Can You Take CBD Oil on a Plane in the UK? (+ Other Regions)

Can you take CBD oil on a plane within the UK?

What if you’re flying into the UK?

Short answer: 

You can fly with CBD oil provided you abide by the UK’s CBD laws and the airline’s liquid laws. 

We’ll discuss the legality of flying with CBD in the UK, taking CBD on international flights, and whether you can take CBD in your hand luggage

We’ll also highlight five travel-friendly CBD products and useful tips for flying with CBD.

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Can You Take CBD Oil on A Plane? What the UK Law Says 

Here’s what the UK law says about taking CBD oil on a flight: 

A. Flying with CBD Oil Within The UK

You can take CBD on domestic flights in the UK if you abide by the airline’s liquid laws. 

(More on airline laws later.)

But look:

Full-spectrum CBD products (even with trace amounts of THC) are illegal in the country.

So before you jump on your next domestic flight, ensure your CBD product has 0.0% THC content. 

(Psst… Go for a THC-free CBD isolate or a broad-spectrum CBD product). 

A reputable product will have clear and accurate information on its packaging. So if you’re unsure about the THC content, it’s best to leave your CBD product behind.    

B. Flying with CBD Oil Into The UK

Provided the CBD product meets the UK CBD regulations (0.0% THC), you can bring it on the plane. 

UK airports will be familiar with the current laws surrounding CBD.    

Bottom line?

Whether you’re flying within or into the UK, ensure your CBD product complies with UK law and airline regulations. 

Check the CBD product’s packaging, the brand’s website, or the third-party lab report to be double-safe.   

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Is It Legal to Fly Internationally with CBD Oil?

Flying internationally with CBD is a bit complicated.


Different countries have different CBD regulations.

Depending on the country, CBD may be: 

  • Completely legal
  • Legal only if you have a medical prescription for it
  • Entirely illegal 

Moreover, countries differ with regard to the amount of THC allowed in CBD products.  

Let’s look at the CBD legal requirements in key global regions:

1. Europe  

Most European countries have similar CBD laws to the UK since most of the continent legalised CBD. 

Here’s a quick look at some countries:

  • CBD is legal: Austria, Finland, France, and Sweden 
  • CBD is legal only with a prescription: Denmark and Malta
  • CBD is illegal: Russia, Serbia, and Slovakia

The bottom line: The European CBD law is more relaxed than in other regions. But check with the local authorities about the specific laws of the European country you wish to visit. 

2. North America

Here’s a quick look at the laws in Canada, the US, and Mexico:

  • Canada: CBD, recreational marijuana, and medical marijuana are legal, but you’re not allowed to enter the country with any cannabis product. Instead, you could purchase a CBD product once you arrive.
  • The United States: Hemp derived CBD is legal under federal law and has been removed from The Controlled Substances Act. So hemp derived CBD and medical marijuana are legal in many states. But in some states, CBD hasn’t been removed from The Controlled Substances Act, making it illegal. 
  • Mexico: While CBD products containing less than 1% THC are legal in Mexico, you cannot bring any CBD into the country. 

The bottom line: To be safe, avoid flying into North America with CBD. 

Hemp-derived CBD is legal on a federal level in the US, so you’ll most likely be able to purchase CBD products in most states. The same applies to countries like Mexico and Canada.  

3. Australia

Flying to Australia?

Taking a CBD oil product to Australia requires a prescription to receive a traveller’s exemption.  

CBD and medical cannabis are both highly regulated in the region. 

The bottom line: Only bring CBD into Australia if you have a prescription, and make sure you contact the local authorities first. 

4. Asia

CBD is considered an illegal drug in most Asian countries.

Some exceptions are Japan which permits CBD with no THC, and India, which allows CBD with a THC content of up to 0.3%. 

But even in countries where it’s legal, we recommend purchasing CBD oil when you arrive instead of taking it with you.

The bottom line: When you travel to an Asian country, do not bring any CBD products with you. 

5. Africa

CBD is a controlled substance in most African countries. 

South Africa is the only country where CBD is legal, and cannabis is decriminalised. CBD products with a 0.001% THC level are permitted. 

The bottom line: Do not take any CBD products with you when travelling to African countries. 

6. South America 

CBD laws vary throughout South America, but in many countries, it is illegal. Usually, a prescription is required.    

The bottom line: Avoid taking CBD into South America. If CBD is legal in your destination country, you can purchase it when you arrive.

7. Middle East 

Hemp and cannabis products are illegal in all Middle Eastern countries, and the penalties for possessing them are severe. 

Essentially, CBD and other marijuana plant-derived products are treated the same.

Israel is moving to legalise cannabidiol but avoid bringing it into the country. 

The bottom line: Do not bring CBD into Middle Eastern countries.

Still nervous about flying with CBD?

Contact your flight provider and destination airport to fully understand their approach to handling CBD products.  

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The Legal Status of CBD by Country: A Snapshot

So, where exactly is CBD legal?

Below is a list that shows the legal status of CBD in several countries. 

Disclaimer: This list is intended to be a starting point for investigation rather than a complete guide or the final word on the matter. Check with the local authorities to be safe.  

