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Our GreenBox wellness expert, Daisy Kim, shares the latest insights on sustainability and plant based wellbeing in this popular blog series.

“Knowledge is Power”

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Botanical Guides
National Stress Awareness Day 2020
3 Nov 2020 Lifestyle

National Stress Awareness Day 2020

Discover some great ways to feel more calm and relaxed this National Stress Awareness Day with some simply stress-busting tips.
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sleep system
20 Oct 2020 Lifestyle

Find your perfect sleep system

Can't sleep? We recommend forming a potent sleep system with a dash of plant based goodness to create a reliable and restful sleep routine.
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simply CBD
13 Oct 2020 CBD

Simply CBD Guarantee

Embrace the power of botanicals at GreenBox. Learn about the Simply CBD guarantee and how GreenBox makes buying CBD easy.
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baobab oil properties
5 Oct 2020 Lifestyle

Baobab Oil Properties & Skin Benefits

Baobab oil properties can moisturise the skin, prevent acne breakouts, revitalise tired and dull hair, and so much more!
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CBD for skin
23 Sep 2020 CBD

Adding CBD to Your Wellness Routine

How to get started with CBD in your wellness routine? We answer your questions with appropriate recommends to help you get started today
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21 Sep 2020 CBD

What are Terpenes?

The mystery of terpenes is revealed by the GreenBox scientific expert Drew Ford. Learn the importance of these plant-based dynamos.
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buy cbd muscle balm
12 Sep 2020 CBD

Choosing the Best CBD Balm

The CBD balm range in the UK is growing in popularity. We provide an indepth review including tips on how to select the right one for you.
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Five Benefits of Taking Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha has a number of science-backed health benefits, including stress relief, increased muscle mass, lower inflammation and more.
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What is CBD: The Ultimate Guide

What is CBD? The Ultimate Guide

What is CBD? We cover what cannabidiol (CBD) is, how it interacts with the body, dosage, safety, legal status, product types, and much more.
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