports consistent, high quality shut-eye. And there are so many components to this!


5 important steps to restful sleep

#1 no phones in the bedroom!

Digital devices like TVs and iPhones are info blasters: cleverly designed to capture our interest and attention. Hence, it’s no surprise they are very effective at stimulating the brain. It’s not exactly what you need when trying to wind down in the evening. So, take a 1-hour digital free period before you plan to sleep.

There is good science supporting this suggestion, too. Digital screens emit blue light which suppresses the production of melatonin in the body. We naturally produce melatonin once it gets dark outside, and it encourages the body to prepare for sleep. Therefore, watching TV or flicking through Facebook on your iPhone in bed is actually fighting the natural sleep cycle. The brain is less encouraged to start winding down. So, make the bedroom a digital nomad’s dream and you might just sleep better!


#2 add a dash of sleepy botanicals

There are so many good options from nature to consider nowadays. At dinner time, flick the kettle on for a herbal tea. Anything with chamomile, lavender, valerian root and more can help calm the mind.

In addition, for those minds that just won’t stop racing when the head’s on the pillow, CBD could help. Many people find taking CBD can pare back anxious thoughts and help the mind settle. It clears the way for a more restful sleep. Our range of hand selected CBD oils are a good place to explore if you’re curious.


#3 magnesium baths are a must-have for your sleep system

Do you need a better excuse for a relaxing bath before bed? When the body is stressed out, magnesium levels deplete. This is important because magnesium is responsible for over 600 reactions within the body. It can improve relaxation and enhance sleep quality. And even better, the most effective way to get it into the body is through the skin. Hence, a magnesium bath is the perfect solution. Try these lavender, magnesium and CBD infused bath salts from Vitality CBD and pair them with a CBD bath bomb for an authentic plant-based bath experience.


#4 take a notepad

The brain can have an irritating habit of coming up with great ideas or plans, right when we’re trying to nod off. And the moment the idea is there, we don’t want to forget about it! And hence the brain starts concentrating and then we’re alert and awake. So, a very simply remedy to this is to have a notepad and pencil on the bedside table. If any creative and incredible ideas arise just before sleep, jot them down, and then the mind is clear once more and able to relax. Sorted.


#5 the snooze button is the enemy

For us, the sleep system doesn’t end with counting sheep. No, we argue it extends right to the morning routine. If you are a snoozer in the morning, and use the snooze button multiple times, here’s why you should stop. The result is that often you are more tired and groggy than if you’d simply peeled yourself out of bed at the first alarm!

Here is why. Each time you press the snooze button, the brain already knows the alarm will go off again. It’s already working to wake up, and the extra ten minutes doesn’t give the mind enough time to return to a deep sleep, which is what is actually restful. Every time the alarm goes off, the body sees a surge in cortisol, the stress hormone. It sends the body into ‘fight or flight’ mode. Now that’s not a positive way to start any day.

As hard and horrific as it might seem, getting out of bed on the first alarm will reduce stress levels.


So, it’s about chamomile tea before bed, no phones for an hour, a soothing bath, and a touch of CBD too. The great thing about all these things is they are all rather enjoyable and pleasant. Try forming your own sleep system and tell us how you get on. We’d love to hear how your sleeping may improve, as well as any tips and tricks that work for you which we haven’t mentioned!