The Ultimate Guide To Hash Oil: Benefits, Side Effects & FAQs

Hash oil (aka honey oil or cannabis oil) is a potent marijuana-based concentrate. 

It’s made of THC, terpenes, and other cannabis compounds extracted from the marijuana plant.

What is hash oil used for? 

Are THC products like hash oil legal in the UK? 

There’s much to unpack on how hash oil is made, its uses, and its effects

Keep reading to uncover all you need to know about hash oil. 

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What is Hash Oil?

Hash oil is a marijuana concentrate. 

It’s made by compressing the cannabis plant and extracting all its terpenes, cannabinoids, resins, and trichomes. (More on hash oil production later.)

What are trichomes?

Trichomes are fine glandular outgrowths on the surface of cannabis flowers. They produce most of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes (aromatic compounds). 


Hash oil contains CBD (cannabidiol), but its dominant cannabinoid is THC (delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol). 

It usually contains up to 90% THC content — making it one of the most potent THC oil products. 

Psst… Other cannabis based product types usually contain only up to 12% THC content. 

Common Forms of Hash Oil

Various production methods of hash oil (honey oil) results in different end products: 

Name Form  THC Level 
Butane hash oil/butane honey oil Liquid 70-85% 
Crystalline/honeycomb   Solid  99%
Batter/Budder  Liquid 90-99%
Shatter  Solid  70-90%  
Wax concentrate  Liquid 60-90%

How Does Hash Oil Make You Feel? 

Hash oil gives you a psychoactive “high” as any other THC-infused cannabis product. 

However, the feeling will be amplified because of its high THC concentration.  

But does this cannabis oil have any benefits? 

Potential Benefits of Hash Oil

Hash oil has the same potential benefits that come with marijuana use, but they’ll have higher intensity. 

Some of these benefits include:

  • Decreasing nausea: Hash oil and other cannabis based product types (like medicinal cannabis) contain CBD and THC. These two cannabinoids can help suppress nausea symptoms.
  • Easing pain: Research reveals THC and CBD have pain reduction qualities. This makes hash oil (and medical cannabis) suitable for chronic pain relief. 
  • Inflammation: Many cannabis extract products containing CBD, like hash oil, have anti-inflammatory properties. 

So, is hash oil safe to use?

Side Effects and Risks of Hash Oil 

The side effects of consuming hash oil result from its high THC concentration. 

These may include: 

  • Altered perception (getting high)
  • Impaired cognition 
  • Hallucinations 
  • Anxiety and impaired mental health
  • Paranoia 
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Impaired memory 
  • Psychosis 
  • Physical addiction
  • Long-term dependence and drug abuse (when taken regularly)
Note: If you struggle with THC addiction or drug abuse, visit a local clinic for addiction treatment and therapy.

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But how do you use hash oil —do you smoke it, ingest it, or apply it topically? 

How to Use Hash Oil 

Some popular ways to use hash oil include:

  • Smoking: Hashish, in powdered or solid form, can be smoked through a dab rig, oil rig, bong, or water pipe. 
  • Dabbing/Vaporising: Hash oil and other cannabis concentrates in crystalline or wax-like forms can be smoked as a “dab.” Dabbing involves using a vaporiser (vape pen) that burns down the oil into smokable content. 
  • Edibles: Hash oil, like CBD oil, can be added to edibles or drinks. Edibles are more potent than smoking because the liver converts THC to a stronger form (during ingestion) which adds to the intensity of the high. 

How is Hash Oil Made?

To create this marijuana concentrate, the cannabis plant material goes through a process of extraction. 

What happens during the extraction?

Five different marijuana plant extraction methods are used to make this type of THC oil: 

  • CO2 extraction: This method uses compressed CO2 gas to break down the trichomes and dissolve the plant material. CO2 extraction is a clean and safe method that upholds the integrity of the extracted plant materials. 
  • Solvent/butane extraction: BHO extract or butane hash oil is made by passing liquid butane (or a similar solvent) through a tube filled with cannabis plant material. During BHO extraction, the plant dissolves into butane hash oil as the new solution passes through a filter. 

Note: BHO extraction can be risky due to the highly volatile nature of the solvent. Airborne butane can easily ignite from static electricity or a spark. Butane-processed hash oil may also pose a risk to consumers, as products may contain unfiltered butane. 

  • Solventless extraction: This process creates hash rosin — a sticky cannabis concentrate consumed via a dab or vaporisation. To create the rosin, the cannabis flower is washed, soaked in ice water, and then passed through filtration devices to separate the trichomes. The trichomes are then collected and pressed into rosin. 
  • Ethanol extraction: The marijuana plant is soaked in ethanol to extract its cannabinoids and terpenes. The plant material is then removed, and the ethanol is refined and processed into a cannabis concentrate.
  • Isopropyl oil extraction: Isopropyl extraction involves soaking dried cannabis flowers in alcohol while gently shaking the mixture. The isopropyl alcohol strips the flowers of trichomes, terpenes, and resins. The mixture is then placed into an oven that dissolves the solvent, leaving only a THC concentrate. 

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Next, we’ll cover hash oil’s legal aspects.

Is Hash Oil Legal in the UK?

Hash oil is NOT legal for sale or consumption in the UK. 


One word: THC.

The UK parliament legalised many cannabinoids (like CBD) and medical cannabis back in 2018. But the use of all THC-infused products, like cannabis infused oil, is still prohibited.

General cannabis use remains illegal under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. 

The exception: Medical cannabis — a prescription drug in the UK. 

Remember: THC cannabinoid is highly psychoactive and has potent intoxicating effects.

Read more: Explore the Legalities Of CBD In The UK.

You might be wondering… 

Is hash oil legal in the US? 

In the United States, you can use hash oil in states where the use of cannabis and THC is legal — Arizona, Colorado, New York, Washington, etc

But look:

The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) prohibits the production of butane hash oil even in states where weed has been made legal (since butane extraction is dangerous). 

 What about countries where THC use is entirely legal, like Canada?

Cannabis and hash are legal for consumption in Canada. But the law requires you to buy cannabis extract and weed only from licensed retailers and dispensaries. 

Still have some questions about hashish oil?

Keep reading. 

3 FAQs About Hash Oil 

Here are the answers to some common hash-related questions:

1. What is the Difference Between Hash and Hash Oil?

Hash is made after collecting the cannabis trichomes. 

The accumulated scrapings are often gooey and sticky in texture. This gooey biomass, also known as hashish, can be smoked when powdered.

On the other hand:

Hashish oil is made by pressing cannabis plant material and adding a solvent.

2. Does Hash Oil Have a Medicinal Use?

Cannabis-infused oil, such as hash BHO concentrates, is not used as a medicine. 

3. What is the Difference Between Hash Oil and CBD Oil?

Like hash oil, CBD oil is also derived from the cannabis plant. 

But that’s where all similarities end.

Here’s how hash oil and CBD oil differ:

  • THC content: In CBD oil, the main cannabinoid is CBD — not THC. Some CBD oils contain trace amounts of THC (full spectrum CBD oils), but these are illegal in the UK. In the UK, a legal CBD product should have 0% THC. 
  • Effects: CBD oil has psychoactive properties but is non-intoxicating. You will not feel high after consuming CBD oil. Instead, you will experience a calm and relaxing effect.  
  • Legality: THC-free CBD oils are legal in the UK. 

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CBD Oil: A Better Alternative to Hash Oil 

Hash oil is a highly potent and intoxicating THC product that remains illegal in the UK. 

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