green sustainability

Green Sustainability

At GreenBox our motto is simple: more plant, less carbon.   While sometimes it can feel everybody is trying to jump on the green bandwagon, we take our mission seriously.   We audit our carbon footprint and offset it by 1.5x.  We require our brands to use as much sustainable packaging with minimal artificial ingredients.  All the products we carry must be vegan.   And our increasingly popular GreenBox packaging is fully sustainable.   As the recent report by Intergovernmental Panel on climate change concluded, humans are 100% responsible for the increase in greenhouse gases and climate change.   While this is accelerating even faster than previous models on climate. There has never been a more important time to focus on reducing our impact to the planet.   Here we cover off some of the top questions we receive from our customers.

What is a Sustainable Product?

The term is part marketing and part reality.  Is there really such a thing as a sustainable consumer product?  It all depends on how you define it.   If you are referring to the carbon footprint, most products produce a footprint.  The best companies out there will offset this and then some.   Even better to try and plant trees, to do something proactive to offset the carbon impact.  The key thing is to be highly critical of any claims a company makes about sustainability.   For example, if a delivery company claims to be carbon neutral.   Is this because the trucks are all electric, or because they buy carbon offsets against diesel trucks?  The answer matters, because we need more companies trying to solve the problem by reducing their carbon footprint as opposed to just buying out of it.

Isn’t the Term Carbon Positive Confusing?

The term carbon neutral seems somewhat explanatory, i.e., the product or company is net neutral when it comes to carbon emissions.   However, it starts to get confusing when we use the terms carbon positive and carbon negative.  Some companies use the term carbon positive to illustrate they have a positive effect towards the environment.   In their eyes, this means they take more carbon out of the environment then they add.   While other businesses (like GreenBox) use the term carbon negative to describe the very same thing.  For example, if our impact is 10 tonnes, we offset 15 tonnes, so our impact is negative 5 tonnes.  Therefore, we are a carbon negative business.   The issue is humans seems to associate the term “negative” as bad for the planet while the term “positive” is good.  There isn’t any standardized terminology yet, so best to check what the company means.

Eco Friendly Packaging

Plastic is the enemy and it’s on our hitlist with any brand we sell.  Sometimes its unavoidable for safety requirements, but for the most part there are glass or metal alternatives.  The GreenBox packaging itself is full recyclable, while the packing nuts can be dissolved in water.   We have had more than a few “complaints” about our packing nuts. So, we now put a sticker (fully biodegradable) in the box to let our customers know the packing nuts are environmentally friendly.

Eco friendly shop

So, there you go, your burning questions on sustainability answered by the experts at GreenBox.  We strive every week to improve our offering and to ensure deliver the most sustainable products to the market.  And don’t forget, when you support GreenBox, you are supporting a company with a planet friendly mission.   More plant, less carbon.