Country Legal Status   Max. THC Content (%) 
Australia  Legal (Prescription required)  1.0
Austria  Legal   0.3 
Argentina Legal (Prescription required)   Not specified  
Belgium Legal 0.2 
Bolivia Illegal
Brazil  Legal (Prescription required)   Not specified 
Bulgaria  Legal 0.2
Canada Legal Not specified  
Chile  Legal (Prescription required)  0.3 
China Illegal
Colombia  Legal Not specified 
Croatia  Legal 0.2 
Cyprus Legal 0.2
Czech Republic  Legal 0.3
Denmark Legal (Prescription required)  0.2
Ecuador  Illegal  –
Egypt  Illegal
Estonia Legal 0.2
Finland Legal 0.2
France  Legal 0.2
Germany Legal 0.2
Greece  Legal 0.2
Hungary Illegal
Iceland  Illegal 
India  Legal 0.3
Ireland Legal 0.2
Italy Legal  0.6
Japan Legal 0.0
Latvia Legal 0.2
Liechtenstein  Legal
Lithuania Legal 0.2
Luxembourg Legal 0.3 
Malta  Legal – 
Mexico  Legal 1.0
Netherlands Legal 0.05 
New Zealand Legal (Prescription required)  0.2
Norway  Legal (Prescription required) 0.0
Paraguay  Legal (Prescription required) Not specified 
Peru Legal (prescription required)  Not specified  
Poland Legal  0.2
Portugal Legal 0.2 
Romania Legal  0
Russia Illegal 
Serbia Illegal – 
Slovakia  Illegal
Slovenia  Legal 0.2
South Africa Legal  0.001
Spain  Legal 0.2 
Sweden Legal 0.0
Switzerland  Legal 1.0
Thailand Legal 0.2 
Ukraine Legal 0.0
United States Based on The Controlled Substances Act, CBD is legal on a federal level but restricted under the state law of certain regions.  0.3 at the federal level 
Uruguay  Legal Not specified 
Venezuela  Illegal

Be careful if your trip involves a layover, as CBD may be considered an illegal drug in your stopover destination.

Can You Take CBD Oil in Your Hand Luggage?

Provided CBD is legal in your country of departure and your destination, you can take a CBD oil product in your hand luggage or checked bag. 

A. How Much CBD Oil Can You Take on A Plane? 

You can take up to 100ml of CBD oil in your hand luggage. 

The CBD oil container should be placed in a clear, resealable plastic bag no bigger than 20cm x 20cm. This makes it easy for authorities, like a TSA officer, to inspect.

Concerned about airline liquid limits?

Take a non-liquid CBD product (CBD gummy, chocolate, or capsules) instead.

Also, note that topical CBD cream products are treated as liquids (limited to 100ml). 

Note: Most airlines will likely remove the 100ml limit on liquids in the near future

B. Can I Use CBD Oil on A Flight?

You may be allowed to use CBD onboard an airline so long as CBD is legal in the countries you travel to and from. 

But it’s a good idea to check with your airline before doing so. 

Please note: It’s illegal to consume CBD using a vape or e-cigarette as per airline rules. Any type of vape or e-cigarette device is not permitted in your checked baggage.  

5 Best CBD Products for Travelers

Here are five THC-free products you could take with you on your next trip:      

  • Vitality CBD Relax Drops (30ml) (£24.99): These relax drops are another compact CBD product you can easily pack in your checked luggage. The bottle of CBD oil also has a dropper function for convenience.
  • Wicked Gummy Co 600mg CBD Jelly Domes (£29.99): Here’s the perfect in-flight snack! These CBD gummies contain 20mg of CBD per serving and come in a zesty lime flavour. Plus, it’s rich in vitamins and minerals for your overall wellness.   
  • Provacan CBD 500mg Fruit Gummies (£29.99): These fruity CBD gummies are another tasty and healthy supplement. Each vegan-friendly CBD gummy contains 10mg of CBD and is free from artificial sweeteners, heavy metals, and pesticides. 
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While you’re at it, be sure to read up on the legality of the CBD flower in the UK too! 

CBD Oil and Flying: Quick Tips

Want to take your favourite CBD product on your next trip?

Here are some quick tips for CBD users to keep you safe and travelling carefree: 

  • Print the third-party lab report: As a precautionary measure, bring along a printed lab report which contains the CBD product’s ingredients list and recommended use. You can show this to airport security if you experience any trouble.       
  • Label and declare your product: Depending on the country you visit, you may need to declare your CBD product to airport security. If this is the case, don’t put your CBD in your checked luggage. Ensure it’s clearly labelled so the authority (e.g., TSA officer) can quickly inspect it. 
  • Choose reputable CBD products: If you cannot find a third-party lab report for your product, you should be cautious about using the brand’s products. If this is the case, your safest bet is to leave the product at home.  
  • Pack CBD vapes or e-cigarettes in your hand luggage: Most CBD products don’t need to be in your hand luggage, but vapes and e-cigarettes contain batteries which are not allowed in checked baggage.
  • When in doubt, go without: If you are unsure about the local law in your country or the country you are travelling to, leave your CBD products at home.  

Travelling Carefree with CBD

While CBD is legal in many countries, CBD users still need to be careful about flying with it. 

Avoid travelling with CBD if you’re unsure about a country’s CBD law or the amount of THC allowed in your CBD product. 

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