Five best CBD Gummies UK

Five Best CBD Gummies in the UK

The 5 best CBD gummies in the UK

After the hugely popular response to our 5 best vitamin gummies for women blog, we got back to work reviewing more CBD gummy products.  The gummy format for health supplements has taken off the last few years, with various concoctions such as apple cider and maple infused gummies making their ways onto health food shelves. It is no surprise then that CBD would follow the trend, and a number of new brands have hit the market.

We did a thorough assessment of the market in the UK, and concluded the buyer needs to be incredibly careful about which brand of cbd gummies they choose to purchase, as there is a broad level of quality. While some in our mind look more like candies, which is a big minus to us, as it makes them look appetizing to the children. In this piece, we go through which cbd gummies in the UK might be the best format for you, answering the most frequent questions we receive, while providing tips on how best to add CBD gummies into your regime.


What is CBD and why take it?

You have read a lot about CBD, which stands for Cannabidiol. In our ultimate guide to CBD we cover all the details and answer the most detailed questions. In summary, CBD is an amazing plant-based molecule derived from the hemp plant. While it has been around for 1,000 of years, it has only recently moved back into the spotlights as studies are showing it can reduce inflammation, anxiety and that CBD could help with sleep.

It will not get you high, it is completely legal in the UK, and regulated by a public entity.


What is CBD isolate versus broad spectrum?

You will hear these terms a lot from the CBD nerds like us. It is a crucial difference as our customers usually have a distinct preference. So, CBD comes from the hemp plant, which has over 116 cannabinoids in the plant, of which CBD is one. An isolate means the CBD itself has been stripped out of the hemp plant, and the product you are buying will only have this cannabinoid. A full-spectrum product means you are getting more of the cannabinoids,  which can be more beneficial due to something called the entourage effect.

It really is a personal preference, and for those starting out, an isolate may be the better option as the dosage tends to be more consistent.


What is a CBD oil or gummy?

CBD can be taken in many formats, including a CBD oil, spray, capsule or gummy. There are pros and cons to every method. We find our customers sometimes have issues with the oil as it can be messy and can be difficult to get the dosing amounts correct. We would suggest checking out our free CBD dosage calculator if you’re using an oil. Meanwhile a capsule and gummy offer the added benefit of getting a consistent dosage day after day.

CBD gummies offer the same dosage and they also taste great. And you can take them with you in your bag and top up your dose on the go. That’s why we think CBD gummies are the ultimate convenient format to enjoy CBD. And of course, because they do taste really good, it’s easier to remember to take them!


How can I add CBD gummies to my daily regime?

The health authorities recommend you not exceed 70mg of CBD per day. And we would suggest the strategy of starting low and going slow. This means between 10-20mg of CBD per day is a good guideline and increasing from there as needed. It is worth noting that it can take up to two months to get the base load of CBD in your system, so be patient and stick with it.

Therefore, we find the CBD gummy format so powerful. It allows for a consistent dose every day, and often the gummies come in 5mg or 10mg formats, which allows for more accurate dosing.


Rating the Top 5 gummies in the UK

Without further ado, we select our top 5 recommends from over 30 different candidates. We rate the best gummies on five different metrics on a five points scale (1 = worst , 5 = best).

  1. Company – who is the company? What is their ethos, and their brand?
  2. CBD dosage – can this be an effective part of a daily regime? Are the gummy dose sizes helpful?
  3. Formulation – other than CBD, what has been added to the gummy to give the consumer more benefits?
  4. Value – cheap is rarely the best. How can one choose the best valued gummy on the market which balances cost with effectiveness?
  5. Packaging – we are always on the look out for sustainable packaging, and assign huge downgrades for single-use plastic or carbon intensive packaging solutions


And the winner by a long-shot is Wicked Gummy Co’s CBD gummy. From company reputation, to formulation and value,  this brand’s total score was 23, and beat the second place gummy by a whopping 5 points. This gummy stands above as it gives you not only a decent CBD dose, but also other essential vitamins to help with fatigue and immunity.


#1 (23/25 points) Wicked Gummy Co CBD Gummy

Wicked Gummy Co CBD Gummy

Company (4/5): Wicked Gummy Co-founder Richard and Warren are long time friends. They both felt there had to be a better way to take vitamins, without the dreaded pill. Many of us have tablet fatigue or have trouble stomaching unpleasant tasting powders of liquids. And so, Wicked Gummy Co was born!


CBD Dosage (5/5): At 60 gummies, and 20mg of CBD per gummy, these gummies come at the middle of the range in terms of strength. The perfect serving size in our minds for ramping up dosage. The CBD has been lab certified.


Formulation (5/5): A great tasting formulation with lime providing a zesty taste to the mouth, while also contributing Vitamin C. What makes this our favourite gummy formulation? The balance of medium strength CBD, all with added Vitamins A, B6, B12, C and E. All help the immune system and can reduce tiredness and fatigue. As if that is not enough, the guys from Wicked Gummy mix in Zinc and Biotin, both helpful for healthy looking skin, hair, and nail health. And they are Vegan, which clutches the #1 spot for best CBD UK gummy.


Value (5): At £29.99, while at the upper end of the gummy range, the amount of CBD per dose, plus the expert formulation makes this the best value for quality we have seen in UK CBD gummies.


Packaging (4/5): Jar packaging is 100% recyclable, which scores big points for the brand in our eyes. Child-proof lids and branding that is less attractive toward kids (such as gummy bears) make this brand a winner. It is still plastic though, which holds us back from a perfect score.


