Get Back To Nature

Mental Health Awareness Week – Get Back to Nature

Mental Health awareness week runs from May 10 to 16th.  So this year the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is Nature.   A subject near and dear to us at GreenBox.  In this interview, we speak to the founders on the connection between nature, well-being, and sustainability.

How have you been exploring nature to help with your wellbeing?

During lockdown, about the only thing that was permissible was walking around a park.  As a result, we found a new appreciation for the urban wildlife we share our space within London.   It was quite peaceful to listen to the birdsong that had previously been obscured by the noise of cars and buses on nearby roads.   The pandemic hit a big pause button on day-to-day life and allowed us to find an inner calm walking amongst the trees.

How do you connect with the outdoors?

Breathing the mountain air and viewing the amazing vistas in the summer or the snow-capped mountains in the winter, provides an instant feeling of calm and fulfilment.  Walking around the trails, and just appreciating all that this amazing planet can provide is helpful as well.  As a result, in this digital age, where most of us have our face in a digital device for hours on end, nature provides an amazing catalyst to reconnect with the present.

What is your biggest tip for enjoying the outdoors?

Put the phone away.  While it is tempting to be the 800,000th person snapping an amazing piece of scenery and posting on the Instagram, to truly connect you need to unplug.  So soak it all up.  See what you can notice in the trees.  Breath the air and smile.

What are your tips for others from your experience of nature and wellbeing management?

Deforestation and loss of biodiversity is a challenge for the whole planet. So get involved in local rewilding projects.   There are many.  It is a great way to get outside and connect with others.