five ways to fight fatigue

Five Ways to Fight Fatigue

We all have that friend who never seems short of energy. She can hold a job, juggle kids and keep up some idea of a social life. And we all ask ourselves, how does she do it? Most of us aren’t so lucky. But, there’s good news! There are ways we can tweak our lifestyles to fight off that sudden crashing fatigue. The GreenBox wellness experts select their top five ways on how to combat fatigue below. It also includes some of the best vitamins for fatigue and tiredness, too.


#1 Got shrooms? Try Cordyceps

You may have heard of this ancient mushroom, Cordyceps. It has been used through the ages to boost energy levels and fight fatigue. While most of us aren’t ready to hunt through the woods for this fungi gem, there are easy ways to add this to our routine.

Neat Nutrition’s Focus + Energy contains this wonderful mushroom, for example. Helpfully, it also contains B vitamins and other extracts, which all helps the body to release energy from the foods we eat. It’s an easy addition to your supplements routine. If, however, you’re a smoothie kind of gal, add Wunder’s Golden Shrooms to your recipes for a Cordyceps kick.


#2 Find ways to fight stress

Putting your body under permanent stress is a sure way to feel hollowed out and drained. Force yourself to carve out times in the week to deal with that stress in a healthy way. Great (and fun) ways to do this could be: taking a boxing class, start yoga, making time for a 30 minute read. Or it could be making sure you get that weekly wind down with your closest friends. Don’t under-estimate the value of natural stress busters such as these.


#3 Boost iron levels with Floradix

A popular way to increase iron levels in your body is to take a supplement, such as the Floradix Floravital Liquid Iron. It’s vegan so it’s ideal for those who eat mostly plant based and don’t get enough iron from their diet. If health tonics aren’t for you, try Iron Gummies instead.

Now, a common cause of fatigue can be low iron levels. Why is this? Put simply, your body needs iron to produce red blood cells. These are what carry oxygen around the body. When we don’t have enough iron, we can’t produce enough red blood cells. And in turn, the body doesn’t get the oxygen where it’s needed. And so, we feel tired. All the time.

People most at risk of low iron levels are pregnant women, and women who tend to have heavier periods (ever heard of period fatigue?). Both require the body to work extra hard in producing red blood cells. In addition, vegans often don’t get enough iron. This is because we mostly get iron from meat, fish and eggs. Taking a supplement such as Floravital or iron gummies are great and simple ways to boost iron levels in the body.

If you’re thinking about taking iron but not sure which product to try, read our review of some of the best vegan iron supplements.


#4 Ease off on the sugar

Of course, sugar does give you a huge energy boost. For this reason some people can reach for a chocolate bar, or an energy drink, to get them going. It’ll certainly give your fatigue the boot. But, it’s only for a short while. After the energy high comes the crash, and you’ll feel more tired and downbeat than when you started. This is not a good thing.

So, it’s healthier to totally avoid sugar boosts to help you throughout the day. There are better ways! As your body gets less reliant on sugar for its immediate energy, it’ll readjust. You should notice that your body doesn’t feel like it needs that sugar hit after just a couple of weeks.


#5 Exercise regularly

Going for a walk rather than hitting the hay can actually reduce tiredness. It sounds counter-intuitive, but a number of studies support this claim! So much so that 90% of studies show that people felt less fatigued after adding regular exercise to their routine.

Try to introduce a daily activity into your regime. Whether it’s a 30 minute walk in the evenings after dinner with your loved one, or a gym session during your lunch break. The science says that exercise boosts endorphins. This makes us feel more alert, but it also increases oxygen levels in the blood. And as we now know from #3, more oxygen helps reduce tiredness! The best kind of workout to go for are aerobic exercises. Think swimming, cycling, rowing, or walking. They are best at boosting oxygen levels.


Have you come across some effective ways to turn tiredness into energy? Get in touch and tell us more! we’d love to hear your stories.


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