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#2 (18/25 points) Love Hemp CBD Gummy

Company (4.5/5): Love Hemp is the #1 CBD brand in the U.K. The founders have been at it since 2015 with a passion for providing high-quality hemp-based products to the world. All products have 100% traceability and made by Love Hemp in their 100% owned facility in Croydon, UK. Love Hemp has quickly become the most trusted brand for CBD in the UK and is expanding worldwide.


CBD Dosage (4.5/5):  The format comes in the preferred 20mg format, while a CBD isolate gives minor deductions.


Formulation (3/5):  We included these in the gummy category, but to fair they are jelly domes. There is orange, strawberry, and blackcurrant flavour. They are vegan which gives them a big bonus points in our book. Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of sugar at 64.4 grams for the entire jar, and no extra vitamins which knocks our score.


Value (3/5):  At £29.99 it’s also at the high-end of the spectrum, but from a brand that is trust-worthy and does premium formulations locally (Croydon).


Packaging (3/5):  Nothing much on sustainability, which to us always suggests it is not a focus. We are a huge fan of the Love Hemp brand name and branding across their products. So, we give it increased points for that fact. However, this gets cancelled out by a format that looks more like a candy than a nutritional supplement.


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#3 (14/25 points) Naturecan CBD Gummy Bears

Company (4.5/5):  Naturecan, founded in May 2019 by Andy Duckworth, the former CEO of Myprotein, and Paul Finnegan, is a global wellness brand focused on offering a premium, safe, and effective hemp derived CBD, as well as other health related products such as vitamins and minerals. The brand is simple and clean looking, and we love the look of it.


CBD Dosage (4.5/5): The dose comes in 10mg and the unconventional 25mg format.  It is broad-spectrum CBD, which gives it a few bonus points.


Formulation (1/5): Not vegan friendly. No extra vitamin goodies. The formulation contains sugar. Not much nutritional information. We would like to know more about their formulation, but details are quite scant.


Value (2/5): Expensive versus other peers, although we do like how you can order in multiples of 30. So, this makes it easier to buy for a few months’ supply. They give a bulk discount, which ends up making this one slightly less expensive than peers.


Packaging (2/5):  Nothing about the sustainability of the packaging. Although, we do like their commitment to planting trees. The gummy bear format, which we think is appealing to children, gets negative marks. It also contains sugar and is not vegan friendly. The brand itself looks simple and clean, too. It’s just unfortunate that how the brand is formulated and packaged does not match.


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#4 (13.5/25 points) Patch Adam CBD Gummy Bears

Company (4/5): A London-based company which launched in 2018. Their vision to provide the world with the most ethically sourced, premium quality CBD goods on the market today. It is a family run business, with one member of the family dealing with anxiety since childhood and discovering the magic of CBD.  We love the ethos of the company and the broad array of products offered in the CBD range. Although, branding could use an update.


CBD Dosage (4.5/5):  Our preferred sizes of 20mg and 10mg give this gummy a perfect score. They are full-spectrum too, which means you get some other plant-based goodies inside. We knock it down half a point for providing twenty-five servings per jar. We much prefer multiples of 30, so consumers can purchase 1-2 per month.


Formulation (1/5):  Organically grown hemp is a big bonus in our eyes, however there are no added extra vitamins, making this some what of a one trick pony. Unfortunately, the gummies use palm oil, and they are not vegan friendly, leading to further demerit points.


Value (3/5):  On the less expensive side of the gummy format, however there are no added vitamins.


Packaging (1/5):  It is plastic, and no additional details were provided on the sustainability of the brand or its ethos. It is also in a gummy format, which we must deduct big marks for as we think that makes these more appealing to children.


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#5 (10/25 points) Starpowa Premium CBD Gummies

Company (2.5/5):  Starpowa bills itself as the number 1 vegan gummy company in the U.K. and it looks like they have the credentials to match. The company is prevalent across all gummy categories and in most retailers like Holland & Barrett. Our main issue is we could not really figure out what the mission of the company is all about from their website. Leading to our lowered score overall.


CBD Dosage (1/5):  Their dosages come in 5mg and 15 mg per gummy. The 5mg is at the lowest end of the spectrum, and with 60 servings per jar, would require a consumer to buy multiple times turning the month. The 15mg sizing makes it difficult to dose below the UK health authorities 70mg max per day.


Formulation (3/5):  All of their gummies contain no gelatine, no gluten, sweeteners extracted from plant extracts and have less than 0.5 grams of sugar per serving. The added apple flavour is nice, the CBD is certified and done by C02 extraction which is high quality. However, we deduct big marks as there are not any additional vitamins. The format is more like a jelly than a gummy. While vegan friendly gets some bonus points


Value (1/5):  Poor value as the strength per dosage is much lower than other brands, while there are also no added vitamins.


Packaging (2.5/5):  We could not find any detail about the sustainability of the package, so we give middle of the road rankings.


The not so good: SupremeCBD Gummy Bottles

For starters, the gummies look like kids’ candies. This is a big no no when it comes to CBD gummies. The strength at 56mg is the highest on the market but is also at a dosing size that does not allow the user to start low and go slow. The dosing size was designed for more expert users, but the rainbow colours and coke bottle shaped gummies lead us to believe otherwise.


As more gummies come on the market, we will update the list.  And there is a much broader world of CBD products to buy,  for you to explore from snack bars, to oils to balms for a sore knee.


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